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  1. Benfleet A1

    Womens Rugby

    You should be watching this people. Only 8 minutes old and its warming up to be a cracker.
  2. londonblue

    Joost van der Westhuizen

    Seriously shocked at this. He's younger than me. BBC
  3. Proposed Football Rule Changes

    When I first saw this on social media yesterday, I thought it was another piece of "Fake News", but perhaps it's not. The main stream media (newspapers and Sky Sports News etc) seem to be following the story. Have Fifa & Marco Van Basten completely lost the plot? or do you welcome these...
  4. Rugby World Cup

    Is it me or is the Rugby WC passing you by with indifference, despite the fact its being held in the UK. Don't get me wrong, I don't mind Rugby Union at all but I just can't get excited by it. Maybe the combination of it being in the regular football season and on ITV has something to do with...
  5. steveo


    What a horrible individual this bloke is, but all this hoo haa could easily be avoided if Referees applied the laws of the game. I know you get your Garth Crookses and other pundits saying its the refs job to keep 11 players on the pitch but that's not the case. Its the refs job to apply the...
  6. wakes123


    With no Shrimpers in action on a Saturday, what will everyone be doing instead between 3-5? My mate got me a ticket to the rugby league challenge cup final at Wembley, never watched a rugby league match live before so looking forward to it.
  7. Ben Clarkson

    Have heard a rumour that Ben Clarkson could be leaving to join Bath Rugby team.
  8. Yorkshire Blue

    SUFC all-time rugby XV

    With the 6 Nations starting this weekend to kick-off a Rugby World Cup year, what would be your all time rugby team, compiled from SUFC past or present. 1 2 Gary Deegan - looks like a hooker (not that type) with ridiculous beard and chunky thighs 3 4 Roy McDonough - tall(ish) and loved the...
  9. Shrimper

    Southend United Catering Units

    http://www.essexchronicle.co.uk/Named-shamed-Essex-restaurants-food-outlets-worst/story-25893775-detail/story.html Should be better than a 1 star. Although the last inspection was two years ago. Hope it has improved since then.

    I Think ist time for Referees to stop all the pulling and tugging going on in Games.

    I think its time for Referees stop turning a blind eye on the pulling and tugging that goes on in Football Matches know.The Laws of the game if you pull someone or tugging its a free kick.Most of this goes on in the penalty area on corners. Referees are not pulling players up for this.Rules...
  11. Uncle Leo

    Question Dreadful sporting events

    A couple of colleagues are very excited today as they are going to the Oxford University v Cambridge University rugby union match at Twickenham this afternoon. While wishing them a fun afternoon, I struggled to think of a sporting event I'd *less* rather go to. What about fellow SZers? The...
  12. Napster

    New quiz - players with surnames beginning with R and S

    1. Who has a stand named after him at Atherstone Town? 2. Who played in a major FA Cup final? 3. Who said after joining Southend: "I worked with him at Yeovil and he gave me my chance there last year. Now I'm looking forward to playing under him again and establishing myself with Southend." He...
  13. Time Wasting

    First of all , this is not a complaint about Morecambes tactics today. What teams don't waste time away from home when taking the lead ? We do it and so do everyone else , not just in our League , but the world over. Even before today it was clear to me , that this aspect of the game is probably...
  14. IronMike

    Rugby World Cup 2015

    England's pool - Wales, Australia and Fiji... followed by either Russia or Uruguay. Russia won the first leg 22-21 yesterday in Siberia. Tough group, though think home advantage at Twickenham will see us through. Other venues: Wembley, Stadium MK, Olympic Stadium, Brighton Community Stadium...
  15. Slash the cost of following your team!

    We will soon be ready to launch this new service to Football & Rugby supporters across the UK and you can now pre-register so that we can let you know when we are launching for your club. PRE-REGISTER NOW - www.gettothematch.com Please share these details with anyone you know that goes to...
  16. londonblue

    This is What Should Happen When a Player Dives.

    Take a leaf out of rugby's books: http://youtu.be/dcEz4z9Byvo
  17. Sin Bins

    I, like many of you probably, have seen an article on BBC Sport stating that Michel Platini and his cronies will discuss the posibility of sin-bins in football, replacing cautions. "I would make it like rugby, punishing the offender with 10 or 15 minutes out of the game,"...Platini. So, yes or...
  18. spoons

    Question How many dual sport grounds have you seen Southend play at?

    Watching Southend play Newport on Saturday at a ground that also hosts rugby got me thinking of how many other dual sports grounds Southend have played at. I will start with Newport and Bristol Rovers. How many more can you list?:unsure:
  19. Clohessy

    1333: GOAL- SCOTTISH PREMIERSHIP - Kilmarnock 2-3 Celtic - Sean Clohessy (42 mins) It is all happening north of the border. Kilmarnock are suddenly swarming all over Celtic and Sean Clohessy pulls another one back, playing a clever one-two with Sammy Clingan before slotting the ball beyond...
  20. South Bank Hank

    British Lions series win

    So the news and Sports channels are going into meltdown as they always do after any kind of tub-thumping victory. As an only occasional fan of egg running, I'm all over the kudos and looking around me for any Australians to rub it in with, but it does all seem a little over-the-top. To any of...