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  1. Abdul Salami

    What happened to Abdul? Did we release him/ loan him ? Googled him couldn't find a sausage.
  2. Happy bonfire night 2016

    Sitting her in Germany,having a beer or few..just remembered its BONFIRE night. It WAS a great night when i was a child..in Elm rd..with my dad..things went wrong..most of the fireworks went up"in smoke"no PUN intended. By Pollards and Knights (Leigh)..with a Guy Fawkes...penny for the Guy!!(...
  3. BOTB: Quarter finals

    Some meaty old ties indeed.... To Kill a Mockingbird (DannyPav) v His Dark Materials (MK) :stunned: The Hobbit (RootsHallBloke) v 1984 (Tangled UIB) Harry Potters (Shrimper) v Money (Rusty) I, Claudius (Uncle Leo) v Millenium Trilogy (Another Silly Sausage) Brave New World (Pubey) v Tinker...
  4. Mad Cyril

    Best fried breakfast in the region.

    Leave your reviews. The Labworth, Canvey Island. One egg, one slice of bacon, two hash browns, mushrooms, sausage, toast and tea. £7.50. I don't mind paying £7.50 for a breakfast, especially for a venue with a great view like the Labworth but I object to deep fried mushrooms and cheap deep...
  5. Mad Cyril

    Food mistakes

    I had a bit of a hangover Saturday morning and instead of going for a Sausage and Egg McMuffin meal I tried the Burger King equivalent. It was absolutely rank and came with chips instead of hash browns. If you ever feel tempted don't make the same mistake I did.
  6. Mad Cyril

    Snide condiments - A false economy?

    I just paid three quid for a sausage sandwich with ketchup and when I got to my desk and unwrapped it I was horrified to find twi sachets of Harrison's tomato ketchup. Needless to say the establishment will not be getting any further business from me. I have also just finished working for a US...
  7. Napster


    I love a good fry-up - and yes beans are included. In fact, this is my list of acceptable fooditems in a fry-up: Eggs (scrambled or fried) Bacon (crispy) Beans Hash browns Plum tomatoes (in sauce) Black pudding Slice of toast or fried slice If you can find a square sausage, that's in there as...
  8. End of the World Confessions

    As the world is ending today I would like to confess that in my fridge I have a sausage that looks like a willy.
  9. If your driving to Plymouth Next week

    Hi all, pilgrim in peace here, with an offer some may appreciate. If you'r planning on coming down for the game on saturday and heading into town beforehand you could do worse than popping into my wifes cafe, if you are wearing your colours and make yourselves known as shrimpers down for the...
  10. Tangled up in Blue


    http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-17545795 Personally, I couldn't give a hoot whether Cameron ate his last pasty at Leeds or Liverpool station or why Boy George can't remember the last time he ate a pasty. As for myself,I'm a big fan.What I want to know is if that chippy near the ground is still not...
  11. Shrimperstrust

    Event Quiz Night - Saturday 21st April 2012

    The Shrimpers Trust will be holding their final Quiz Night of the Season in the Shrimpers Bar, Roots Hall on Saturday 21st April 2012. The doors open at 7.00pm with commencement of the quiz at 7.30pm sharp. The cost will be £10.00 for adults and £6.00 for under 16's. Included in the price...
  12. Hawkwell Blue

    Breaking News Blues 2 West Ham 1

    Yet again the mighty Southend defeat Wet Spam. This time 2-1 in the Sausage Sandwich game on this morning's Danny Baker Show. A Southend fan saw off an East Londoner with ease. UTBs!
  13. Shrimperstrust

    Event Quiz Night - Saturday 7th January 2012

    The Shrimpers Trust will be holding a Quiz Night in the Shrimpers Bar, Roots Hall on Saturday 7th January 2012. The doors open at 7.00pm with commencement of the quiz at 7.30pm sharp. The cost will be £10.00 for adults and £6.00 for under 16's. Included in the price will be a choice from 5...
  14. The Sausage Sandwich Game

    You are presented with a sausage sandwich, possibly during your lunch break, whilst perusing the latest comings and goings on ShrimperZone. But do you have... Brown Sauce, Red Sauce,or no sauce at all? With apologies to Danny Baker.
  15. The General

    ShrimperZone FC Quiz Night - Friday 25th March

    Afternoon all, ShrimperZone FC are running a Quiz Night on Friday 25th March at PlayFootball, The Chase, Westcliff. The cost is £8 p/p and this includes the food of your choice from The Fish House (Cod, Pies, Sausage, Sav or Chicken w/chips!) You are more than welcome to come along either on...
  16. Mad Cyril

    King of the chip shop menu.

    The subject came up at work and although I love skate it is expensive and I have had a few dodgy bits. For consistency and value does anything beat the saveloy, battered sausage or steak and kidney pie?
  17. The Watermill Wino

    Mills Spendiff Lost and Found?

    The Brockster and I have just come back from a "lost" 3 days in Inverness. Great time, great pubs and some mad football up there. During a lull in alcohol intake we went to Ross County FC, finalists in the Scottish Cup next week. Took a blue voice flag and took a load of photo's of the ground...
  18. Slipperduke

    FM2010 (iPhone) Review

    When I was young I used to dream, not of a career in professional football, or of great riches or even of a date with Kim Wilde. Nay, those were the dreams of weaker folk. I dreamed of a portable 'Tracksuit Manager', that mid 1980s Spectrum classic. I dreamed of whiling away long car journeys to...
  19. Ron Manager

    Sausage Sandwich Game

    With apologies to Danny Baker... "When you have a sausage sandwich do you have.....?"
  20. JoshC


    In the last couple of months this site has become overloaded with people thinking they are the funniest people in the world creating and joining pointless groups, it really gets on my nerves its not clever or funny its so boring now. Groups like lets see if this sausage roll can get more fans...