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  1. deejsouthend

    Damian Scannell

    Another loss tonight, :( against the scum. But surely Scannell's performance has changed some of your guys minds? Personally i thought he played absolutely quality constantly giving problems to the colchester defence, making runs etc. Discuss guys. i reckon he should start every game. Sorry if...
  2. Best Col u away game

    What is the best Col u away game you've been too and best goal against the scum and why? Got so many its hard to choose but seen some fantastic goals such as Peter Johnsons strike back in 87 I think and Peter Dalys fantastic run and shot that saw us get promotion that season
  3. Sherif H

    Big thanks to the Col U lads

    Amongst all of the negativity surrounding our particularly rancid performance (bar the last 20 mins or so), I would personally like to express my gratitude to both Pat Baldwin and Scott Vernon for their contributions today. Much has been made of Baldwin's supposed non-plussed appearance during...

    PL Fixtures Round 33: Saturday 30th January

    Southend United v Swindon Town 2-2 Brighton & Hove Albion v Millwall 0-1 Carlisle United v Leyton Ooze 2-2 Gillingham v Walsall 0-0 Leeds United v Col Ewe Scum 2-0 Southampton v Stockport County 2-0
  5. MisterStubbs

    How Funny!

    Totally un related to anything to do with Southend but, Preston North End 7 (Seven) Colchester Scum 0 HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! :D
  6. Condolences to Jonny Stokes

    Please post your heartfelt condolences to Jonny Stokes here. It brings a tear to my eye that my beloved club beat your East London Scum today. :)
  7. ldnfatso

    Question Joycey

    By all accounts Joycey had a better game today vs Orient than he did against the inbred A12 scum. Did my abuse about his performance on Saturday raise his game?
  8. TrueBlue

    I feel so angry

    words can not describe how embarrassed I feel loosing against the scum at home and what is even more annoying is yet again the Tilson comment I got on SMS 'we should have got something out of the game' the last two matches he has said this
  9. MisterStubbs

    Monday 28th December

    Just watching SSN and there seems to be a lot of games called off or due to have an inspection on boxing day. I know we have bigger matters to think about (getting 3 points from the scum on boxing day) but i cant help wonder if the game again Borient will be called of or certainly need an...
  10. Scott Spencer

    Heard he had a very good game against Scum reserves on tuesday. Does anybody know his situation, as its all gone very quite?
  11. DTS

    Question 100 Colchester players we have hated....

    In light if the scum coming to town on boxing day I thought it would be good to list our 100 most hated scummers players from over the years... 1) Greg Halford - Weazel faced prick.
  12. TrueBlue

    Bloody Franchise

    MK is selected as one of the host citys for Englands world cup bid - I hate everything to do with that town and that team its another blow for football scum scum scum scum scum scum scum scum
  13. DTS

    A XI to have played against us over the years you have hated.

    In light of our new signing being a player I really hate I am now looking for your XI players that you have hated when playing against us over the years. For the sake of debate you can span the ages. Only rule is they cant have played for us. GK - Eric Nixon (Tranmere) DF - Alan...
  14. Tommy2holes

    The state of play..

    My understanding is this. We had an outstanding tax bill of 2.1 million which was stalled numerous times because we seemingly couldnt afford it. We have from somewhere found the money, thus staving off the threat of points deduction administration. As per usual the Ron is god brigade have...
  15. Shrimper

    Southend Youth beat Colchester

    http://www.southendunited.co.uk/page/YouthNewsDetail/0,,10444~1876415,00.html Always nice to get one over the scum.
  16. steveo

    Celtic fans

    I recall a thread on here last week with Lord Football and Trueblue about calling people scum. How about these disrespectful jock scumbags. Up the Gers.
  17. DTS

    Question If you were in prison............

    I was watching America's toughest jails last night. Not sure which one we were on this week as they all blend into one for a jail bird like myself. Anyway one of the lads who was jailed was 17 years old and had been jailed for life with no chance of parole. He had done three or four murders I...

    The "Much Maligned" JPT

    So what do we reckon about it ... 2003/04 ... we were treading water at the foot of L2, but somehow got on a run in this, and decent performances (and of course results) against Swindon*, QPR* and the farmer scum not only led us to a fantastic day (or weekend :puke) in Cardiff but was...

    PL Fixtures Round 12: Tuesday 29th September

    Ref V Southend United 2-1 Col Ewe Scum v Charlton Athletic 3-0 Norwich City v Leyton Ooze 4-0 Oldham Athletic v Franchise 2-1 Southampton v Bristol Rovers 2-3 Stockport County v Hartlepool United 2-2
  20. Ron Manager

    Chris Coyne

    His Perth Glory team may have left Brisbane with the points on Sunday but you'll be glad to know I reminded him of his scum past with a few chants of 'Col Ewe reject' and 'Once a scum always a scum'. :D