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  1. OldBlueLady

    Sol Campbell - overlooked on England captaincy on racial grounds?

    Used to quite like Campbell but he's just gone right down in my estimation with this: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/article-2571206/Sol-Campbell-I-overlooked-England-captaincy-colour-skin.html He came into the England squad when Tony Adams was captain, and Shearer took it over...
  2. seaman on our lips

    just watched soccer aid and yet again we are all talking about david seamen being lobbed, this time by a guitarist from kasabian!!! (who incidentally, i thought, hosted himperdunks valient failure). was this a floor in seaman's game. how good was he really. you decide...
  3. Slipperduke

    Milner?! **** off!

    For the second year in a row, the PFA have managed to take a really simple concept and get it really wrong. Last year’s decision to make Ryan Giggs ‘Player of the Year’ instead of Steven Gerrard made as much sense as giving ‘Star Wars’ an Oscar instead of ‘The Hurt Locker’. Just because it was...
  4. DoDTS

    Southenders and we're proud of it.

    This my little tribute to our fathers and grandfathers etc who make us all proud to be Southenders. During the war the Southend Standard had a weekly column showing news of local men such as: EKCO EXECUTIVES LOSS – A 19½ year old man has been killed in active service, the son of an executive of...
  5. steveo


    Looking at the strange names posts, I couldn't remember seeing a nickname threads. Im sure there are a few strange ones, complete with explanations. When Ian Wright was on Talksport, he always referred to Dave seaman as "Goalie" which was fairly obvious, and Keown as Rash, as he was all over...
  6. DTS

    Scannell, Mildy and Francis.

    All three have taken stick in the past from the boo boys but I think all have performed above and beyond the call of duty of late. Scannell has been a revelation since he came back in. His pace is electric and is trickery has really been superb. I think he was responsible for 90% of the good...
  7. Slipperduke

    No Blind Spot, Wenger's Just Too Loyal

    Much will be written in the coming days about Arsene Wenger and his perceived ‘blind spot’ for goalkeepers. It is the death knell for thousands of trees, all doomed to slaughter just so that we can be told that one of the finest managers in the history of the Premier League cannot even recognise...
  8. SZ BT Cup - Preview

    With this seasons SZ BT Cup starting on Sunday, I thought I would try and give a bit of a run-down on the groups and teams. GROUP A Batty Shrimpers (managed by BB) Current form - top of V.58 winning all 4 games, knocked out of cup at 3rd round stage. One to watch - Philip Evelyn. 580 runs at...
  9. Slipperduke

    Slipperduke meets...

    When I caught up with Adrian Clarke in London's trendy Camden, it was raining. "It's raining," he said with a wry smile, as the water pounded against the windows. He glanced outside at the widening pools of water on the pavement, the reflected lights of the traffic turning them into...
  10. C C Csiders

    Nigel Martyn

    Sad to hear of his retirement due to injury. He was, IMO, a very good goalkeeper, who was arguably better at his peak than David Seaman. I think, if he had retained his fitness this season, he could have found his way on to the 'plane to Germany.
  11. Nuclear Holocaust

    There was a nuclear holocaust only you and two women survived in the world. The human race needed to carry on - you could only choose one women to do the deed with because your seaman was so radioactive you only had enough good sperm to make one baby. Who would it be? Woman A or Woman B A B
  12. Seaman Retires !

    My god he has retired ! I remember being at highbury 6 years ago wanting Safe Seaman to retire still his had a good innings. Made alot of good saves and a few mistakes ...