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  1. Peter Butler - Happy to be alive....

    .... Just seen this on Butts' Twitter timeline. Mali hotel attack: '170 hostages seized' in Bamako - I'll take the 2-0 loss and keep my life I'm so lucky http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-africa-34877069 … Luckiest man alive today Radisdon blue hotel Mali attached by militants day after we left...
  2. Mad Cyril

    Nazi fans seized at Spain England friendly

    You have to day the Spanish police deserve praise here. England fans disgraced
  3. Razam

    Interesting Article On New Stadiums

  4. OldBlueLady

    Blues warned after missing accounts deadline

    Well, yesterday's Echo actually, but surprised no-one picked up on it. Page 8 of the edition I got, "Southend United say they are about to file accounts for last year, after receiving an official warning. The club, who have weathered a number of financial storms over the past 18 months...
  5. Tangled up in Blue

    Blair: Gaza's great betrayer

    It's more than a year since Israel launched its immoral attack on Gaza and Palestinians are still living on the verge of a humanitarian disaster. So what has Tony Blair done to further peace in the region? Virtually nothing, argues the historian Avi Shlaim Comments (98) Buzz up! Digg it Avi...
  6. sufc_tom

    Shall I??

    LOL When I opened it first I thought it said Graham Nortan :D P.s. I'm not that stupid to send all my details lol
  7. Southend for the Totalitarian League!

    Don't know how many on hear listen to Danny Baker's show on 5 Live on a Tuesday night. One of the long-running themes of his phone in show is the concept of a Totalitarian League. Danny thinks there are too many football teams and wants to trim the entire British and Scottish leagues down to...
  8. sufc_tom


    Had his £140,000 Bentley seized on Friday morning for not been in hold of a full UK driving licence. http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/england/manchester/7876308.stm :D:D:D
  9. Henry Winter a man after my own heart

    In the Daily telegraph today he writes an article about Chelsea and in particular Drogba but the end of the article made me this cold, dark, wet Friday proud to be a Shrimper ''If Scolari was hailed as the main winner at Roots Hall, then the FA will be feeling similarly pleased after a...
  10. Slipperduke

    Football Manager 2009 Review

    I have a confession to make. My name is Iain Macintosh and I'm a Football Manager-aholic. It started with the original Championship Manager, way back in 1993. It took 45 minutes to load and there were no real player names, but it changed my life. The first football management game that didn't...
  11. Aberdeen Shrimper

    British hostages seized in India terror attacks that kill at least 80

    Bollox to being British or American in Bombay http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/worldnews/asia/india/3528187/British-hostages-seized-in-India-terror-attacks-that-kill-at-least-80.html
  12. Slipperduke

    Film website

    A friend of mine is setting up a movie website over the weekend and he asked me to write a review of a film that, in my opinion, has been ruthlessly over-looked by critics and cinema audiences alike. He's very eager for material and I know that there's a lot of immensely talented writers on...
  13. Vange Shrimper

    How cool is this?

    Iranian to pay 124,000-rose dowry "An Iranian court has ordered a man to give his wife the 124,000 roses that he promised in her dowry, after she filed a complaint to claim it, reports say. The woman said she was claiming the dowry because her "very stingy husband" would not even pay for a cup...
  14. Slipperduke

    A Christmas Tale

    They don't do it in Germany, they've long since given it up in Spain and the French would be astonished if you suggested that they should give it a try. The Christmas football fixture list is a curiously British and Irish disease. With almost every other civilised nation doing the sensible...
  15. Smudger

    The Squirrel and The Grasshopper

    >>REST OF THE WORLD VERSION: >> >>The squirrel works hard in the withering heat all summer long, >>building and improving his house and laying up supplies for the >>winter. The grasshopper thinks he's a fool, and laughs and dances and >>plays the summer away. Come winter, the squirrel is warm...
  16. I was there T Shirts when.....

    Kevin Maher was subbed on Saturday! The decision was clearly not a reflection of form, maybe he was a bit narked after his yellow card and a risk of a red, but surprised you have not all commented and one of you have not seized the commercial opportunity to have T shirts made marking the...
  17. Southend 1 Grimsby 1

    Fredy Eastwood came to Southend's rescue as they had to settle for a 1-1 draw with a hard-working Grimsby side. The 21-year-old striker collected his eighth goal in nine appearances in the 62nd minute to cancel out a first-half effort from John McDermott. Southend whent into the match on...