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  1. South Bank Hank

    Liptak, Walker, Barnard and Hooper

    Had the good fortune to run into Tilly and Brush at last night's Daggers game. Great blokes the pair of them, and they were more than happy to have a chat. I don't think anything they said was told to me in confidence, so I'm happy to share... On Gary Hooper... T&B were at Dagenham to see him...
  2. TrueBlue

    Rally Cry for Bournemouth

    Friends, tomorrow Southend do battle with the Cherry's of the south coast! lets be behind our boys 110% please and strive them onto a glamorous victory. so come women children and men of our wonderful town don the cap of victory and cast out the shadow of hate and fear and I tell you that we...
  3. Ow my god.......Just read reag through a thread on here

    Ow my god.......Just read through a thread on here I am sitting here with my wife trying to explain the Thread "Boo Boys" She does not get it at all and frankly neither do I. I tried to explain to her that Football is an emotive subject and that not only rival supporters fall out but also...
  4. wiggy

    Wiggy's ratings!

    Flavs 6 solid kicking and good handling on the deck, scary for the high ones though Hammel 7 good deliveries worth there weight in gold Clarke 7 got stuck in and strong Barrett 5 shadow of his former self, didn't win many headers and seems off the boil Francis 9 absolutely superb up and down the...
  5. wiggy

    Wiggy's ratings!

    Flavs 6 two high claims, one good low stop, good distribution apart from 2 wayward ones, just seen goal again and unstopable! Hammel 6 ok at times, not so good others Hunt 4 looks a very weak link as soon as he's up against anyone decent, totally shown up for the JCR goal Barrett 6 not bad but...
  6. Kenny

    Peter Butler

    one of my WHU supporting mates just sent me this over.... Peter Butler Unleashed by iaindale on Mon Jan 21, 2008 7:40 pm I had a long email from former Hammers midfielder Peter Butler this morning explaining what he has been up to since he left West Ham. It's a brilliant and very funny read...
  7. Cheltenham Raings - My view

    Collis - 6 - Not sure whether or not at fault for the 1st as you could blame almost half the team for falling asleep. Not his usual commanding self and a few more games like this and Darryl might be back. Not just yet though. Hunt - 5 - Player of the month?? Do me a favour Tilly and bring...
  8. DTS

    Players quiz from the match programme.

    I know footballers as a whole are not the most intelligent bunch but this weeks questions amazed me. I asked my mates nephew who is 12 the same questions and he got the same score as Charlie McDonald which i thought was pretty good considering my mates nephew quite rightly didnt know Zoltan...
  9. wiggy

    Wiggys rating's

    Collis 5 nothing to do but indecisive and un confident, refuses to leave that line and would swap him for the bloke at the other end tomorrow! Hammell 7 good corners and nice to see him back Hunt 6 kept up his good recent form Barrett 6 usual committed performance Clarke 8 looking a class act...
  10. Groyne Strain

    We're Proud Of You - Go On England

    So here we are, the final twist of the most amazing rollercoaster ride that has been the 2007 Rugby World Cup. England - your England, my England, everybody's England - have been knocked from pillar to post, criticised, attacked, pilloried, derided, laughed at written off from all quarters...
  11. Winkle

    Its good to be back in blighty!

    Hi all........ Were the F***K did August and september go?Just to kick things off, I have been travelling around the last two monthes, and boy have I been to some S**tholes. The worst without a shadow of a doubt as got to be liverpool,closely followed by motherwell, glasgow city(every jock wants...
  12. Flloyd Mayweather...

    Having watched the last few promotional events, I have to say... I knew he was an arrogant c*nt, but i never expected him to be this bad. I hope to god Hatton puts him on his **** without a shadow of a doubt, leaving him with nothing to say in response...
  13. Mad Cyril

    Best / Worst SUFC merchandise.

    Best - Without a shadow of a doubt - SUFC stick on tattoos. Please bring them back. Worst - A toss up between the SUFC car footwell carpets or the SUFC mountain bike. What were they thinking?
  14. C C Csiders

    Is she really going out with him?

    "Pretty women out walking with gorilla's down my street" moaned, the ironically pig ugly, Joe Jackson. There are many examples of tiny ugly little rock stars like Rod Stewart pulling fabulously fit women. Go ahead and post your most odd coupling of ugly bloke with fit bird. The one that comes...
  15. Interpol Shrimper

    LCD TV's

    Bit of advice please from the techys on here. Almost 2 and a half years ago I bought a Panasonic Viera LCD TV. Recently (well basically since I had an inept Sky engineer round to fit a new Sky+ box) I've noticed there's a part of the screen which produces a kind of a shadow on certain colours...
  16. Cliff Pavilion

    Thoughts on the Game

    Outclassed and outplayed. As good as Tottenham were I was really disappointed with the performance today. We were so out of our depth it was embarrassing at times. Clueless when we had the ball and at sixes and sevens in defence when they came at us. Individually I thought the defenders did OK...
  17. Xàbia Shrimper

    Southend United - How far have we come? Part 2

    "This football club has lacked direction for a long time," Ron Martin told the Evening Echo's Bernie Friend in mid-September 2000. On the pitch Southend United were struggling at wrong end of the Third Division table, having notched up just one win from their opening seven games of the season...
  18. Sussex Shrimper

    Let's get this into perspective...

    I'm as disappointed as the next person at what happened on Saturday, and the reactions of the inbreds can hardly come as a surprise. I think that what we need to bear in mind is exactly what is driving their desperation to milk every last drop out of their moment of glory: Col******r have never...
  19. Lucas D


    Any ideas? Out of the whole team I am most surprised the fact that Gutteidge is struggling at this level? Or cant he be bothered? He looked good in pre-season and against pompey he was superb, now he looks a shadow of his former self.....surely Tilson can see this. Do you think Gutts wants out?
  20. Xàbia Shrimper

    Best of the 80s

    The following list has been doing the rounds about town recently. Selecting your favourite ten 80s pop songs from over 70 listed below is tough; how about you? Let's put together the ultimate SZ 80s chart! Relax - Frankie Goes to Hollywood Don't Go - Yazoo Shout - Tears for Fears...