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  1. eastling

    Poor BBC Journalism

    I was just catching up on League Two football (as you do as passing interest now) and I was reading about Morecambe's last ditch equalizer again Pompey last night on the BBC website. Spot the shoddy journalism! I know we can never beat the team from Lancashire but that doesn't mean they can use...
  2. Tommy2holes

    Ron martin and other shoddy chairman

    Saw this and was thinking that ronald would be a shoe in , but apparently there are some bigger bell wizards out there. http://www.ftbpro.com/posts/tristan.cross/439604/twelve-worst-owners-and-chairmen-in-british-football-history
  3. Season ticket farce

    Anyone else have to give up their season tickets for a nice scrap of paper today? What a farce. What is betting it is not sorted out for the next home game? They have had my money for more than 3 months and still can't sort this out. It is basically shoddy and unprofessional but sums up a...
  4. Bexley Blue

    Latest Rumours Tilson still not seen his money?

    Thought this was worthy of being in the main forum for now, rather than in the 'Ex-Shrimpers' forum where hardly anyone will see it. A little birdie told me recently that Mr. Tilson still hasn't seen any of the monies that he is owed by the club. That includes wages for 3 months before he was...
  5. Clinton Baptiste

    £42k a year benefits!

    http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/newstopics/howaboutthat/7585500/Family-on-42000-a-year-benefits-because-they-are-better-off-unemployed.html Sums up the shoddy state of this country. But who can blame people for being so selfish and greedy when our MPs are just the same.
  6. Andy_S

    Post-Match Thread and Ratings Southend United 0-0 Yeovil Town

    Southend United 0 Yeovil Town 0 Well, what a waste of an afternoon that was. Nathan Jones gave us more entertainment than anything that actually happened on the pitch. The players have given up the fight it seems on that showing, so League Two will surely follow. Some questionable tactics again...
  7. Slipperduke

    Sullivan Can Save Hammers

    The arrival of David Gold and David Sullivan at Upton Park is the best news that West Ham United fans could have asked for this year. Their team may be locked into a relegation battle, their money long since squandered on shoddy goods, but finally they have people in the boardroom who know what...
  8. ESB's League One Preview - Part 2

    Millwall Last Season: 5th Manager: Kenny Jackett Key Player: Nadjim Abdou, Midfielder. Prediction: 6th Those delightful Bermondsey boys were incredibly unlucky in the Play-Off final last term, losing to Matt Sparrow at Wembley. Keeping their squad together and another season under Kenny...
  9. Benfleet A1

    Our little trip to Chelsea

    I awoke at 4am in need of a wee and stumbled out of bed. One empty bladder later I attempted to get back to the land of nod, no chance. So I surfaced, got dressed and tip toed into the kitchen for a cuppa. Got bored with the telly so tormented the cat for a while by making out I was going to let...
  10. Crawliano

    The woman selling the scarves down Southend High Street today...

    I saw some woman down Southend High Street hawking some really shoddy scarves today to mark the "historic" Chelsea game. Please don't tell me this was official club merchandise as I seem to have saw 2 police officers turning a blind eye and letting her hawk what I can only describe as complete...
  11. Tommy2holes

    Crowds for next season

    Now i like everyone else is getting very concerned that we have not plugged the gaps from last season. My point is that we have been able to sign good quality signings on the back of good runs in the cup and league and healthy league gates of 8k+ per game. How do you think having a weaker...
  12. An ode to Mark Gower

    Pretty shoddy attempt, can anyone come up with something better? :) The day he signed from Barnet we said 'who the hell is he?', Another rubbish has been? Those thoughts soon turned to glee, A debut to remember, the first Mark wonder goal, 41 would follow, They warmed us in the cold, He...
  13. BaileytheQuitter

    Saved By The Bell

    I used to love this show, no matter how cheesey or poor the acting was, nor how shoddy the storyline were this was great entertainment through my childhood. Anyway the other day I bought, for £6.37, 3 classic episodes and the two films (the Hawaii and Vegas ones). Absolutely awful- but so...
  14. Magnum PI

    Magnum Ratings

    Flahavan - 7 (Did enough and rarely tested but handled some difficult low shots and crosses) Mulgrew - 6 (Better coming forward than defending but some shoddy passing at times) Francis - 8 (Getting better each game) Barrett - 7 (More solid defensive display) Clarke - 6 (Average game. Bad slip...
  15. blueparrot

    Blues ticket office - amateurs!

    On Saturday I made the long journey from Norway to Plymouth! I had bought my tickets over a week earlier on Thursday 12th. As the ticket office refuses to send tickets overseas, the sales person suggested that they send my tickets back to Plymouth for me to collect on the day. Arriving an...
  16. Two holes views

    Well it was a strange game really. We played really well in patches and a little bit shoddy in patches. For me we had an excellent first half in which i thought that bradbury and JCR were immense. Second half tilly made some surprising substitutions with both JCR and Eastwood coming off for non...
  17. Kenny

    FIFA 2006

    Well another year and another Fifa, and I've got my mits on a promo copy and although it feels slightly better then 2005 and 04 it's still way way way behind Pro Evo 5. As always the presentation is really slick and Premier and Football league are fully licensed. I've started a...
  18. sufcintheprem

    Lewes vs Grays

    Anyone know why Lewes's form has been so shoddy recently? Very tempted to get the gambling bandwagon rolling again. Anyone else fancy Grays for this one.