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  1. pickledseal

    Mornin' from Mekele!

    Hi guys, Having an awesome time here in Ethiopia as some of you may have been reading in my blog. Got Southend in 3 times in first 3 entries ;) www.ethiopia07.org.uk if you haven't already and want to read and have some spare time! Internet is very slow here an I made big effort to get up...
  2. southend_shrimp

    Running order for Live Earth

    Chris Moyles introduces Genesis Set: 'Turn It On Again'/'No Sun Of Mine'/'Land Of Confusion' Anna Friel introduces a film Catherine Tate introduces Razorlight Set: 'Before I Fall To Pieces'/'America' Chris Moyles introduces a film Danny Dyer introduces Snow Patrol Set: 'Open Your Eyes'/'Shut...
  3. Yorkshire Blue

    Ronnie Irani

    Ronnie retires with immediate effect Disappointing, but not entirely unexpected. I think this was part of the reason behind the Hollioake signing. Cheers for all your efforts Ronnie, your shoes are big ones to fill, especially having lost Andy Flower and Darren Gough this year.
  4. Interpol Shrimper

    Hot new Indie Tottie

    The lead-singer of up & coming new band Blood Red Shoes. Gentleman, I give you Laura-Mary Carter Hubba, hubba! Just found out they're supporting Maximo on thier next tour!
  5. DTS

    Trainers with a formal suit.

    Today coming out the gym I notied three - yes three people leaving the same time as me. All three had white trainers on with a formal suit. Now I am not saying they wear them all the time and clearly they have a smart pair of shoes in the office but is it me or is this really stupid. Surely as...
  6. Uncle Leo

    Leeds game match report

    Would anyone like to do the match report for the Leeds game? The intrepid fbm can't make it tomorrow so if someone would like to step in to his shoes, drop me a PM. Cheers, James
  7. * ORM *

    100 Pet Hates

    1) People that wear sunglasses in the middle of winter (and they're not skiing) 2) People who have their "personal" stereos up too loud on the train (biggest complaint is they haven't already gone deaf) 3) Women who forget to take the white sale labels off the bottom of their black stilletos 4)...
  8. The Maharajah of Hockley

    The OFFICAL rules of Shotgun

    Shamelessly stolen from another forum, but it's so true... :D
  9. blues_r_best

    A guide on how to keep a girl...

    1. When she asks how she looks, shrug and say "could be better." This will keep her on her toes, and girls love that. 2. Never hold her hand. This can be interpreted as a sign of weakness. If she grabs your hand, squeeze hers really hard until she cries (this will impress her by...
  10. The True Embarrassment

    I never thought id see the day when i became disgusted withthe majority of my own fans - especially on Shrimperzone. The number of people on here who are telling Col******r fans to stay away and not to comment is completly childish and really does tarnish a club's fanbase who on the whole...
  11. Fair play to Birmingham

    Read on the club site that Brum have agreed to move our game back 24 hours to sat 23rd due to us playing at spurs on the weds. Give credit when it's due cause if i had been in their shoes i would'nt have done so as in theory they lose an advantage cause we'd be more knackered playing...
  12. You'll never walk alone ......

    No-one wants to knock Steve Tilson and the great job he has done, or knock the players who have got the club into the Championship so its not criticism to try make suggestions or point out things out. And Southend have got where they are trying to play the game the right way and theres a lot...
  13. MrB

    HT - Week 9

    Grr, after 4 missed chances my opponents had the audacity to go 1-0 up. Fortunately we equalised soon after but then missed another chance to win it and had to settle for a draw despite a heay hatstats advantage. Leaves my league evenly poised: 1. ShrimperZone FC 9 6 1 2 18 - 13 +5 19 2...
  14. A new Manager

    I have read all the posts regarding Tilly, his SUFC employment, his Norwich, Ipswich and WBA approaches and i don't want to add any fuel to this saga. However the general obvious consensus is that should Tilson continue in the successfull vein for the forseeable future he will no doubt move...
  15. DTS

    Are pony tails on men

    Every morning I get the delights of the 7.02am from Burgess Hill to London Bridge. As you regualr commuters will know you get used to seeing the same old faces day in day out. The Brighton Line as you can imagine does have a vast supply of freaks and lifes losers but there is one man that...
  16. Interpol Shrimper

    My Trip to Germany

    I went to a place called Germany with my Uncle Sven and some other grown up's. It is a country in Europe where a bad man called Adolf used to live with his nazties, he does not live there anymore, Uncle Owen does live there, and the grown up's say I cant talk about the bad man as it will...
  17. ldnfatso

    Theo's Holiday!

    By Theo Walcott Esq aged 8 1/2 I went to a place called Germany with my Uncle Sven and some other grown up's. It is a country in Europe where a bad man called Adolf used to live with his nazties, he does not live there anymore, Uncle Owen does live there, and the grown up's say I cant...
  18. DTS

    Office Sexism.

    I love the summer. You just cant beat it - Especially seeing all the lovely birds that London has to offer. However if I have one critism its that women get away with murder. The best that I can do to battle the searing office heat is loosen my top button and roll my sleaves up. If we have a...
  19. Vange Shrimper

    The offside rule

    You're in a shoe shop, second in the queue for the till. Behind the shop assistant on the till is a pair of shoes which you have seen and which you must have. The female shopper in front of you has seen them also and is eyeing them with desire. Both of you have forgotten your purses. It...
  20. Our Bottle

    I live in Leigh but work in Chelmsford so not surprisingly no one really shares my passion for the blues at work. Over the past couple of weeks I have been getting a lot of stick about us ‘bottling it’ at the last minute with home defeats from the Gills and Donny. My boss was convinced we...