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  1. Fire in North Kensington.

    Sounds like the LFB had a major incident (more than 50 casualties) last night in a tower block. Fatalities confirmed and many missing.
  2. Suffolk Shrimper In Dorset

    Who has the best ever voice?

    Was thinking earlier when a Karen Carpenter song came on the radio. That was one lady who I think had a truly wonderful and unique voice. Yes, in many ways when you hear her sing it can make you feel sad even if she is singing a happy song given what happened to her at such a tragically young...
  3. Memory Lane old NORTH BANK songs

    Sitting here in Germany,watching for at least the 15th time,the team we call UNITED(sad git)..i LOVE the old North Bank_PAK songs...long gone are those days,but anybody who stood in the North Bank will ALWAYS remember them as the best times. Now on tv some songs are tv adverts,but we use to sing...
  4. Hello from Ed

    Hello! New to Southend from North London and despite not having been yet am thinking of a season ticket. Any tips about where to/not to sit? I worry about pillars, toilets, a cup of tea at half-time and I like to sing a bit but am not too much. Anything else I need to know to fit in from day...
  5. Spaceman Spiff

    Brown Out / Replacement / Moan about Manager Super-Thread

    Who should replace him?
  6. AndyT

    Memory Lane Old Match of the Week Highlights

    Hi all, On the George Best Thread, we were talking about old matches that used to be on Match of the Week and in particular, those involving us. I mentioned I would find out from the EAFA (East Anglian Film Archive) if they had access to them and had the below very helpful response :- The...
  7. Im New here! But not new to the Blues!

    Hi all fellow Shrimpers! Ive finally got around to joining ShrimperZone after many Years just reading posts. My better half and i go to alot of home games and quite a few away games. We are in our late 40's now so kids are now grown up so more time on our hands. We like making a weekend of it...
  8. Guybrush UTB

    Utter disgrace

    Many of you on here have expressed your displeasure of some of our fans, particularly at the abuse that they level towards our players. I regret to say that one of our "fans" was a true and utter disgrace this evening on a train back from Fenchurch Street. He sat in a seat one row away from...
  9. The Eternal Optimist

    The Roots Hall Roar

    For all of us going to support the Mighty Blues at Morecombe today, let's raise the roof and create a party atmosphere that you can hear back at the Essex Riviera. For those staying in Essex, get everything crossed, make voodoo dolls of the Wycombe and Bury players and sing, sing, wherever you...
  10. ''All We Are Saying, Is Give Us A Goal.''

    Slade sing it best. What with a record three 0-0 Home draws on the trot. A bit like how our old North Bank used to be when full as well. Rob Noxious just put me on to this on facebook. It's so good, I thought it must go on here. Thanks Rob.:thumbsup: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3A6bksj5AGI
  11. We need a striker, would you accept Ched Evans?

    Evans was released from clink this morning, so I feel it relevant and An interesting topic to discuss. If the club looked to sign him, or even gave him a trial, would you welcome it or be disgusted? Few points to consider... - Would you be happy/angry/indifferent to him representing & being...
  12. The Blue Voice Moan

    Not to start an age old argument off but I have to make a comment....... Do they think they are Ultras from turkey? Standing on chairs at the front with their backs to the game shouting at people to sing when everyone was. Your an embarrassment. You sing terrible songs half the game as well...
  13. TrueBlue

    Win Win Win - COME ON SOUTHEND

    Come on today blue boys nothing less then a win If you can sing up and roar the boys on!!! COME ON SOUTHEND Messages of support for the lads below...
  14. mgh


    Mark, live in Hockley, attend most games with the father and brother-in-law, sorry but my first love is Man Utd (I'm a Northener) but the wife is Hockley born and bred... so much better football this season compared to Sturock's reign, as much as he did well to get us to...
  15. Romford Shrimper

    Freddy Eastwood song

    Now don't get me wrong, I quite like the current Freddy song, but why did we not just sing the classic du du du du etc? Why did we make a new one? Imo I prefer the old one, simple and easy, and sounds brilliant. Do you prefer the new one or wish we sung the old?
  16. onlyonekingkevin

    Official Match Thread SUFC vs QPR

    Could those of you going to the game tonight do me a favor , and sing "Hooper's a cannery , Hooper's a cannery , la la la la , la la la " My mates a QPR fan and hes going to there , i know this will wind em up haha
  17. lee bradbury is a legend

    Phil Brown sings

  18. Nike

    With Arsenal dispensing of their services as of 2014/15 season is there any chance we could do the same with Nike? I personally find their kits a bit bland and multi-manufactured and wouldn't mind rid. Do we have a contract with Nike for our kits and if so how long is this for?
  19. PS deserved better!!

    Whatever the rights and wrongs of Paul Sturrock leaving the club, the handling of this has done SUFC no favours at all. Even RM acknowledges the work done by Sturrock and, yes, his achievement at getting the club to Wembley for the first time. Paul Sturrock is widely respected in the game -...
  20. TrueBlue

    No North Bank for Gillingham....

    I have been back and forth with the club last week or so over this issue and it looks nailed on the we will not be having the North Bank for the Gillingham game, all North Bank season ticket holders will be getting this letter, however I have told the club I will stick a copy of it on here for...