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  1. Tommy2holes

    John Joe O'toole

    Im never one to criticise players of this football club to heavily, but seriously i can see this signing seriously undermining the togetherness of the team. Not only do we have much more capable players who can play the same position , but whats more they are our players and are certainly not...
  2. Question Other languages

    As I listen to the Manics new album, there's a track with a German lady singing....and it's damn sexy. I've always loved the sound of German, even if I can't speak a word of it and sometimes in the gym there's some African chaps who speak (I think) Swahilil and it's like they're singing to each...
  3. Southend fans

    I watched the 2nd leg versus Burton on a live stream,and what came across to me was the fantastic support from the fans, and how there chants and singing echoed around Roots Hall,it was truly amazing and im sure all the plyers and staff and RM loved it. Wouldnt it be great if it was like it...
  4. * ORM *

    Less obvious SUFC memories and fans where are they now?

    We've done the obvious. Bury, Liverpool, Man U, Swansea, Peterborough, Stockport, Milleniums, Wembley, QPR Maher, Col Ewe Che Wilson and LDVS, Chelski an so many more to death. How about others even defeats even if it means nothing to anyone else. I still can't get a memory out of my head...
  5. Ricey

    Another Shrimper is Born!

    This morning at 0954hrs Charlotte Emily Rice was born weighing in at a cool 8lb 8 1/2. Mum and baby are both doing fine. Let's hope she brings the mighty Shrimpers good luck today and she will be at Roots Hall/ FF in a few years time singing along with her Dad.
  6. Supa Shrimpa

    Bluuuueee Arrrrmmmmy v Hull !!!

    Can I suggest we encourage everybody to wear blue on Saturday (as opposed to wearing our away shirt - for obvious reasons). It would be fantastic for our lads to see three sides of the stadium covered in a sea of blue as they enter the field of play. ...and to all the youngsters out there...
  7. DoDTS

    What away fans think of Roots Hall

    The excellent footballgroundguide http://www.footballgroundguide.com/southend_united/ gives away fans the opportunity to review the grounds they visited which I found an interesting read. For Roots Hall they have six reviews I will post them on separate posts for clarity: First Northampton Fan...
  8. Christmas Spirit!

    Can we start singing this at upcoming games in the build-up to Christmas? :thumbsup: Away in a manger, no crib for a bed, the little lord Jesus, looked up and he said... We hate Col U and we hate Col U, we hate Col U and we hate Col U, we hate Col U and we hate Col U, we are the Col U haters!
  9. Newport Atmosphere

    All those who are going tomorrow, I Was wondering if we could recreate the atmosphere from Southampton in 2007? Mexican waves, "The Great Escape" song non-stop for 15 minutes, etc That was an amazing day out, yeah, we lost 4-1 but we sung from the first minute till the last! Lets show...
  10. Col Ewe Fan on a Piece of String

    Just watching Chuck Berry in concert and he doesn't even know the words to his own song. Singing about a ding-a-ling. He is old so has probably forgotten the right words.
  11. TrueBlue

    Shift your bums

    Lets get as many as we can going to Chesterfield Saturday its not that much of a trek the drum will be there and we will be singing our hearts out lets see if we can make this 4 wins in 4 so if your thinking about it either get on the TZ coach...
  12. undercovershrimper

    Breaking News More good news on the way

    at 10am, not a new singing but very positive news apparently
  13. Blueronron


    Anyone else love the show,even with the biased voting lol Watched semi finals last night first heat loved Belarus and Estonia Better to listen without the sub titles on when singing in their own language,makes it more realistic. Our Bonnie will do well to get in the top ten imho,not a bad...
  14. Lester Bangs

    The melodrama on these boards

    So from what I can ascertain people didnt enjoy themselves yesterday and the atmosphere was bad. There were too many 'day trippers' which ruined it for everyone else and not enough people were singing. Mohsni is the devil and his display made us lose the match. Really? REALLY? Now everyones...
  15. Did Anyone see PS ??

    Havn't seen it yet. Just wanted to know if anyone saw PS at Wemebly today. Didn't hear any singing for him?
  16. Singing

    Just read in echo that Helen chamberlain and the other **** will be singing the national anthem before today's game now is this a April fools joke or what
  17. There's plenty of room if any of you wish to join me.

    It’s another time in Southend United’s history where there are events occurring off the pitch. Inevitably, Shrimperzone is feeling the full heat of fans’ opinions and their many vents. I don’t often post on here, and when I do, I only seem to do it when I believe a point which is being made is...
  18. Page 60 of Today's Sun

    Your esteemed leader mcnasty has made the Sun today with my comments about the Soccer AM Wembley singing debacle
  19. Has anyone else been singing....

    ... "Que sera sera" ever since they got up this morning? Hummed it while I was eating breakfast, sung it in the shower, wistled it on the drive to the station, sung it my head on the train to work and have been singing and wistling it at work. I feel great this morning, even work is great...
  20. Orient forum - classic

    Just been on Orient forum and 2 points are very clear on there 1. They have spoken more about Bradford win tonight then there own!!! 2. One of their fans tuned into listen to last 20 mins of our match and he said he turned it off as all he could hear was southend fans singing We hate orient -...