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  1. Supa Shrimpa

    The atmosphere (or lack of) v Gillingham

    Was it me, or was the atmosphere really dire the other day ? After singing along in the North Bank all season, I returned (with my kids) to the Family Enclosure against the Gills. It's been a while since we've been in there, but to be honest, I fancied the cheaper option, with so many games...
  2. Razam

    Anyone good at writing Business Proposals *cough-begging letter-cough*??

    I know the likelyhood of anyof these taking over is very remote, but....
  3. FarmdogSUFC

    Sturrock in denial?

    Just read a quote from PS on last nights game: "Fans are singing and dancing because we won but the goal that won us the game was probably what they would call hoofball". Now, don't get me wrong, I can't stand it when i see a player just lump it upfield but like when we went on that 17 match...
  4. C C Csiders

    Little Known Facts

    The Brian and Michael of Matchstalk Men and Matchstalk Cats and Dogs fame were not as were seen on Top of the Pops singing along to the jolly ditty. The real Brian and Michael were, in fact, those Lowry loving Danish footballing brothers the Laudrup's.
  5. onlyonekingkevin

    unsung hero's of current SUFC

    Lets cheer things up around here (kinda) and get a nice friendly bit of banter going , i saw this on another clubs thread (Swansea) and thought i was a good idea . based on our current squad of players we have had since Sturrock took charge who would you say was our unsung hero ? :happy: and...
  6. Your seat and why...

    Had a quick troll through the archives to see if this had been covered before, and there doesn't seem to be anything from recent times...so a few questions about where your seat is is at RH. Your seat...where are you seated? Do you like your position and why? Would you change it? If/when we...
  7. LägerBomb

    More Fans = More money

    Based on the published accounts for last season (where we are now I've no idea) I think it's time that we used the little power we have as fans to help the club. The only real power we have as fans in money, we can withold it and boycott the club (as Man Utd fans should be doing and FC United...
  8. Tommy2holes

    Do you hate the hammers ? If so why or why not?

    TBH reading the west ham forums it seems quite obvious that there is a distinct dislike for us and us them. I have never really had any particular dislike for the hammers. I was born in rush green just down the road (about 4 miles) from upton park and my dad is from manor park and mum from...
  9. who seals the deals

    i was reading on hear that eastwood said that he has been in talks with uncle Ron about singing .I was under the impression that Paul sturrock did the deals for player :unsure:
  10. onlyonekingkevin

    Question Jean-Francois Christophe ?????????

    What in gods name is this guy doing , PLAYING FOR LINCOLN !!!!! , ive been singing for a long time that we need him back and now it looks like we need a player like him more than ever . what i remember of him was , a strong and fast centre midfield who can make a tackle and find the back of the...
  11. Sandbach Shrimper

    England 3-2 Sweden

    So England put us through the motions as usual. 1st half was a bit scrappy, very congested in midfield but I thought we were pretty solid and Sweden didn't look very threatening. Brilliant cross from Gerrard (again) and header from Carroll. But then we go to sleep at two set-pieces early in the...
  12. shrimperjon

    West Ham fans - Friendly

    Just secured my two tickets for the West Sham friendly and the guy said that ticket sales were going quite well, although he said at the moment it was people like me (season ticket holder) that were buying. I said to him that i was bringing my son who is 8 (also a ST) and was concerned about...
  13. DoDTS

    How our Parents/Grandparents coped with the War.

    Here we are it’s DoDtS’s summer saga. Totally non football related, but my attempt to understand how and what our forebears had to endure through the war in a series of extracts from the Southend Standards of the times. Not everybody’s cup of tea but if your not interested then don’t read it...
  14. Question Mark Philips-Fine Lines

    I am really pleased that Philips put most of his bad luck behind him and had a solid season. This season, Philips as lost the ball 3/4 times to an attacker when trying to beat them being last man. To which, the one on ones with the keeper were missed every time. I wonder if just 1 or 2 were...
  15. South Bank Hank

    Biggest positive from today...

    We're not going to spend the next 20 years singing... Who put the ball in the Macclesfield net?...
  16. Karaoke at Spread after Freddy Friday

    Friday night is going to be a great night at the hall Freddy friday is going to be a special night and after the game The Spread Eagle is putting on Karaoke - So keep in the party spirit after the game and have a good old sing along as many of the zoners are coming along Be good to see you all...
  17. TrueBlue

    Breaking News North Bank OPEN v Accrington **LETS FILL IT**

    So come on people let have your views I want to push to make this a regular thing
  18. OldBlueLady

    Wedding photographers

    Right, thought I would appeal for some helpful advice (if that's possible) from the SZ public at large. Looking for a wedding photographer, but not wanting all singing, all dancing, million and one photos to be taken and costing the earth. What I really want is someone to take maybe a dozen...
  19. shrimperjon

    W block and the Blue Voice

    I would first like to say that in no way am i criticising the Blue Voice, i would like to make a few points and ask a few questions. My reasoning behind this thread has come about from watching last nights Palace v Cardiff game and the atmosphere created initially by the Cardiff fans but more...
  20. Strike Force

    10 volunteers needed next Monday Eve for TV Show...

    Guys, the TV show I work for want to do a piece where a load of football fans sing some football songs in our studio - or in a London location, next Monday or Tuesday, in the evening in London. Would a few of you be up for coming up to London and singing some songs? We will buy you a new drum...