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  1. Dagenham's a s****ole I wanna go home

    Why oh why do we sing this moronic song? Hate it when away fans sing it to us and hate it even more when we show a complete lack of respect by singing it at other grounds. I expect Daggers fans realise they don't live in a particularly picturesque area but then parts of Southend are n't great...
  2. OldBlueLady

    The unsavoury side of football - racist chanting against Balotelli

    After the shaking of heads and wagging of fingers at the Chelsea fans for their singing about Anton Ferdinand (anyone else find this a really strange incident bearing in mind Terry has played alongside Rio Ferdinand for years at the heart of the England defence?) on Tuesday night against Genk...
  3. spoons

    Southend fans could set a standard

    This season has started as we all wanted but are the fans setting the same standards as the team? Instead of moronic chants of "We pay your benefit" to Northern clubs and references to rioting recently, why not set a standard for others to admire and chant only for Southend United. Yes, ignore...
  4. Jack The Flag

    W Block / Stolen Flag

    Thanks to the lowlife scum that stole one of the TBV flags off a pole in W block today. Although the person that has taken is probably a child I just think it's disgusting that we can't even put flags out without people feeling the need to steal one. People work hard and put alot of money into...
  5. Question Why are our fans so harsh on ex players/managers?

    like him or not as a manager steve tilson was a great player for southend and did good things as manager. another example is kevin maher he didnt even get a good reception when he came back.. for people to be happy tilson has taken lincoln down is a disgrace. the thing i think is funny fans have...
  6. Steve Tilson

    Breaks my hearts to have to post this in 'Ex-Shrimpers'.... Now the Tilson-era is over, what do you consider to be his greatest achievement at Southend United Football Club?
  7. Thorpe Groyney

    The Island Derby: Concord Rangers 1, Canvey 0

    So, just a few short years after the then Gulls' manager Jeff King said they will be the number one team in Essex, it's confirmed - Canvey Island aren't even the number one team on Canvey Island. Big crowd at Thames Road, 720. I thought the Gulls supporters let themselves down a bit with...
  8. Liverpool away

    Looking forward to seeing the youths at Anfield tomorrow night and only £4 to get in!!! Result. Leaving at 9am and cant wait in what should be a cracking day. Sitting in THE KOP singing southend songs will be unreal. Liverpool youth team are averaging 3 goals a game this season so could be...
  9. Ryan Hall

    i swear last night just shortly after ryan halls goal, block W was singing a song about him, is this true and if so what is it?? or am i going mad??
  10. Smiffy

    Barnet - Let's fill our allocation!

    I believe we have a 1,500 allocation for Saturday's game. It would be good if we could fill that. If you fancy a cracking afternoon out, then Barnet is the away day for you. Small ground, terracing, 1,500 singing Shrimpers and hopefully 3 points. Cracking pub (Red Lion) a few mins walk from...
  11. Jack The Flag

    Support for Macclesfield game!

    To all after everyones great effort Friday night, i hope to be seing the same tomorrow evening. I urge as many to join in and come over to Block W and surrounding areas and make the atmosphere fantastic. Its going to be a poor away support from Macclesfield so its simply up to us to get the...
  12. Onion_Bag_Dave

    Video evidence of our quiet fans!

    So throughout the whole game, I try and do what I said I'd do! TRY AND GET THE CROWD GOING AROUND ME! (V BLOCK) I sing the whole game, ALONE! This is what I try and get singing! It's sort of an impossible job. There will be more of these videos, if you spot yourself in one of these...
  13. Jack The Flag

    Atmosphere at Roots Hall, and people moaning!

    Hi all! :) After a few very very poor games at Home over the last month or so, there has been lots of people moaning about the atmosphere at Roots Hall over the past few weeks. Yes the football has been **** but why not come and support the boys. Lets be honest without Block W (Blue Voice)...
  14. people who want rid of sturrock are mad!!!

    look at his record we lost only 3-2 to top of the league with moshni (possibly are best defender)injured. we played not that bad and have to consider sturrock had to pick up what he could with no money to spend all at the start of the season. yes he's probably realised he s made mistakes but...
  15. chris wood

    SHOW YOUR SUPPORT....Make some noise for the boys.

    Ok fed up with all the bad points surrounding the club as much as anyone else but why cant we try and enjoy ourselves tomorrow against Chesterfield. Forget what is buggin you about the club for 90 mins, lets all come together clap, shout , or stamp your feet (for you in the East lol) lets do our...
  16. Mario Balotelli: Mental

    Balotelli is quickly becoming my favourite ever Premier League player... Quickly exceeding Chris Samba in the Bat**** Mental stakes. When he's not busy wearing rival shirts for television interviews, singing rival songs in hospital or taking on Italian Ultras, he's turning up for games wearing...
  17. londonblue

    Row Row Row Your Boat

    Having two young kids you can imagine I spend a lot of time singing Row Row Row Your Boat to them. If you look on the internet you'll see there are literally hundreds of verses people have made up. For example: Row row row your boat Gently down the river If you see a polar bear Don't forget to...
  18. Advice for visiting Roots Hall

    Dear Southend fans As part of my quest to visit all 92 league grounds I'm hoping to get to Roots Hall in December, so I'm after some advice for my visit. I've pencilled in 18th Dec for your game against Wycombe, do you envisage me having any problems getting tickets? Also I'd like to sit...
  19. Fifa 11 Download Entrance/Chants Here!

    Right guys, I spent all yesterday afternoon and evening putting together these files containing over 1000 different tunes for you to download. I know there is already a thread about this but from this one, you can actually download the files all at once and they are ready to be used. In these...
  20. Jack The Flag

    The Blue Voice Atmosphere v Torquay

    TrueBlue asked me to write this and a video of today will be uploaded tomorrow. Today atmosphere, well what can you say! :happy: It was superb, we sang our hearts out for 90 minutes and it seems to have paid off. TrueBlue kept it going along with Smiffy fabulous drumming skills, One note ...