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  1. RHB

    Desert Island Discs

    Ok Zone Castaways, now is your opportunity to share the stuff that the castaways on Desert Island Discs do each week. Pretty simple really, you have to choose eight recordings (usually, but not always, music), a book and a luxury item that you would take if you were to be cast away on a desert...
  2. RHB

    OK, so do you moisturise?

    As I get older I'm getting more and more earache from Mrs RHB that I don't moisturise my skin enough/at all. She reckons I'll end up shrivelled like a prune (she is cruel at times). So on her behalf I am asking you Zone people whether you use moisturiser just so as I can prove my point that I do...
  3. Political food

    Hot on the heels of Napster's condemnation of a Carrot Cake as food loved by Maoists, what other everyday foodstuffs do you think are drawn to one political allegience. I do love an avocado, but their green skins look like something Hugo Boss designed for Adolf Eichmann back in 1936. Dirty...
  4. Myles Weston

    Wow......the definition of forgiveness.....Wycombe signing Weston then watching him skinning a full back and putting a cross for a goal..... must give them flashbacks:smile:
  5. Napster

    skinheads in southend

    i know blue ronny ronny wont approve but this was in the daily mail today http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3800192/Fascinating-pictures-skinheads-rampage.html
  6. Who is to blame

    Ok who do we blame for the lack of transfers yesterday .Phil - Ron or our board All the hipe that Simpson was close That has to be down to Phil Not spending some money now that's got to be down to Ron .Now the question is has Ron lost faith in Phil brown so he wont invest in new players .Or is...
  7. DoDTS

    Anyone fancy going to Dorset?

    We were due to go on a five day break to Dorset on Monday (16th May to 20th May) but unfortunately we cant go. It is all paid for and we want nothing for it, and if anyone wants it they are more than welcome its just a shame to waste it. It is a three bed-roomed wooden lodge situated on a...
  8. Rate The Season - Out Of 10

    So we came up via the playoffs through the skin of our teeth, so to be safe so soon was great. But then 3 wins in 16 was a very very poor return. So I will be say a 6.5
  9. Job Opportunity at the Club

    http://www.southendunited.co.uk/news/article/job-opportunity-at-southend-united-2969886.aspx?utm_source=twitterfeed&utm_medium=twitter Ideal job for the thick-skinned.
  10. steveo

    Buying a flat

    My son is looking to buy a flat which has 121 year left. Being somewhat old school, I am not completely sure about buying a leased property. Who owns the lease? What happens if they go skint? I would prefer him to buy a freehold property. Pros and cons anyone?
  11. Question Pre-match / Half time Personnel on Saturday

    Forgot to ask earlier, but does anyone know who the guy warming up with the team before the game yesterday and kicking about with the subs at half time was...I think he was wearing No.28 shorts, but he certainly wasn't Jason Williams! At first I thought it was Dave Huzzey, then I thought he...
  12. rlb999

    the wrong foot

    Whilst I admire our solidity and workrte, one thing that annoys me about the way PB sends out is teams is his tendency to play wide midfielders on the wrong foot. I'm sure he'd say it keeps the team narrow and solid etc, but it means we're not seeing the best of players like Worrall and Weston -...
  13. Ski Holiday

    Thinking of going on a Ski holiday this year with the girlfriend. Any resort recommendations? I have been once before but she hasn't. Preferably somewhere that is not far from Geneva airport as you can fly there from Southend.
  14. B.B.The Legend Lives On.

    Memory Lane John McKinven

    It is with deep sadness that I have heard of the death of former Shrimper John McKinven on July 25th.aged 73. He was one of my early hero's who joined Southend from Raith Rovers as an inside left. It was however when he switched to outside left that he became a real crowd favourite. His nickname...
  15. Who really picks the team..Phil or Ron.

    Who wanted Fred back certainly not Luggy,Who wanted Barney back I doubt it was Phil,Effing hell we can't even sign a conference player! What the hell is going on at the club. Phil spouts we are after this one or that one yet we never sign them! We are told time and time again the club is...
  16. OldBlueLady

    Sol Campbell - overlooked on England captaincy on racial grounds?

    Used to quite like Campbell but he's just gone right down in my estimation with this: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/article-2571206/Sol-Campbell-I-overlooked-England-captaincy-colour-skin.html He came into the England squad when Tony Adams was captain, and Shearer took it over...
  17. Winter Olympics

    Do you care? I can honestly say it's passing me by without the faintest of interest. Maybe because we've got a very faint hopes of a medal. I can't imagine DOING a winter sport, but quite enjoyed Ski Sunday, well...when they crashed. You?
  18. Ricey

    Collymore Racist Abuse

    Don't know if anyone has noticed but Sir Stanley is receiving some down right disgusting racist abuse from Liverpool fans after he claimed Suarez dived in their game against Villa. Have we go back to the 80s what is wrong with people? Just because you don't agree with someone opinion doesn't...
  19. Rattus Norvegicus

    Justin Edinburgh

    Surprised there hasn't been a thread regarding this gentleman. I remember him playing for Southend as a rather skinny lad, us playing well against Tottingham Hotspurs (Lineker and Gascoigne included), him going to them on loan .......... and then he suddenly "beefs out" and then playing for...
  20. No.33 your time is up....

    Please can we stop doing loan deals, where we have to guarantee the player gets a start every time (Number 33), Corr would have made more of those chances the lad had, he works hard but from what I've seen he's not as good a finisher as our own player Big Bad Barry. I know we are skint but doing...