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  1. Timlin.

    It would seem I might be the only person on the Zone that hasn't turned on Michael Timlin. We even have people living abroad assuming all the negative stuff to be true. Talking to other fans and more importantly the management it appears not all agree with the overwhelming Zone opinion. Now I...
  2. David Mooney

    As Mooney nears fitness after a long injury , just a few pro-comments before the expected "not good enough" brigade kick in. Yes , with the strikers we have all looking sharp and all bringing something a bit different , it will be very difficult for Mooney to find a way back and I expect that...
  3. Colchester and proud!

    Mel Slack

    Some of you older fans may remember Mel playing for you in the mid to late 60's sadly he has died at the age of 72. There is a nice tribute to him from Cambridge fans, click the link below for full details. http://www.100yearsofcoconuts.co.uk/blog
  4. B.B.The Legend Lives On.

    Memory Lane John McKinven

    It is with deep sadness that I have heard of the death of former Shrimper John McKinven on July 25th.aged 73. He was one of my early hero's who joined Southend from Raith Rovers as an inside left. It was however when he switched to outside left that he became a real crowd favourite. His nickname...
  5. Memory Lane 15000 plus at roots hall

    First vague memories are peering over wall at front of east stand watching Roberts, Bentley, Birks, Slack, May, Beanland, Woodley, Firmani, Mckinvan etc , then the great battles with Watford a few years later who had the 8ft beanpole Ross Jenkins and Luther Blissett in their prime. !! Anyway...
  6. Sandbach Shrimper

    Blame the Manager?

    Just read this article - http://news.bbc.co.uk/sport1/hi/football/9346616.stm - and with all the speculation about the jobs of Grant, Hodgson and Ancelotti and the number of managers who have been sacked in the last couple of weeks, it's got me thinking. Why is always the managers who get the...
  7. Yorkshire Blue

    Memory Lane Mel Slack v Jimmy Evans 1:11 - poll added

    Am looking forward to hearing Napster's memories as 1920's full-back Jimmy Evans takes on 1970's full-back (I think) Mel Slack.
  8. Slipperduke

    Cut Terry Some Slack

    I still can't believe it's true. I still can't accept that the captain of Chelsea, nay, the captain of England, could ever act in this way. What would Bobby Moore say? He'd be shocked and rightly so. What kind of man cheats on his wife with Alicia Douvall? It's one thing to bonk your way...
  9. danburyshrimper

    Stuffed by the transfer deadline

    Our current financial plight has highlighted a big flaw in the transfer deadline system. We are absolutely skint + are in deep deep trouble as we all know ... Surely we should be able to sell our assets in order to stave off administration / liquidation / generally being in the brown sticky...
  10. Slipperduke

    England Must Keep Their Focus

    CAN YOU SEE ENGLAND MAKING IT NINE FROM NINE? I don't know yet, it depends what my broadband connection is like. I just hope that the England players are more enthusiastic about 'The Match That No-One Will Watch' than the England supporters. Fabio Capello's side have, of course, already sealed...
  11. Get a Grip!

    Yesterday's performance was dire. I've not been able to make some of the much better games recently so if anyone should be complaining about how rubbish we must be it would be me. What I couldn't understand from some of the fans yesterday and having just seen some of the posts on here is some...
  12. Andy_S

    Post-Match Thread and Ratings The reserve game today

    After making the near 60 mile round trip, down the wet and windy, extremely hazardous A127, I thought I might as well post my thoughts on the game. I thought it came across quite strongly which of the two teams had half a team of first teamers out there, although unfortunately for us it was...
  13. Help Required - Mel Slack

    I am hoping someone can help me - I collect autogrpahs of players who have played for Sunderland and thought someone might be able to point me in the direct of one of your former players - Mel Slack who turned out for Sunderland twice in 64/65 season Thanks to anyone in advance MAH
  14. Slipperduke

    Referees Are Cowards

    Another year, another desperate attempt by the Football Association to regain some semblance of control over their sport. This week's announcement that managers will no longer be able to criticise referees before the game has even started is just the latest in a series of inadequate sticking...
  15. Slipperduke

    SZ Novella - Chapter One

    Inspired by the truly awesome work of the Shrimperzone Writer's Bureau, I've been clattering away on a full version of this dystopian nightmare, attempting to give it the depth that it deserves. MK Shrimper planted a bug in my head and I really hope that I can do it justice, not least because...
  16. 4 changes to start - hits and misses

    3 points Yippeeee Freedman - he so annoys me with the experienced old pro act and his legs are heavy .... but he plays his football at a higher level and is quality HIT Sankofa Sankofa - careful and tidy .... although he had the benefit of a bit more cover than Betsy would have offered...
  17. South Bank Hank

    Inappropriate giggles and laughter...

    Why does this happen!? On a train this morning coming into Richmond, a young fella walks down the aisle, laptop bag on his left shoulder, clutching both a coffee (in a cardboard cup) and a reading book in his right hand. He catches another bloke, in front of me to the left, with his laptop...
  18. shrimpereeee

    Transfer Rumours & MSFE

    Where is Mel Slack for England when you need him most? Do you think he got rumbled? Did Ron get to him? Is/was he a club employee? Does anyone know who he is? :unsure:
  19. Slipperduke

    Euro 2008

    If you're a betting man you'll know that, during an international tournament, there are a few simple rules that will help protect your investment. Firstly, never back England, a nation of drunks who always choke under pressure. Secondly, always expect the home nation to outperform expectations...
  20. When's Mel Slack Coming Back?

    We all know how much this poster knew as he was right every time, when will they return with information regarding comings and goings at the club? So if you're reading this come and give us all some good news! Tell me Foran has gone, Bailey has signed an extended deal, as has Francis, Gower...