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  1. Interpol Shrimper

    New Kits 09/10

    It's that time of year when the new Nike Teamwear catalogue is released and it gets me thinking what will our beloved team be wearing next season. I am assuming that we will remain Nike but am in the middle of composing an email about our kit choices to hopefully be answered on Ron's blog Q&A...
  2. duncan bulgaria

    Stories your parents tell your missus about you as a kid to embarass you !!

    We've all been there fella's and ladies , took a new girl to meet the family and they get the old photos out etc and then start by telling stories about you as a kid and what you got up to . My ma has her favourite of many up her sleeve about me when i was living at home and she was out in the...
  3. DTS

    Now the nice stuff is over.

    Now all the fun and games of the Chelsea tie is over and done with I feel Tilly has some serious work to be done if he wants to save this season. Having seen all but one of the homes and most of the aways until my daughter was born I really cant think if many times that we have looked very...
  4. Irish_Shrimper

    Chelsea, the Irish, and Richie Foran, Richie Richie Foran

    Just back in the land of leprechauns a couple of hours after a great trip. Travelled over in Billy no mates style again for my 5th match of the season, and it was a teeny tiny bit better than the Huddersfield one last time :D Started off Saturday morning leaving Limerick at 4:30 am, for a...
  5. Irish_Shrimper

    Interview with an Exile: Part 8 - Libertine

    This week, recently exiled Andy (Libertine), out in Australia, answers the questions. Below is a picture of Andy and his kids at Surfers Paradise. 1) How long have you been an exile? A) Since August this year. My last game was Millwall away and I flew out the following Monday. 2) Why did...
  6. seany t

    Supermarkets - What can be done to control their power?

    I've worked at, and for, a supermarket in the past and at first I thought all the scaremongering about 'Supermarket Power' was merely that. However, right now there are many, many things are I am becoming increasingly disillusioned by: • Supermarkets initially made money by using brands to get...
  7. South Bank Hank

    A ShrimperZone eleven...

    Our starting line-up... Like I say, we're trying to bring new people in, but it's tough out there and we don't have a huge amount of money. I think the team we have below for this season includes some of THE best partnerships but, well, you know, we're still keen to bring in another 5 or 6 to...
  8. fbm

    Mildenhall MOM? - Absolutely - here's why.

    So we have had debates on whether Mildenhall was a good keeper or not, better than Flahavan or not and now whether he was MOM against Hereford or not. Well, I can sort of see both sides here. Often you hear someone talk about a "Man of the Match" performance and this is where a player...
  9. J

    Ron Martin - the statement

    Right, let's clear a few things up straight away - Contrary to popular belief, I haven't been avoiding the subject all day - quite the opposite, I’ve been itching to get on here and finally say my piece. Truth is, I too lost out on a lot of work this morning, and the meeting was over 2 1/2...
  10. Ron Manager

    Life In The A-League

    Before I headed off to Oz I said I'd write a regular blog about what it's like supporting a team on the other side of the world. Here is my first effort by way of an introduction to the Queensland Roar - Queensland Roar vs Adelaide United – 24th August 2008 Come On! Imagine this scenario...
  11. TrueBlue

    TrueBlue Rally Cry

    Gather round once more my children, As Saturday approaches I can see nothing but dark sky's and a mist that hangs in the air for the dark shadow of our pre-season has cast this terrible spell over the club but still there is hope and still there is light, so I call upon all of you that listen...
  12. Smiffy

    Blues end Clapham interest!

    Weird decision? Or does Tilly have a signing up his sleeve this week?...
  13. Ricey


    Who has them and what have you got?? I have two a tribal one on my left upper arm and on my right leg I have SUFC in old english. I am thinking about having a full sleeve and wonder what to have and wondering if anyone has one if so what do you have?? Recommend any designs??
  14. Slipperduke

    Cristiano Ronaldo

    Cristiano Ronaldo must be the luckiest man in football. Had it not been for that slippery patch next to the penalty spot, or for Nicolas Anelka's almost total absence of professionalism, his spot-kick miss at the Luzhniki Stadium would have cost Manchester United the European Cup. In this...
  15. Bexley Blue

    Anyone got good kit knowledge?

    I'm trying to find a good photo/description of what can only be described as a one-off third shirt that we used in 1998/99 (first season back in Div 3). We wore it away at Gillingham in the first leg of the Worthington Cup First Round I think (won 1-0, Adrian Clarke scored) I can remember the...
  16. cockles is back

    problems up front/at the back............

    Listen lets cut the crap, there are massive problems throughout the structure of the team. Yes you can blame it on the forward line, yes you can pull the defence up, but lets be honest I can't remember seeing a southend team with so little ability to create,change,adapt,to read a game, as i am...
  17. Album Sleeves

    As it seems to have turned into A pub Music day Favourite Album Sleeves.. I will start with an oldie ..Naturally, so bog off before you all start:finger: :p
  18. biffo

    Biffo's take on things

    At least we can all get on with our lives now. The brutal statistics show beyond doubt that we were not good enough throughout the whole set-up. It's easy to knock the players (and i will a bit further on). However, in my opinion, the overiding factor in our demise from the championship is down...
  19. fbm

    What on earth do we want?

    It's a tall order now. We MUST win both games and hope Leeds and Hull both collect no more than 1 point each from their last 2 matches. Possible, but unlikely. But apart from a probable relegation, I fear that as fans we are going to make ourselves a laughing stock of the entire football...
  20. The Tosh Review - Derby

    Just got back from an exciting game... however we could still be playing and I doubt we would have scored, it was one of those days where both teams could have had 3 or 4 goals. Praise must be give for Derby who defended well and were it not for some woeful shooting and good saves from Flavs...