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  1. DTS

    Midfield Gaps

    Baring in mind that Jay Smith is at Notts County and early reports suggest Luke "I am the greatest" Gutts has gone to the cess pitt that is Orient I really feel we need someone byt the end of the day to cover the central midfield role. Maher and McCormack I am delighted with but one...
  2. Richard_Cadette

    Absolutely disgraceful

    I have managed to somehow refrain from posting hours after the final whistle in previous weeks, purely because I felt the need to try and sit back and evaluate what I had just witnessed before saying things which werent necessary, but no more. What I witnessed this afternoon was one of the most...
  3. J

    Paynt-er a better picture..

    A few positives about Big bill, he made a bit of space... first touch wasn't too bad, i have seen worse.. great looping header, which if it went in.. would have changed the game.. he wore his' heart on his sleeve.. and went in for a lot of things.. so all in all, let's give him...
  4. J

    A positive Post From CS J

    Guy's.. a positive post, to stop the wars and trials and tribulations... Maher, the most succesfull captain of our time... a good leader, basic football skills.. but a very good football brain.. and that is one thing that is important in this league, that is one thing that the goat had...
  5. blues_r_best

    Surviving Terrorism

    In the event of a terrorist attack, you will need to react quickly.  Please read the following carefully. <span style='color:red'>1. IF YOU ARE EVER TRAPPED ON A PLANE WITH SOMEONE WHO APPEARS TO BE A MUSLIM AND/OR A HIJACKER:</span> Do not panic. Often young Muslim men are not terrorists...
  6. 1st day at the club shop

    I have to say I think supporters are going to be very happy with the merchandise that is going to be on sale. Firstly, the club shop is a really good size with fitting rooms&#33; Lots of Nike stuff such as footballs shin guards and all sorts of other stuff. The Nike wear is nice with a wide...
  7. Leeboy

    New away shirt

    is this : with the badge on the left breast, Nike swoosh on the right and obviously the sponsor logo across the middle also has the new Nike logo on the sleeve, same as the LDV and Red third shirts &#39;Looks like Swansea&#39; was a popular comment
  8. Colour clash

    Wasn't one of the stories last year that we needed to choose colours to play in before the area finals to avoid a clash in the final.  As this isn't pre empting our Pirates game, just forward planning, the options per the Football League site are               Shirts                          ...
  9. Calling all shirt collectors.

    To all you wise shrimpers out there that have made the sacrafice of buying replica shirt&#39;s in the past, be it good one&#39;s or naff one&#39;s (custard splat&#33;). I am, and have been looking for a Firholm shirt for sometime now but to no avail&#33; (not much of a suprise there mind). If...
  10. Season Tickets sales rise

    Had to pop into the club shop yesterday,and whilst purchasing some merchandise asked how s/t were going this year. Yesterday stood at 1552 sold an increase on last year which is encouraging with the price hike,once again SZ breaks the news first before our rivals. New shirt in shop in acouple...
  11. stone island jumper for sale

    brand new stone island jumper it's red with the badge on the sleeve.£ 200 in lakeside. after £80. its in a medium