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  1. Laptop problems

    For a week or so I've been unable to open any websites on my laptop. I use Firefox, and that hasn't been working. the wheel goes round forever and evertually it says "Secure Connection Failed". I've tried other browsers, they don't work either. I did the cmd netsh winsock reset catalog thing i...
  2. Worst people in the world

    It's these lot, isn't it? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GPnnxc1Dfm0 http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Muggle_quidditch I can get my head around them taking a ball game from a fantasy book/film series and playing it in real life, but what is with the broom stick? Why add an element of 'i'm...
  3. Personal Nicknames

    Does anybody have nicknames for players that are not used by anyone else? I have a few & wonder if anyone else does also. Mine are as follows: Bentley - F.E.K - (This stands for Future England Keeper) Atkinson - Will I At. Cliffiord - The big Red card. Laird - Pasty Prosser - Rodney...
  4. The Watermill Wino

    Screech at ECHO Awards.

    Met Scott Spencer last night at the Echo Sports Awards at Billericay Town last night and what a smashing advert for Southend United. Asked if was going to stay he said he loves it down here, "I've settled here easily and would love to stay, there's some great lads here and its good fun". When...
  5. Slipperduke

    Cut Terry Some Slack

    I still can't believe it's true. I still can't accept that the captain of Chelsea, nay, the captain of England, could ever act in this way. What would Bobby Moore say? He'd be shocked and rightly so. What kind of man cheats on his wife with Alicia Douvall? It's one thing to bonk your way...
  6. southend4ever

    The Dilemma

    Your other half shares a house with 5 other students. One is an attention seeking, high pitched loud mouth screaming little toe rag. After meeting her and thinking this on your first opinion and continually finding this how long do you wait before in her own back yard you tell her to put a...
  7. Pale Blue Dot

    the rules of lighter theft

    Here below are the official rules of stealing other people's lighters. Although stealing lighters is despicable and morally wrong, it is always going to happen whether it be an accident or you're going all out to steal it.So I have written the OFFICIAL rules of stealing lighters so we all have a...
  8. duncan bulgaria

    ****ting your pants

    I have had the great pleasure of doingthis twice in my life time so far and would like to hear from any one with a decent story , cos lets be fair they will always be good stories if a **** in your pants is involved . Reason i'm starting this thread is at my pals stag we stripped him off at...
  9. pickledseal

    Breaking News Revelling In It - 15/7/09

    Revelling In It Revelling In It This week starring: Alan ‘Peter Jones’ McCormack Steve ‘I just love football’ Parmenter Adam ‘Blue blood runs through my veins’ Barrett Anthony ‘Rocky Balboa’ Grant Steve ‘Big Bird’ Mildenhall An introducing (again)….. Lee ‘Birdsnest hair’ Sawyer Personally...
  10. duncan bulgaria

    Stories your parents tell your missus about you as a kid to embarass you !!

    We've all been there fella's and ladies , took a new girl to meet the family and they get the old photos out etc and then start by telling stories about you as a kid and what you got up to . My ma has her favourite of many up her sleeve about me when i was living at home and she was out in the...

    Proof that some footballers are thick as **** !!

    "My parents have always been there for me, ever since I was about 7." David Beckham "I would not be bothered if we lost every game as long as we won the league." Mark Viduka "Alex Ferguson is the best manager I've ever had at this level. Well, he's the only manager I've actually had at this...
  12. Matt the Shrimp

    Sock and Awe...

    See if you can hit Dubya... http://www.sockandawe.com/ :)
  13. Ljubljana Branch


    Edited: Old news
  14. Irish_Shrimper

    Movies that make you want to punch one of the lead actors in the face

    Slight variation on Bloke in the Pram Shop's highly entertaining thread about punching singers - What actor would you love to sock in the jaw then? My vote goes to the movie Forgetting Sarah Marshall, and that utter **** Russell Brand :D
  15. Uncle Leo

    ShrimperZone Forum Guidelines

    The goal of the ShrimperZone Forum is to promote a community of fans of Southend United. It is an open forum for discussing all aspects of Southend United as well as various other topics such as football in other leagues, cricket, music and everything else in between. It is important to have...
  16. cockles is back

    morning everyone this is what I think about everything

    right my 2 pence worth, because of my arigance i'm faaaaaaarrrrr to bone idle to read everything if it hasnt been written by me so hear it is Collis hammell barrett richards francis black mayher maca bailey clark mcdonald also I just want you all to know I hate matt harrold and 40 goals...
  17. The Flying Scotsman

    Who said footballers are thick?

    Whoever said that footballers were thick? "My parents have been there for me, ever since I was about 7." David Beckham "I would not be bothered if we lost every game as long as we won the league." Mark Viduka "Alex Ferguson is the best manager I've...
  18. Interpol Shrimper

    2 Minutes Silence

    Ignorant sweaty-sock b*stards! I don't call buses/trains still running & people sat at their desks clicking away on their keyboards a suitable level of respect for marking the 12pm 2 minutes silence. DISGUSTING It could just as easily be Glasgow or Edinburgh that gets attacked...
  19. Gazza's Top 50 Moments...

    The following 50 points are probably the reasons why Gazza never fulfilled his full potential...even if you don't follow football this is worth a read!! 1) One hour after playing for England, met 'showbiz pals' Danny Baker and Chris Evans in a Hampstead pub while still...