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  1. RHB

    Football socks - up or down?

    Can anyone explain to me the current trend of professionals pulling their socks up over their knees? Is it a fashion thing or is there some sort of benefit from doing so?
  2. England 1-2 Netherlands

    Well... that me start the thread by commenting on the horrid state of our home kit :thumbdown: From a distance, it looks like England are playing in the dutch away kit (as the red socks, look as if they have an orange tint to it) & we should be playing in the all blue. Anyway.... thats hope...
  3. davewebbsbrain

    Searching Pupils at school - any teachers know the law

    My son (Year 7) came home upset today. Turns out his whole form class were searched today without the consent of the pupils. I wasn't sure of the laws on searching pupils in senior school so I looked it up. Apparently, a pupil can be searched without consent by a person nominated by the head...
  4. Helllooo, Yellloowwws, Yelllowwwsss!

    HeyShrimpers, Nervous,very nervous! No, not at the very easy process of joiningShrimperzone, but the longing hope filled gazes at my phone. Waiting,waiting... will the ticket office call back with Morecambe tickets?! Is'ntit great that an essentially simple sport and supporting SUFC (I'msure we...
  5. RHB

    What did ya get for Christmas?

    Ignoring the normal collection of scarves, socks etc, this year I got a cartoon hand drawn history of SUFC. Drawn entirely in black and white it provided me with ages of fun reading through it. I've attached a picture of it but I'm not sure if it does it justice.
  6. Latest Rumours Brown to Wigan

    Wigan supremo Dave Whelan is rumoured to be lining up Southend manager Phil Brown as a replacement for the sacked Owen Coyle. Whelan is quoted as saying "firstly I must apologise to the fans, I got a bit confused when appointing Coyle, I knew I wanted an ex Bolton man and I thought I was...
  7. Post-Match Thread and Ratings Exeter City vs Southend United

    We worked extremely hard and took our chances against a very poor side. Exeter looked like relegation fodder, but inconsistency is what defines this division. Each of our midfielders ran their socks off and endlessly pressed the opposition and Exeter failed to create much. Anything that passed...
  8. danburyshrimper

    Massive Overreaction

    Ok the result was shocking but apart from a crazy 10 minute spell we were far + away the best team last night. Phil Brown by picking that team showed that the cups arent our priority this season by giving the rusty fringe players a game. Timlin was really terrible for the 1st 70 minutes but by...
  9. Away shirt is yellow and black stripes

    Just seen it at training ground. Bloody awful. We will look like hull city
  10. Small things that make you smile...

    Just the minutiae of life.... 1) Putting on new socks for the first time. 2) Opening a new coffee jar and breaking the seal. 3) (Back in the day) creating a new mix tape on C90 and listening to it for the first time. You? :dim:
  11. Semi-Spanish Shrimper

    Post-Match Thread and Ratings Southend United 1-0 Crewe

    Morris - 7 - Sound, with just a shaky moment after a fumble but was rarely tested. Clohessy - 8 - Keep saying this but how has no other team shown interest in him? He is Mr. Consistent and first on my team sheet. Philips - 7.5 - Solid, we look so much more comfortable at the back with him...
  12. Kevin Hogg

    Your favourite kit (sorry if it has been done before)

    Being new here..it may be old! But your favourite Southend United kit. We've had some good, not so good..and downright awful! My favourite? Possibly the 1971/72 first ever promotion winning kit. Blue shirts with white fancy SUFC scrawl. Blue shorts with two white stripes each side. White socks...
  13. Question Home Kit Socks - White or Blue?

    It seems we have reverted lately to wearing blue socks from white ae per how we started the season. Can anyone shed any light as to what the preference is. It does not seem to matter what colour the opposition are wearing like last night?
  14. Yorkshire Blue

    Steve Claridge's BBC blog

    It's possibly because I'm particularly bored and sleep deprived at the moment, but I found the comments to Steve Claridge's blog being available in video format only pretty entertaining this week "I'll add my weight to the 'give it us in text' argument. You can type can't you Mr. C?" "Either...
  15. sounds like players have noticed it

    a passage from craig eastons blog I also felt for Rhys Evans as he was gutted about the way he conceded the first goal, especially after not putting a foot wrong and making a couple of decent saves against Oxford. He also made a couple of important stops later in the game which is testament to...
  16. londonblue

    Am I Now Officially an Old Man?

    I have got fed up with walking on the kitchen floor after my kids have just eaten, and finding that my socks have picked up every crumb. I have therefore just purchased a pair of slippers from M&S. So, good people of Shrimperzone, does that make me an old man, or just practical?
  17. yellow strip

    Wee birdie told me manager wanted yellow strip used for night games but company has discontiued this line so hes decided that in future night and dark winter afternoon games will play with white shorts both kits and even mabye even white socks but wants to look at that first just wondering your...
  18. What's with the white socks??

    I thought our new socks were navy as per opening day and club shop, but last two games we've worn white again???
  19. scott spencer

    how did he not get motm on saturday he worked his socks off revell style. as well as skining there full backs on both sides . even at on moment i recall winning us a throw up there end for his hard work i was so impressed with him would rather him up front though think hed get 20 goals easy. as...
  20. chris wood

    NICE TO SEE A COMMITTED PERFORMANCE (committed in one way at least)

    I have to say given what has gone on and in such a short space of time last nights performance by the boys that want to pull on a blue shirt has to be applauded. Every player put a shift in and there were tackles and tireless runs all over the park it was a pleasure to see and a nice breath of...