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  1. Shrimper2thecore

    Car Radio Card Help

    I recently took my car for an MOT, and when I got my car back the radio is not working, as it is asking me for a code. I think this should be in my log book somewhere, but I can't find it. Does anyone else know where else I can get the code??
  2. Rob Noxious

    "Radio Radio!" (A Musical Memoir)

    Please bear with me once more good people of ShrimperZone. I'm stuck up here in the attic 'on call' awaiting (but hoping not to receive) the calls of the needy and distressed of West Cornwall. Some of you know that I was inspired by a thread on 'The Writers Bureau' and Slipperduke's ShrimperZone...
  3. The Flying Scotsman

    Thoughts - 30th Birthday Party

    Good people of ShrimperZone, I come to you looking for some inspiration. Basically it's my missus 30th next week, and it's mine in a couple of months. Now we've spent a fair whack over the summer and therefore had decided to scrap any thoughts we had on having a joint party. Next week was...
  4. BaileytheQuitter

    Dorian Dervite

    Sorry if his name is spelt incorrectly. Heard from a fellow shrimper today that he was training with the team on Thursday and Friday. Sorry if this has been put somewhere else.
  5. ldnfatso

    AGM Notes of Q&A Session

    This is all rather rough, OBL's will probably be better, but i left her to get sloshed with the shareholder bubbly. RM - Ron Martin ST - Steve Tilson BJ - Bill Jennings GK - Geoffrey King RM asked firstly why 1 person had voted against the accounts. RM said he thought this rather bizarre...
  6. The Mark of a ChampiYong

    Ok, Ok, I know this is late... But I was on my travels while this happened. While your reading this, there's no doubt in my mind that Tiger Woods is on a golf course somewhere, meticulously tinkering away with his swing and clubs, trying to identify just what went wrong at Hazeltine. After...
  7. J

    Has this been posted somewhere else?

  8. Mohave Shrimper

    Rnd1 Heat 14: The Cosby Mysteries v Sons of Anarchy

    The Cosby Mysteries (Southchurch Groyney) v Sons of Anarchy (Moridin) The Cosby Mysteries was a television mystery series starring Bill Cosby. It was Cosby's first television show since The Cosby Show (which ended in the spring of 1992) and lasted only one season (1994-1995)...
  9. Slipperduke

    White Hart Lane

    I always enjoy a trip to White Hart Lane. Sure, it's in the middle of the north-east London badlands, a destination made even more remote by London Transport's fascination with shutting down the tube on match day, but there are consolations. For starters, there's the stadium itself, a hulking...