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  1. Boots & Laces

    Hi guys, not sure where to put this feel free to put it somewhere else if need be. I was wondering, i have never been to Boots & Lades before and wondering what the parking is like? Is there a parking charge too? Thanks for your help!
  2. Pre-Match Thread League Cup - Brighton (H)

    What's your thoughts on Tuesday nights game with Brighton? I heard somewhere that they were tipped for relegation this season by 442 magazine, but I think they looked decent in their win over Forest yesterday. Also, would you like to see certain first team players rested for the cup games this...
  3. Big Bad Barry Corr

    Squad Numbers

    Seeing loads of other clubs announcing their squad numbers for the season but just a few days before the season nothing from Southend yet or have I missed this somewhere along the line?
  4. BaileytheQuitter

    Question How many goals do you think Corr would have got in L1?

    Seems that most, including myself, think that Barry will be missed next season. Is this purely sentimental or is our disappointment based on footballing reasons? Hypothetically, how many goals do you think Barry would have notched next season. I don't imagine Brown sees him as being our main...
  5. Dave of the Match

    Match Day Programme

    Gutted to not be able to have picked up a match day programme yesterday, anyone know if I would be able to source one from somewhere?
  6. Who missed the last train home then...?

    ....and spent the night at Fenchurch Street? Come on, somebody must have done it! There must be a couple of fans somewhere who ended up running for the vomit comet and missed it by a couple of minutes. Anyone care to admit?
  7. Tommy2holes

    How do you find out how old a house is?

    Me and the Mrs are moving into my mums old house in a few months. My mum has no idea how old it is. I'm guessing about 200 years old . Is there a way to put your postcode etc in somewhere and find out?
  8. Positivity thread

    This thread is only for positive posts and discussions. If you want to be negative or moan and bitch then go and do that somewhere else. Couple of points: - We're still in great form - We're the 2nd ranked team in the playoffs - We have players with Wembley experience (failure as well) - We...
  9. superblue24


    Not that I wish to moan on a day of positives, but who were the idiots who spoiled the silence before kick off!?!? I hope it was none of our lot, although it sounded like it was eminating from somewhere around W!!! Wouldn't have cost anything to show a bit of respect and those who were making...
  10. Bikers heading to Southend

    The 17th annual Southend biker Shakedown will depart from The Ace Cafe Stonebridge, in north-west London, at 10.30am. The fundraiser will see hundreds of bikers arrive at Southend seafront for a family-focused day out. Now the trouble with this is that it raises thousands for mainly childrens...
  11. Ricey

    General Boxing Thread

    To save filling up the fight of the year thread with off topic stuff I thought I would start this. Interesting GBJ your views on AJ, I thought from what I've seen albeit he has had some pretty easy fighters but he looks the business and will go onto be one of the best heavyweights in the world...
  12. Holiday thread 2018

    Thought I'd start a general thread for holiday advice/gloating/general chit chat. We're planning our summer holiday (first week in July) and first proper holiday with the little'un. Looking for somewhere self-catering, with decent toddler friendly facilities and not a long flight from...
  13. Question Season tickets.

    What date are season tickets for existing season holders held until ? Did I see somewhere the 15th June.
  14. Cricko

    We came to this Earth via an Asteroid- We are the Aliens.

    So newish news is that asteroids are not just rocks but lumps of ice. It is now the theory that we were a rock planet once, just lava and stuff until we were hit by an asteroid made mostly from water and this how life began here. It's a fair comment though to say we are Aliens on this planet...
  15. What achievable improvements would you like to see?

    As you may recall, I attended a Supporters Groups Forum on behalf of the Zone a little while back, instigated by the Shrimpers Trust. At that meeting we discussed getting together a 'shopping/wish list' of things that the supporters in general feel could improve their experience of supporting...
  16. Ski Holiday

    Thinking of going on a Ski holiday this year with the girlfriend. Any resort recommendations? I have been once before but she hasn't. Preferably somewhere that is not far from Geneva airport as you can fly there from Southend.
  17. Save Grassroots Petition

    Good afternoon. Some of you may have seen the @savegrassroots account on Twitter to force the Premier League, through broadcasting fees, to properly back grassroots football. Costs of everything are going up every year and local governments can no longer fund it. 100,000 people hung up their...
  18. maninasuitcase

    Deadpool 2015

    It is that time of the year again. If you want me to run the Deadpool for 2015 please post up your 10 picks by 31 December (in alphabetical order would be a big help). Any one popping their clogs before midnight 31 December can be substituted. As usual the picks must have their own wiki page...
  19. Bury FC - nice to know we're all in the same boat

    A nice little article on the guardian website http://www.theguardian.com/football/david-conn-inside-sport-blog/2014/nov/12/bury-high-interest-loans-shadow-recovery So in other words Bury are living above their means which will of course have dire consequences somewhere down the line (as I read it).
  20. London restaurant recommendations

    Heading to London next weekend to watch Kate Bush. First weekend away for a while and looking for somewhere nice to get a decent bite to eat. We're staying in East London and the gig is in West London so somewhere central to eat would be great, especially where there is a good pub or bar near...