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  1. Question Does anyone know ticket prices for Braintree on Saturday?

    Apologies if it's been stated somewhere already. Thanks.
  2. Hopefully we are still on the list somewhere or another

  3. Davros

    Question Does anyone know...

    .., somewhere in Southend, SE a Essex, that buys vinyl records? Only got 40 or so to shift, mostly late 90's early 2000 dance 12inches. Have looked at HTFR online, but likely to pay in postage what I'd get back! Not expecting a lot for them, but would rather get something than skipping them...
  4. leeblue

    Pre-Match Thread Southend United vs Torquay

    So is it a simple team selection for Mr Brown....barring injuries. I would imagine so.....the two centre backs are looking imperious. ....midfield seems to have found some energy from somewhere and Loza up front seems to have sparked things off too. Will the returning striker curse hit us...
  5. Shrimpergarry

    Danny Emmerton?

    Nothing to base this on at all, just wondered if we might be interested in him. He's been released today by Northampton (that normally happens at this stage of the season if someone has got somewhere to go, otherwise players sit out their contract) He was at Hull City from the age of 12, so...
  6. Pale Blue Dot

    House Share in Between Southend and Rayleigh

    Hello Gang, Due to a change in circumstance, I am looking for a house share somewhere between Southend and Rayleigh. If anyone knows anyone, gimmie a shout. Thanks, Matt
  7. Old reader but new poster!

    Hi all, there I was getting annoyed at all the new years resolution talk when I realised that the one thing I definitely SHOULD make an effort to do this year is to contribute to this site rather than simply relying on the contributions of others to get me through my commute/lunchbreak! First...
  8. Those were the days.

    For all our Bilel lovers/haters check out sky2 right now,could be interesting if nothing else,always assuming he hasn't gone missing somewhere!!!:nope:
  9. maninasuitcase

    Deadpool 2014

    I am quite happy to run the deadpool again next year, but there was talk at the beginning of 2013 that bonus points be awarded for various things, age of the person, being one that I can remember. If someone wants to step in with a different scoring system, than that is fine by me. If you want...
  10. RHB

    Where will we end up?

    Ok Zoners, apart from the disappointment of dropping two points, here is the moment you have all been waiting for. On 20th October I started a thread which asked where we would finish in the Div 2 table pre play-offs, and how many points we would have. Closing date for your guesses was 30th...
  11. OldBlueLady

    Just want to say thank you on behalf of my dad

    Someone, somewhere out there received my dad's ticket for today's match in the post, along with one they bought for their son, and very kindly sent it on to him with a note on a pink post-it attached but nothing to say who they were. Just want to say a huge thank you for being so kind as to...
  12. Davros

    Best ribs in Southend-Basildon area

    Any suggestions... Hoping to steer clear of Harvester etc, and find somewhere new and tasty!
  13. yogi bear up the cagire

    Echo for a laugh

    Article in the Echo on line.........'FB killed my schoolwear shop'. Worth the read for the last sentence.......... “The shop sells the uniform with the school logo on, so you can’t get it from anywhere else. It will be inconvenient for me, because I’ll have to find somewhere else.”...
  14. danburyshrimper

    Final piece to the jigsaw

    Who do we think Blues should sign to complete our squad of 20 + get our season back on track ?. Realistic names only .... I'll start with ex Shrimper Leon Cort . Massive presence at centre back, loads of experience at all levels. Superb from set peices at both ends. Still fast at 34 but is...
  15. The General

    Help and Suggestions Please. Holidaze's / London!

    Good afternoon all, 2 things ... 1) Me and the better half have booked up our honeymoon for July/August next year and have 2 weeks of bliss lined up in Barbados and St Lucia ... What we need to look at now is to book up a little 5 day trip straight after our wedding; something they call a...
  16. Ricey

    Train ticket prices.

    I just had to sort out a train ticket to get from Melton Mowbray in Leicestershire to Wymondham in Norfolk. Now I don't know if I have done something wrongs along the way but when I did a single from Melton Mowbarry to Wymondham it came out at £42.50. I was thinking wow! That's expensive. So...
  17. new here

    Everyone knows that wickford has produced 2 legends, in the wider world 1. Steve Tilson 2. Alvin Stardust Iam not related to the first one, Actually Alvins not really from wickford but his mum was, and we are related somewhere in the family!!
  18. Jam_Man

    David Beckham retires

    Surprised a bit, thought after signing for PSG he would want another season somewhere. http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/0/football/22558393
  19. Wage budget

    Was rather stunned to read this morning that Swindon's wage budget for this season was £4million and was even more surprised to read somewhere Northampton's was £2.5m. I believe ours was in the region of £1.3million for this season, find it hard to believe the Cobblers can sustain that. Do...
  20. Ricey


    I've got my best mates stag do in Bournemouth next month and as best man have been sorting all the final bits out. Now I need to sort out somewhere to eat on the Saturday before we go out, so lining of the stomach is required. We are eating in a highly recommended Indian called The Eye Of The...