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  1. undercovershrimper

    Volunteers needed for Prostate Cancer UK

    Hi All The football leagues partner charity Prostate Cancer UK will be collecting before our match against Walsall on March 3rd. We are short of volunteers for the day so I am asking you my fellow shrimpers to get involved and do your bit to help beat a disease that kills 10,000 men a year in...
  2. Suffolk Shrimper In Dorset

    Stan Collymore Evening Thursday 30 November

    Hi, if anyone has a spare ticket going for this could they please let me know as I'd like to go along (the event, and the one on 25 Jan I believ, is sold out). I have a special reason for wanting to go as I want to ask Stan a favour - I will be giving all royalties next month re my Roots To The...
  3. Centre midfield -

    I did not go to the game today cannot see how Brown cannot see the massive problem in the middle .. Exactly what is his thinking on the key part of the team ?? I know some people like Timlin but I think hes well out of his depth and makes it a lot worse by shooting his mouth off and giving...
  4. Question Season Tickets Renewal help

    Trying to renew our 3 STs online. It says i have to register the other 2 as "Friends and Family" member although when i try to do this it wont let me as both my ticket and my sons have some number/surname/address?! Does anyone else who has a junior ticket too have same number as theirs or am...
  5. Tenuous fact of the season ;

    Surely this is the first campaign ever that the Blues have beaten two different teams featuring sons of one of our previous managers? Yours A Nerd
  6. Neil Harris

    Caretaker at Millwall after Holloway unsurprisingly sacked
  7. Kids say the funniest things.

    About a month ago a new English kid starts at my ten year old sons school and took the same coach from our local town,after a week I ask him a few questions about said boy and one was do you speak to him in French or English to which he replied French because he comes from Blackpool and I do not...
  8. londonblue


    I know this is going to sound ridiculous but my wife and I have bought our sons a refurbished Samsung tablet each. That way they will leave our phones and my wife's iPad alone. My job on Monday is to set them up so that when we give them to the boys they're ready to use straight away. Given...
  9. shrimperjon

    Names on seats

    Just for a change the club have made ***** of themselves. I renewed two season tickets, one in my name and one in my sons name and requested or ticked the box to have our names on the seats. The ticket office have just phoned and asked if i want my name on both seats???? I said what do you...
  10. Mad Cyril

    The box set thread

    What are you watching, what would you recommend? I am currently watching King Of The Hill. Fantastically well observed. Not laugh out loud stuff but very subtle and clever - 9.5/10 I recently watched Sons of Anarchy and gave up 25 minutes into the first episode. It could only have been more...
  11. Mad Cyril

    Sons of anarchy

    I am considering this as my next box set now that I have finished Breaking Bad. Any fans out there?
  12. OldBlueLady

    Junior Blues Christmas Party

    Don't know how many of you will have seen this on the OS, or how many sons and daughters/grandchildren of SZ members might have come along, but we held our Junior Blues Christmas Party at the Kursaal Bowl on Monday evening. We had over 40 children there, and they all seemed to have a great time...
  13. Ricey

    Managers signing sons

    I read an article this morning that Gus Poyet wants to sign his son Diego and it made me think. Is it a good thing signing your son for a team as there has been loads over the years and even at Roots Hall. Do you think it unsettles the dressing room? Causes problems with other egos at the...
  14. Price of games where you live.

    Renewed my sons and my season cards for the not so mighty Berrichonne at a cost of 70 euros for me and 35 for him which works out at a massive 3.80 euros for me a game and 1.94 for him,and thats for French ligue 2. so what do you pay where you are in the world?
  15. C C Csiders

    Mumford & Sons

    A third-rate The Wurzels tribute act. Discuss..........
  16. DTS

    Last weeks "The Sun" - Legoland Vouchers

    I have just realised that the Sun newspaper is doing vouchers which start last week for free tickets to legoland. Its my sons birthday in July and we had planned to go to Legoland so it makes sense to save £using these vouchers. The offer runs into this week but sadly I missed the last weeks...
  17. Uncle Leo

    Round 1, Heat 4 - The X-Files v Sons of Anarchy

    Post clips, post quotes, post pictures, vote
  18. beemamad

    Secondary school appeals

    Guys and girls, hoping to draw on the wealth of knowledge and experience that's seen on here from time to time. To cut a long story short (not sure if specifics matter), we live in Westcliff at the moment but are planning to move into Rayleigh sometime in July. My son is at Blenheim school at...
  19. IloveShrimp

    Latest Rumours Whats wrong with Mr. Sturrock?

    Anyone know whats wrong with Mr. Sturrock, only I heard a rumour that he may be leaving at the end of the season due to his Parkinsons. Hope this is not the case. I wish him well.
  20. Hello from a Newb.....

    Evening all, Thought it only polite to say hello especially as I've been picking up all kinds of Wembley-tips from th forum! Realise that we 'Day-Tripper-Glory-Hunters' aren't the most popular people among some of the more ardent fans here (though heaven knows why?!?) but hoping to get tickets...