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  1. Shrimpers are Magic

    8 Souls murdered in New York

    Kind of puts someone touching me on the knee 15 years ago into perspective.
  2. AndyT

    Memory Lane 13th March 1986 : Southend United 1-3 Northampton Town

    Apologies as this may have been covered before. So, were you one of the 683 who made it that night? I have to admit that I wasn't. Those who know, will recall it was a Freight Rover Trophy Group Stage match, with our unlikely scorer being none other than Frank Lampard. So, where were the 683...
  3. RHB

    Does Hell give off heat or does it absorb it?

    "Is Hell exothermic (gives off heat) or endothermic (absorbs heat)? Support your answer with a proof." This was an actual question given on a University of Washington chemistry midterm: Most of the students wrote proofs of their beliefs using Boyle's Law (gas cools off when it expands and...
  4. C C Csiders

    Musical Guilty Pleasures

    Cleanse your souls by owning up to the songs/music you secretly love, but would not dare tell anyone about: Mine are: Leave Right Now by Will Young Grandad by Clive Dunn Amsterdam by Jacques Brel Plus a lot of Coldplay songs!

    PL Weekly Points Points for Round 25

    With no fewer than 9 wise old souls amongst us :angel:, each playing a 2-0 Swinetown wildcard another bumper crop of scores was always a distinct possibility, hats of to Baker Junior as our one time champion finally comes back to the fore, mention also to B1ueb0y who converts what i believe is...
  6. canveyshrimper

    PL Fixtures Round 16 - Saturday October 15th

    Here we go for the next round of fixtures, and can we keep our winning run going? Also Round 2 of the Xmas Cup for the 16 lucky souls who survived the first cull :angel: Southend v Morecambe 1-1 AFC Wimbledon v Crewe 1-3 Barnet v Aldershot 2-1 Crawley v Shrewsbury 2-1 Dagenham & R v Plymouth...
  7. chadded

    Memory Lane When our ship shall leave the river bank

    Its timbers brave the main, Our port shall gleam through mists of time, And beckon back again, Then each adventurer shall feel, As onward strains the eager keel, From the School beside the church and sea The speeding wind of memory. And some shall picture pounding ball On turf of sodden field...
  8. Crawliano

    Pre-Match Thread Southend Home v Southend Away Football Aid Charity thingy

    On 5th May I'll be turning out at Roots Hall with another 20 poor souls who are going to pretend to play football having shelled out cash for the privilege, luckily the money paid is going to charity (not the HMRC charity pot sadly). Anyway, I've had an email asking if anyone wants to put...
  9. Cricko

    How can you chose

    I have been around a fair few years and never have I seen this country in such a sad state..I doubt any of you have even a 2% sway to which party you will vote for. OK.. The differences within is minute , so let us start with current government.... An unelected prime minister from Scotland...
  10. South Park vs Ginger People

    As everybody knows, ginger people have no souls. Apparently ginger people are getting annoyed at the creators of South Park for pointing this out and one ginger person in particular is taking it very badly. And in typical South Park style, rather than hiding away from the criticism they've...
  11. Tangled up in Blue

    New Stadiums-Guardian article

    Which stadiums have a capacity greater than their location's populations?We track down the world's most disproportionately large grounds; plus Leeds players wearing different strips for a final Buzz up! Digg it Paolo Bandini guardian.co.uk, Wednesday 13 January 2010 00.10 GMT Article history...
  12. Uncle Leo

    Post-Match Thread and Ratings Exeter City 1-0 Southend United

    If you're one of the brave souls who made the long cold trek to Devon, this is the place for reports and ratings...
  13. Slipperduke

    I'd Have Booed Beckham

    I've been a little bit sniffy about football in America in the past. With their 'marquee' players and unbridled enthusiasm for the spectacular, there's always been a doubt in my mind as to whether they really 'get' what football is all about. That is until now. I'm sure I can't be the only...
  14. Slipperduke

    Keane 2 - The Revenge

    Imagine that you're an Ipswich Town player. The season is practically over and you're just far enough outside of the play-offs not to have to worry about them. Your wife has sorted out your summer holidays, a cheeky fortnight in Dubai to let the stresses and strains of a long, fruitless campaign...
  15. Poor display - Just Going Thru' The Motions!

    Today I watched a poor Southend tean just going thru' the motions. They had no enthusiasm for the game and even after going a goal down there was no change in their approach. They played a MK Dons team set up not to loose and if possible try and get something on a set piece or a lucky break - we...
  16. Thorpe Groyney

    Grays Chairman Woodward In Slight Over-Reaction Shocker (Again)

    Good to read from the Non League Paper website that our Grays Athletic chairman friend Mr. Woodward being his usual quiet self last night ... Woodward To Quit Grays by Stuart Hammonds Wednesday, March 18, 2009 GRAYS ATHLETIC chairman Mick Woodward has told The Non-League Paper he is quitting...
  17. Slipperduke

    Brave Arsenal Squeeze Through

    Roma 1-0 Arsenal (6-7 on pens) (Juan, 9) We've always known that Arsenal's kids are talented. Now we know that they're brave as well. After an energy-sapping 120 minutes in the Stadio Olimpico, 111 of them played without their single goal safety net, they picked themselves up off the floor and...

    Round 1: Heat 12: Astral Weeks vs Nevermind

    Last up today should really be a landslide IMO .. i've never got into Barcelona Blues Van the Man, wheras Nevermind is an album that burned into the very souls of teens and 20somethings everywhere, and i'm sure AS will have PLENTY to say on the matter ;)
  19. Slipperduke

    Well, that b*ggered up the first draft...

    Extraordinary. Just when you think that you've got the measure of this ridiculous sport, along comes a game so remarkable, so unexpected and so astonishing that you need to sit down and take a deep breath before you can even start to make sense of it all. Tottenham Hotspur's impetuous comeback...
  20. Uncle Leo

    Shepherd's Bush Shrimper's Scunny Report

    Apologies for the delay with this one. Makes less depressing reading than reports of our humping in Bristol though.... It’s fair to say that the North Lincolnshire and East Yorkshire region is not a happy hunting ground for us Shrimpers. We very rarely seem to pick up points at the lovely...