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  1. Slipperduke

    Arsene Wenger

    I've seen quite a lot of Arsene Wenger this season. He might look like a geeky Geography teacher on the television, but in the flesh he's actually quite cool. He's tall and trim, he dresses only in expensive suits and when he sits down for his post-match press conference, it's more like an...
  2. DTS

    Getting beaten at games by your other half.

    Northampton is always a ****y trip in my book with the olny plus side being that its pretty close to London. This saturday was no exception. We drunk in a pub called the Rover which was a right old hole before heading to the stadium early so my mate could get a ticket on the day. As my mate...
  3. C C Csiders

    A face that needs to be spanked

    Marky Gower mentions on another thread that Roy "Chubby" Brown has one of those faces that you want to smack. I cannot disagree with him on this. However, there are other deserving cases, such as Jamie Oliver and that smug ancient, colostomy-bag wearing Christian, Cliff Richard. There must be...
  4. South Bank Hank

    Good News and Bad News

    The bad news first... Well, bad news for me at least... As the wife and I were talking last night, she mentioned how pleased she was that she'd been able to find a new outfit for the wedding of a couple of our friends in two weeks time. Hmm, thinks I, remembering said event, that'll be on a...
  5. How good does it feel....

    Still playing good football in the second tier of the strongest football league in the world against some massive clubs with large squards and several internationals each. Still sticking with our self-belief and still producing local talent right through the club. Still playing the game the...
  6. Battrick

    Up against the leaders today. Defintely going to get spanked, so I'm TIE to save myself for next weeks relegation battle. Won the toss, batted and haven't made the best of starts... End of Over 5: 20-2, runrate=4.00 Woodhall 3-0-12-2 Raziuddin* 9 (10 balls) Evelyn 0 (0 balls) Last...
  7. Battrick

    I'm playing the side that is 2nd, I'm gonna get spanked, so I'm TIE in readiness for next weeks relegation battle. Lost the toss and they are batting (well hammering me all round the park actually) End of Over 7: 57-0, runrate=8.14 Blackbourn 4-0-28-0 Fuller* 23 (21 balls)...
  8. Barnard

    I see Spurs spanked Canvey 11 - Zip tonight with Barnard getting a hatick. Wasnt he a rumoured name weeks ago? (as a loan) And my point is...... I dont have one.
  9. Blackpool view of "Sarfend"

    An article about us can be found Here and a little browsing will bring up their preview of the match. An interesting read. PS. We're gonna get spanked!
  10. DTS

    5 games that made it all worth while.

    Was talking with lads on the train on the way home about the most important or fun games for me personally in my Southend watching career. I have left out Col U last week as sure everyone loved that one. My 5 are as follows: (In No Order) DERBY AWAY - WON 2-1  - First Season Under Webby. Was...
  11. Nice one

    Been glued to BBC Essex all afternoon... Big win for you today, it was a 6 pointer and you spanked them. As for us, once again we went to a tricky away game and got the job done. So... you're top on 50 points, we're 4 behind you but with two games in hand. Not sure which position...
  12. * ORM *

    Chat room ?

    Come on Andee I know you're lurking. Where is it ?   Expecting to get spanked today (playing 2nd away but going 5-4-1 pressing). As long as 5th place loses as well, which is highly likely, I should finish 4th this season.
  13. westham

    Your all dirty kunts and your going to get spanked!How does it feel being promoted without kicking a football?
  14. Bored (part 2)

    I had a great dream last night - we absolutely spanked a team 45 places above us in the league, and that are running away with the second division.* And Drewe Broughton scored twice! Unbelievable... Then I woke up and thought, with a sigh, that'd never happen, would it?! *along...