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  1. DoDTS

    The Shay at Halifax WAS a joke

    I went to Halifax a couple of times in the late 60s and their ground was a complete joke, from memory on one side they had the smallest stand I have ever seen at a League club which surely couldn't have seated 50. On the other side it was covered but only an embankment underneath where at the...
  2. Speedway 2014

    Seen that our local side The "Vortex" Lakeside Hammers are starting the Elite League season at home against Swindon Robins on Friday 28th March. 2014 Hammers: Peter Karlsson Dave Watt Mikkel Bech Jensen Richard Lawson Lewis Bridger Adam Ellis Ben Morley Does anyone else on here have an...
  3. lakeside speedway

    lakeside win at poole

    after making a poor start to this seasons speedway elite league , the lakeside hammers pulled off a great win at poole tonight by 48 to 45 pts this came after a heavy defeat at lowly coventry monday evening , now with 3 friday home fixtures to come v peterborough...
  4. Mad Cyril

    If Southend United cease to exist.....

    What would you do? I reckon I might watch speedway, a low quality regional Ice Hockey/Basketball team or perhaps just hang around the bus stops at the top of Hamlet Court road with a can. Anyone else?
  5. C V Shrimper

    RIP Lee Richardson

    Tragic news tonight that Lakeside Hammers speedway rider Lee Richardson has died following a crash in Poland! Rip Lee a loss to speedway
  6. Sherif H

    Ice Speedway (read if you like insane Sports!)

    Evening all, Many of you will know that I am a big Speedway fan, and I believe there are a few lurking on here also. Anyway, I would like to formally announce the creation of my new website, dedicated to the Ice version of the Sport....yes, ice. The address is http://www.icespeedway.co.uk...
  7. Sherif H

    Live Speedway Chat - Danish GP (tonight from 6pm). Get involved Speedway fans!!

    Hi all, For the Speedway fans amongst you (and those keen to learn a little more about the Sport), join us for another session of good-humoured chat and banter, whilst taking in the delights of the Danish Speedway Grand Prix from Parken Stadium. The chat starts at 6pm tonight to coincide...
  8. Sherif H

    Live Speedway Chat (tonight from 7.30pm)

    Hi all, For all Speedway fans (and I know there are a fair few of you sneaking around on this fine board!!), I run a live Speedway chat session every Monday on my website, Speedway Fans United, from 7.30pm, to coincide with the live Sky Sports fixtures. You need to register to take part....it...
  9. Sherif H

    Speedway - Big Events over the next few days!!

    Evening all, For those Speedway fans out there on SZ, you'll probs be aware that there are some big end-of-season fixtures coming up. Tonight sees the penultimate Grand Prix in Terenzano, Italy - Jason Crump is hot on the tail of Pole, Tomasz Gollob. Tomorrow sees the Premier League Riders...
  10. Safe Standing- Government seeking advice on laws to review

    A message from the Football Supporters Federation. The new coalition government has pledged to scrap unnecessary and “nannying” laws. We believe that the ban on standing at football grounds in the top two divisions is just this. In England and Wales, you can stand in rugby grounds, at Speedway...
  11. Sherif H

    Speedway - New poll - Which stadium holds the future of the British Speedway GP?

    For those of you interested...just a quick note to let you know that our new poll starts today - we want to know, should the question arise, would you prefer to watch the British Speedway GP at the Millenium Stadium, Wembley or the soon-to-be completed Olympic Stadium? Each has a historical...
  12. Sherif H

    Speedway - Get Stephen Fry to a Speedway meeting! (please humour me and read :D)

    This weekend, the biggest Speedway event in the World - the British GP, took place at the Millennium Stadium without so much as a whisper in the National Press, such is the status of the sport these days in Britain. Speedway's promotion is dull, misguided and ineffective - Have a bit of fun...
  13. Sherif H

    New blogs on The Speedway Revolution!

    Evening all, For those speedway fans and readers of TSR amongst you, we have now added a couple of new columnists to spread our appeal amongst both the older and younger fans of the sport.... Want to take a trip down Speedway's memory lane? From tonight, you can read Alan Thompsett's blogs...
  14. Sherif H

    The Speedway Revolution - Upgraded website!

    Hi all, For the small number of you on here who follow TSR, the site has been overhauled, and is now much more aesthetically pleasing than in its previous incarnation. Pop along and have a look when you get a spare moment...join up and spread the word!....support Essex and British Speedway...
  15. Sherif H

    Speedway - Interview with Davey Watt!

    Hi all, For those of you interested, it is my intention to conduct a number of light-hearted mini-interviews on The Speedway Revolution with riders and officials alike... The first of these is now online, and it is with Aussie international and Poole Pirates star man, Davey Watt. Be sure...
  16. Sherif H

    Brand new Speedway website!!

    Evening all, Whilst I sit here, still being blinded by my work computer, I thought I would do something useful and inform those of you that are interested that The Speedway Revolution Blog has a new, markedly improved, more exciting home. The new address is -->...
  17. Sherif H

    New post (for those interested!) on The Speedway Revolution Blog!

    Evening all, For any of SZ's resident Speedway fans, you may have previously visited my blog (The Speedway Revolution). After a 2 month absence, I have returned with a story relating to a document which I have recently had published (via my employers) relating to how Promoters and Local...
  18. Interpol Shrimper

    Speedway Fantasy League

    Anybody fancy joining in the (FREE TO ENTER) Speedway Fantasy League for the forthcoming 2010 season? Thought we could perhaps create a SZ mini-league as well if we get say at least 6 posters entering their team(s). Myself & Sherif H have already signed up. Join at...
  19. Interpol Shrimper

    Natalie Imbruglia v Nicole Scherzinger

    Almost in the final straight of the first round (guess we're now just hitting the 4th bend to use a speedway term!!!). First tie of today pits Clinton Baptiste's nomination of Natalie Imbruglia up against the kind of girl you'll never see down Birdbrain Road, Jonny Stokes' choice, Nicole...
  20. DoDTS

    Memory Lane Episode No 5 Season 1931-32

    I'm not sure how these episodes are going down but here's the fifth episode of season 1931-32 as was printed in the Oldham programme. No. 5 IMPRESSIVE AWAY POOR AT HOME Southend, despite poor showings at the Kursaal had been very impressive on their travels and were top of the Third Division...