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  1. DoDTS

    Memory Lane Episode No 4 Season 1931-32

    In these days of doom and gloom perhaps it's better to look back than forward so here's the next episode in season 1931-32: Extracts from the "Forgotten Years of the Kursaal" by Peter William Baker Researched from the Southend Standard No. 4 TWO MORE AWAY WINS, FOUR OUT OF FOUR Southend...
  2. Sherif H

    My new Speedway Blog.....a plea for support!

    Hi guys, I have just started a new blog dedicated to my vision on how to improve speedway in the UK (some of you may know I work in stadia/facilities construction and this is a great passion of mine). It would be great if you could pop by (if this is of interest) and support the cause with...
  3. Sherif H

    Speedway World Cup

    Afternoon all, A quick reminder for any speedway fans otu there that the Speedway World Cup is upon us....simply put, this is made up of two qualifying rounds, with the two winners heading straight for the final, and the 2nd and 3rd placed teams heading for a four-team play-off to decide the...
  4. Sherif H

    Anybody fancy a different type of holiday? (serious post!)

    Random one, but do any fellow Shrimpers fancy going to Germany for the German Speedway Grand Prix, to be held at the Veltins Arena in Gelsenkirchen on October 11th this year? I fancy trying to get together a large group for a 'large' weekend! I reckon the whole trip can be done very...
  5. Sherif H

    British Speedway GP

    Anybody going to the Millenium Stadium on Saturday for this truly awesome spectacle? I and another Shrimper shall be there!
  6. odd fans spotted

    know then for those of you watching southend away in the late 70s and 80s and travelling by train, you must have come across the strange man in glasses always seen with 2 massive bags sleeping in trains overnight, many an overnight trip was in a carriage with him and his bags. If my memory...
  7. Interpol Shrimper


    Seeing as myself & Sherrif H have been discussing speedway in another thread & I'm not wanting to get an ongoing reputation for thread diversion, I've created this thread so the relevant details can be moved. Off season now, but hopefully this can be kept going as & when any major speedway news...
  8. SUFC_Al

    Your namesake.

    Type your name in to Google and see what comes up. Alan Molyneux is a part-time lecturer at Liverpool John Moores University. Alan Molyneux One of the unsung heroes of Coventry's Speedway back-to-back championship-winning teams of the late 70s. Alan Molyneux Building Services Home | Services...
  9. canada shrimper

    How many

    Sporting events have you watched or listened to in 1 day?Started with sufc -v-crewe 8.00am followed by England -v- Estonia 10.00am the speedway grand prix from Gelsinkirchen at about 1.00pm England -v- France at 3.00pm Toronto maple leafs -v- Pittsburgh at 7.00pm back and forth with the red...
  10. cockles is back

    Arena Essex Lakeside v Coventry Bees Speedway

    Your local speedway club Arena Essex have made it through to the KO Cup semi finals, against league champions Coventry Bees, this is a must see david and Goliath battle with Essex being massive underdogs. If you fancy finishing of your saturday after seeing the shrimpers defeat Tranmere, the why...
  11. cockles is back

    Lakeside V Coventry Beeeeees

    Big one tonight for all Speedway fans, Arena Essex Lakeside V Coventry Bees tonight at Purfleet Andreas Johnsson makes his Home debut for the hammers, who have got British GP winner Chris Harris in there ranks, should be big, we need 2 points to cement 5th place, coventry need the win to get a...
  12. Sherif H


    Afternoon all, Just curious to know if any 'Zoners attend the speedway at Arena Essex at all? I have seen a few guys down there in Southend attire, but could not put names to the faces!
  13. cockles is back

    Eastbourne V Lakeside

    well guys and girls many of you know, I manage to contain myself through close season, with my love of Speedway. And what a great team I have been lucky enough to watch this year down at Arena Essex. But more to the point what an even greater team I am gonna have the pessure of watching for the...
  14. Interpol Shrimper

    Arena Essex Speedway = The Lakeside Hammers

    Er, when did this happen? Just been checking out the previews of the forthcoming speedway season to find Arena Essex have now been strangely renamed the Lakeside Hammers at Arena Essex (to give them their new full name). Thoughts of the few regular speedway fans on here? Not 100% convinced but...
  15. Interpol Shrimper

    TV Adverts

    Now, I don't want to appear to have prematurely turned into Victor Meldrew but what is it with TV advertising these days? It's almost as if Advertising Execs have had one too many snort of the old nose cleanser & collectively decided that if an ad annoys it therefore has permeated...
  16. Arena Essex Hammers

    Announce the signing of Gary Havelock, having already announced that Mark Loram will be re-signing for the next season. It means we have the last 2 British World Champions riding for us. Thoughts? Personally, I've not been really convinced by Havelock as a top class rider in recent years...
  17. Speedway World Cup

    Great Britain are through to the Speedway World Cup Final on Saturday after a top display last night to beat defending champions Sweden, Poland and Hungary. Arena Essex' Mark Loram scored maximum points. Sweden and Poland now go into a race off on Thursday along with the second and third...
  18. Arena Essex V Peterbourgh

    off to Arena essex for the speedway tonight wondered if anyone else from the board will be going
  19. Speedway

    Anyone else watch the speedway last night? Arena made there Elite league debut live on Sky against last years champions Poole, losing 47-43. Looks like it could be a good season for them, once all the new riders (of whom Loram and Barker are top drawer) get used to the track.