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  1. davewebbsbrain

    Which Blues players have you surprisingly liked over the years and why?

    So following on from the thread 'Which popular Blues players have you personally disliked over the years & why' I thought we could have a positive thread about Blues players you surprisingly liked. There are a couple I can talk about. From the current crop, spent some time recently with John...
  2. davewebbsbrain

    Question John Spicer

    Is anyone following John Spicer on Twitter or friends with him on FB? Can't seem to find him.
  3. Sponsorship Lunch 14th March

    As part of the TZ/SZ sponsorship we are looking for one person to attend at Boots and Laces 12.00 on Thursday 14th March to lunch with John Spicer. First person to volunteer gets the gig.
  4. Where's Spicer?

    Just wondering where's Spicer? Has he been told his not going to play unless there's a midfield dilemma?
  5. Team for Bury & changes

    What do you think guys & girls? Will PS give Prosser a run out at LB or CB (for me I'd leave defense and GK the same.) Will he play Spicer, Woody or Martin for Mac? I'd like to see what Spicer can do in a proper midfield. BBBC or Fred to partner Gav? I'd want to check the Bury defense before...
  6. How about a joke to lighten the mood ?

    Question : What do Spicer have Mohsni have in common ? Answer : They both refuse to play for the club this season ! I thank you and goodnight..........................
  7. Rattus Norvegicus

    Team v Morecambe

    Setting off for Morecambe soon (ish) ............. and am expecting to see the same starting XI as per Rotherham except that Spicer will be in the middle and leaving Straker back on the bench. Start with a 4-4-2 and put Tomlin back as a 4-5-1 if required. Weather set to be just right for...
  8. Shrimpergarry

    Pre-Match Thread Blues v Dagenham (JPT)

    If I were you I'd get yourself along tomorrow evening as it promises to be a real cracker! Why am I so sure? Well I'm not going, that's why! It's not that I just can't go - there's usually at least one game per season which for various family/work reasons I can't attend. No, tomorrow night...
  9. Oh, Vienna

    Gave up a free ticket for Ultravox to watch a sterling, back to the wall performance. Saw Spicer begin his tackle at 7.45 and land it at 7.57. Let's hope we get to bring some central midfielders in as it ain't happening for this guy. My main point to this thread is what have you skipped in...
  10. LennySUFC

    Official Match Thread Southend United vs Burton Albion

    Bentley Clohessy - Cresswell - Prosser - Barker Hurst - Timlin - Spicer - Martin Eastwood - Assombalonga Subs: Smith, Straker, Coughlan, Leonard, Benyon, Woodyard, Njie.
  11. Least likely things to hear in tonights commentry..................

    Let me start with this one : "And that's the third hefty challenge from Spicer in 10 minutes. He can have no complaints about going into the book"
  12. FarmdogSUFC


    What are peoples opinions on Spicer? Early days I know but jurys still out IMO. I do rate him, just feel that he would suit a 3 man midfield rather than 2. In pre season, I really liked the look of him. Thought he liked to get the ball moving, ran with the ball, looked for the wide man, made...
  13. Harry Bullocks

    Team for Burton game?

    Smith and Phillips back?.....BBBC out....clearly. Freddie to remain as sub to ease him back to full match fitness. Smith Clohessy Phillips/Prosser Cresswell Barker Hurst Timlin Spicer Martin Assambalonga Benyon/Tomlin Subs...
  14. Greenelk

    Official Match Thread Plymouth vs Southend

    Southend vs Plymouth: Bentley, Clohessy, Cresswell, Prosser, Barker, Hurst, Timlin, Spicer, Martin, Benyon, Assombalonga. Subs: Smith, Leonard, Coughlan, Eastwood, Corr, Straker, Woodyard.
  15. Official Match Thread Southend United vs Exeter City

    Southend United ‏@SUFCRootsHall Southend vs Exeter: Bentley, Clohessy, Cresswell, Timlin, Martin, Hurst, Prosser, Spicer, Assombalonga, Barker, Benyon. Southend United ‏@SUFCRootsHall Subs: Straker, Eastwood, Corr, Leonard, Woodyard, Smith, Njie. Southend United...
  16. Shrimper

    Squad for Saturday

    So, with Phillips and Smith likely out for Saturday's game and Harris still absent with his groin injury. What does our squad and bench look like? One positive is that Eastwood is back but we're lacking in midfield. Bentley Clohessey - ?? - Cresswell - Barker Hurst - Timlin - Spicer - Martin...
  17. Official Match Thread Southend vs Gillingham

    Southend vs Gillingham: Smith, Clohessy, Phillips, Cresswell, Barker, Hurst, Timlin, Spicer, Martin, Tomlin, Assombalonga. Subs: Straker, Coughlan, Bentley, Eastwood, Njie, Benyon, Woodyard. Eastwood back on the bench :thumbsup:
  18. danburyshrimper

    Last season v this season ...who's better?

    Just looking at the squad of players from last season that we no longer have , wondered if its stronger than what we have now .... Jury's out for me , if anything last season looks to have a little more quality.... ( Hall & Mohsni are as good as gone so are included as no longer with us ) ...
  19. Yorkshire Blue

    Most effeminate XI

    The way new signing John Spicer minces in midfield makes me think of long time DtS crush Scott Forbes on tranquilisers. Which other Southend players past or present would make a SUFC most effeminate XI? I'm thinking Slipper's old housemate, Adrian Clarke. Scott Spencer's perm and running...
  20. onlyonekingkevin

    Pre-Match Thread Southend vs AFC Wimbledon

    i think we should be aiming to win this cup this year , so i think we should play a strong side . here is mine smith clohessy phillips cresswell straker hurst timlin spicer leonard benyon assombalongerlongerlongerlonger