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  1. Barry.C

    Question Whose got the luck? guts and stamina?

    Lenny the legs is on track for the hall of fame more than ever if he doesnt depart, although in all likelihood he will. I think hes turned out 23 times already and would be on track to be our first player to turn out in over 40 games a season ( including subs ) 4 times. ( 4 seasons ) pretty...
  2. Napster

    Grand National runners/Southend squad

    Current squad as Grand National runners 1. THE LAST SAMURI, Mark Oxley Excellent second a year ago and looks even better this year; 2. MORE OF THAT (IRE), John White Has a touch of class; better since fitted with cheekpieces. 3. SHANTOU FLYER (IRE), Ben Coker Stays 3m but yet to tackle extreme...
  3. Phil Brown pre-season.

    Very interesting listening to this now that we are at the last 2 game stage. The fitness regime he talks about has worked, as the team still looks strong in that regard. In fact the 2 loanees that are getting some playing time look the most knackered, that being Pigott and Cassidy, so the...
  4. Bobby dazzler

    Question Can anyone remember a fitter midfield ?

    I've been watching the Blues for over Forty Years and am struggling to remember a fitter midfield than we have at the moment. The Engines that Atkinson, Timlin and Leonard have are amazing. The sight of Atkinson chasing a through ball in the 90th minute today just to close down their keeper...
  5. Help Please

    I have had a team going since Dec 07. I've ignored it for a couple of years and have finally broken through to England League IV. Not doing too badly and looks like i'll stay up. However, My key players are getting old and i'm not sure what to do. Any thoughts what I should do from here...
  6. Gary Neville

    Couldn't put it better myself Oliver Kay On Thursday 3rd February 2011, @OliverKayTimes said: A 1,000-word tweet dedicated to Gary Neville, the great overachiever ... There was, it is fair to say, a lively response last night when, in tribute to Gary Neville, I called him "one of world...
  7. * ORM *

    OD - Match 4

    Me 5th away to a weaker team. Resting 3 first teamers for PFL but my new batsmen makes his debut. Should be strong enough to win this. Have a keen eye on Sunday's cup opps. Depending on who they pick today I may have a stab at an upset on Sunday. If so I'll be throwing next weeks FC where...
  8. MrB

    Pops - 10/4

    A productive day! Benji's stamina net goes to Whitters who continues his background training. Bob Mcleod - 21 yo, BT Rating=52,046 RH batsman, RM bowler. He is a destructive player with feeble leadership skills and proficient experience. He currently has strong batting form, superb bowling...
  9. Tommy2holes

    Who in our team is good enough??

    Who in our current team is actually good enough to play for the club? Just an honest question because i think we have a lot of dross who would struggle to find another league 1 club. Mildenhall: Good enough, and a decent keeper at this level. Barrett: Good enough, captain for a reason. He...
  10. The Hayemaker's 1st defence...

    ...Of his WBA Heavyweight Title will finally happen over Easter Weekend at the MEN Arena in Manchester on April 3rd Right hand healed, highly charged and ready for action, David "The Hayemaker" Haye will be full of confidence going into his next fight. Just the thought of a super-fight...
  11. MrB

    Pops - 16/1

    Now that's done am moving a fielding net onto Macca to get his concentration up. Shaun Marriott - 26 yo, BT Rating=154,918 Stamina: superb* Wicket Keeping: competent Batting: quality Concentration: wonderful Bowling: masterful Consistency: sensational Fielding: remarkable
  12. MrB

    Boxing Day Pops

    Will probably give Macca a few fielding nets once Graham and Mario have popped to superb* stamina to get his secondary more in line with his bowling. Another quiet phase coming on the pop front. Bob Mcleod - 20 yo, BT Rating=40,209 RH Batsman, RM Bowler. He is a destructive player with feeble...
  13. MrB

    Pops - 7/11

    The fact we've won every game other than the one we've thrown in OD this season with this guy bowling 10 overs unfit every week hopefully shows what we'll be able to do when he gets up to speed. 5 weeks till he hits superb stamina and can drop to 4 nets...... Brian Graham - 18 yo, BT...
  14. MrB

    Halloween Pops

    Been a slow few weeks, got some decent weeks to come methinks. Brian Graham - 18 yo, BT Rating=31,735 LH Batsman, LH Spin Bowler. He is a cautious player with mediocre leadership skills and abysmal experience. He currently has superb batting form, superb bowling form and fresh fitness. Stamina...
  15. MrB

    Pops - 22/8

    No pops for Graham but he's already up to 19k for a 17yo, 15 weeks left for superb stamina and then he'll be unleashed which will strengthen our batting down to No. 9. Conor Sinethemba - 19 yo, BT Rating=42,696 LH Batsman, LM Bowler. He is a destructive player with woeful leadership skills and...
  16. MrB

    New Season - Hopes and Expectations

    This season for me is all about survival in OD, going to be up against it but hopefully we can hold our own and even if we come 5th or 6th, I’d fancy our chances in a play off with a III team as long as my morale isn’t shot to pieces. FC will be tough but if we can field a strong team in every...
  17. The General

    Pops 30/5

    Andi Jackman - 28 yo, BT Rating=75,879 RH Batsman, RFM Bowler. He is a destructive player with competent leadership skills and exquisite experience. He currently has superb batting form, superb bowling form and sublime fitness. Stamina: strong Wicket Keeping: abysmal Batting: abysmal...
  18. duncan bulgaria

    Hatton v The pacman

    So here we go then chaps , one day to go until another potential classic fight between 2 warriors of the ring , both fantastic at what they do in terms of their own style , Hatton with his all out action / attacking style , he will try and smoother Manny but for me although it pains me to say it...
  19. The General

    11-04 Pops and OD Week 8

    Gary Waterhouse - 18 yo, BT Rating=28,315 RH Batsman, RM Bowler. He is a destructive player with abysmal leadership skills and feeble experience. He currently has strong batting form, proficient bowling form and energetic fitness. Stamina: superb Wicket Keeping: worthless Batting: superb...
  20. * ORM *

    Pops 7/2

    Woooooooooooo - and after the wage update too :D On 1 bowl and switched a stamina net to him yesterday. Looking for at least one more primary pop Brian Blinkhorn (1268556) RH Batsman, RM Bowler, superb batting form, superb bowling form, sublime fitness. A destructive player with strong...