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  1. Stats

    Sufc Cc

    The Potential SUFC CC Candidates Flavs - Ideal wicket keeper stands back to everything although he'd be no good at taking bouncers, perhaps use Collis as a backstop. Maher - Very good at hitting things square and behind the wicket, good bowler as well but does get the odd warning for excessive...
  2. Hattrick U20's

    Got a message from the Icelandic u20's coach over the weekend. He's interested in one of my players. He's a formidable Defender. He asked me for his stats which I gave him and told him I train Defence during the season and Stamina during the season Break. However he started having a go saying...
  3. Davros

    Battrick YP's

    35 ITs got me this crock of ****e... Steve Ottley (1086822) RH Batsman, RF Bowler, respectable batting form, respectable bowling form, fresh A defensive player with abysmal leadership skills and worthless experience. Plays For: N-Trance shire Nationality: England Age: 17 Years Old...
  4. scrounger

    Andy Murray

    I love tennis, and think that Andy Murray will reach the Top 10, if not Top 5 by the end of the year, providing he does not pick up an injury. Brad Gilbert has got him on extra training to improve his stamina in recent weeks. Probably a good thing, bearing in mind he looks tired after the first...
  5. MrB

    SZFC Sale

    After a disastrous start to the season we've decided to overhaul the team so the following are all for sale: Harold Franssen   TSI = 12 040 , 29 years, inadequate form Has outstanding experience and poor leadership abilities Stamina:   excellent     Keeper:   outstanding Playmaking:  ...
  6. Matt the Shrimp


    Folks, How did you all do on the wk 1 YPs front? Mine was solid, if unspectacular - and he's on sale at £0 for you PM trainers looking for a cheap but decent prospect... A wk 1 YP... lots of potential here, folks... Greer MacKay [playerid=143537464] 17 years, passable form, healthy A...
  7. MrB

    How does your team rate?

    Following on from the crude rating averages there's another way to rate our respective teams against each other. It's only really possible if you use the excel spreadsheet though (or you have loads of time). Assuming 1 = worthless. 2 = abysmal etc, rank your team in each category ie...
  8. MrB

    The average cricketer

    Wouldn't you want to buy him just to get his stamina up? Shame he's listed at £1.1m! Douglas Huddlestone (46990) RH Batsman, RM Bowler, strong batting form, strong bowling form, sublime An attacking player with feeble leadership skills and abysmal experience. Plays For: The B Team...
  9. fbm

    My 2 cents

    Firstly, the stadium plans.  Well done RM, and in my opinion the plans look absolutely superb.  There is no way anyone can say that it looks crap - it may not look how they might want a ground to look, but it will be clean, futuristic, spacious and worthy of Championship football.  It may be...
  10. Davros

    hattrick training

    Had a bit of annoyance lately, as all the break stamina training started to reverse (like they said it would), so ive decided to change my training to stamina for two weeks during the season. The 1st week went well, and everyone is back to, or above there pre-season stamina level now... anyone...
  11. Davros

    Hattrick Transfer market annoyance

    I need a new GK I want Solid GK, at least inadiquate Stamina, and about 4000 TSI, asged 20. When i look at transfer compare, these players seem to go for between 50-80k, which is fine, however, everytime i bid up, it keeps going beyond 80k, and that is my limit... what the hell am i to...
  12. * ORM *

    HT - Stamina Training - What's the plan ?

    Only had a couple of minus drops so far - think I'll give it a few weeks before a couple of weeks mid-season stamina training
  13. Battrick

    Chaps, My dosh is getting low again so will need to sell this man soon hopefully once he has popped to Competent stamina and Strong Bowling any one want him? how much do you recon I should list him for as the transfer market has some really stupid prices out there. 8. Zia Ellington - 17 yo...
  14. * ORM *

    HT Cup - All Safely through ?

    Nice easy 4-0 victory As the stamina rules have changed for the season I've been continuing to train defending and fortunately had no injuries last night with only one yellow card.
  15. MrB

    BT - Stamina

    Having thought I was all set for next season I realised that I've sold some of my better stamina players and my newer ones are not so hot. Decided to take action now, 7 fitness coaches now employed, only Sajjad is receiving non-fitness nets. Looking down at my 14 I've got to work up...
  16. fbm

    The fbm views and ratings

    Due to formatting problems the report isn't yet on the front page so here it is BLUES LAND TITLE IN ESSEX ONE-TWO The two Essex sides defied all the odds in League One by claiming both automatic promotion spots – with the Super Shrimpers deservedly landing the title. In fact, it was...
  17. Week 1 YPs Battrick

    35 ITS, 11 stamina, 12 batting and 12 concentration - pulled this: Daniel Dalton (545317) RH Batsman, LM Bowler, respectable batting form, respectable bowling form, fresh An attacking player with superb leadership skills and abysmal experience. Plays For: Southend Nationality: England...
  18. MrB

    HT Training

    Stamina training completed for me. Should make a nice profit on the 11 sub-stamina excellent IM's I bought and my new wingers will have benefitted as well. So 6 weeks after buying my wing trainees I can finally start training wingers this week!
  19. Why have things gone wrong?

    1. Missing Sodje and Prior With one of these two in we clean up everything in the air. They are strong, experienced defenders who organise our defence and make us a much more physical side. They protect a vulnerable Flahavan. The statistics pretty much say it all. Sodje played 11 games (plus...
  20. The General

    Battrick YP

    10 on batting and conc with 5 on stamina ... Daren Philip (493372) RH Batsman, RH Spin Bowler, respectable batting form, respectable bowling form, fresh An attacking player with woeful leadership skills and abysmal experience. Plays For: General Stars Nationality: England Age: 17 Years...