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  1. Battrick

    1st a quick training question - will batting and fielding training increase stamina, or do you have to inlcude fitness as well. Who have you all got today. I'm playing the team relegated from IV, but I'm fairly confident of a win
  2. fbm

    The fbm view and ratings

    2005 came to an end at the Hall with a game against Bournemouth, who's first match in 8 days should have given them a distinct fitness advantage over Blues injury hit squad. For the first 20 minutes it showed as well, with Blues midfield looking overrun and Bournemouths full backs staying...
  3. Hattrick Christmas Sales

    Greetings from the Middle East, folks! Just having a bit of a Christmas clear out of some of my playing staff, as I need to trim down my squad (Southend United Football Club - 62939), so here are one or two players that you might be interested in - especially for Level VI sides / new...
  4. Battrick

    I know this is a sore point for MrB but was just wondering with the 1st class games being delayed what everyone thought was the top level of stamina needed for One day games. I have all of my team up to Mediocre with the exception of a new trainee and was wondering if I needed to continue...
  5. MrB

    Battrick Training

    For the second week in a row I had a batsman pop in his first week of batting training, an 18yo moving to proficient. Also had a stamina pop for my WK and a token concentration pop for a bowler.
  6. fbm

    The fbm view and ratings

    As in keeping with all the TV live games, I won't bother with the report as such but just a general overview with my player ratings.   This is being written without the benefit of seeing any posts on the game, or watching any of it again on the box.  Purely my view as I saw it. Thanks to the...
  7. * ORM *

    Training recommendation please

    Remembering that I am Div VI. After just one week of stamina training all my first team and reserve midfielders are excellent or better except for one reserve solid. As I'm training defenders stamina, to some extent, is neglible as I would guess half of them will be sold this season...
  8. Training

    Had one defender pop to excellent. Now switching to Stamina for the off season. Travelling to Israel for a friendly this week. Should be exciting!
  9. * ORM *

    Hattrick Week 14

    Home to 4th place but MOTSing and my new formidable IM gives me Formidable (solid stamina) + 2x excellent (1 solid, 1 excellent stamina) in the starting line up. I am confident of winning this one and am relying on 6th place losing or drawing for me to leapfrog them into the cup (for 1 week only )
  10. sufcintheprem

    YP this week

    Virtually the same primary stats as the decent one I had last week or the week before (winger passable, scoring passable) but much worse stamina and passing. May keep him to get stamina up and sell him on although may just decide it's about time the youth set up started paying for itself and...

    Frankie Lemoine (51069193) 23 years, wretched form, healthy A popular guy who is temperamental and honest. Has wretched experience and solid leadership abilities. Speciality: Technical Nationality: France Total Skill Index (TSI): 570 (+/- 900 TSI with passable form) Wage: 672 €/week including...
  12. MrB

    Battrick Training

    Almost got my youth squad into place now. 10 fitness training slots taken by 8 players of 19 or under. Only two pops this week but I should have most of my squad to competent stamina and beyond by the end of the season.
  13. MrB

    Battrick Training

    Looks like everything is running on time now.  1 stamina pop for me which is a bit disappointing with 6 of them training it!  Still, that player was my respectable batting YP who jumped 1,377 ability so can't complain. Planning to stick with stamina for about 5 or 6 weeks to get everyone up to...
  14. This weeks YP's

    anyone unearth a gem this week? A 17 year old with passable playmaking and solid stamina this week. First half decent YP i've had in a little while, especially since im a PM trainer
  15. * ORM *

    Suggested tactics

    This Sunday I'm up against a reasonably tough opponent that plays 4-4-2 pressing and last week gained a creditable 0-0 draw with a very strong team despite only 25% possession in the first half and 10% in the second. I'm normally 5-4-1 pressing. I'm curious as to whether 5-4-1 AIM...
  16. Set Pieces

    Does set pieces improve as quickly as stamina? Asking as I've now finished 2 weeks of stamina training, and there's not much room for more improvement from most players' stamina so thought I'd improve their set pieces which may prove vital for next year. Ta
  17. Training

    How did everyone do? 11 pops in stamina in our first week, very pleasing. Excellent striker popped to passable form (best so far) so should bang in at least one in my qualifier
  18. MrB

    Quick Catch Up...

    Just back from hollibobs having missed a huge week for SZFC. Firstly we got £1.2m for our YP, a bidding war between two clown trainers erupted. Marvellous! Then, we played our crucial last game in which we needed a point to survive, rather than going for the point with our 5-4-1 pressing, I...
  19. Matt the Shrimp


    So folks, how did we all get on this weekend? I won 7-0 whilst PiC, so I'm obviously delighted with that. Poor home gate, though... only 25,000 or so. My fans are so fairweather it's unreal. My new midfielder is definitely coming to the boil with all his stamina training - 5* for him...
  20. Matt the Shrimp

    The Hattrick ID Thread

    As requested by Shags, here's the start of the Hattrick ID Thread.  Chairman Bob - can you pin this? Team: Southend United Football Club Team ID No.: 62939 Manager ID: mattyreg Region:  Essex Arena:  Roots Hall Capacity: 75,000 Series:  # 3 in V.135 Squad: 23 players, 1 coach TSI Total...