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  1. Yorkshire Blue

    Training ground car park DJs

    Kevin Richardson wanted out at Watford and took to blasting ‘Please Release Me’ by Engelbert Humperdinck from his car stereo when he arrived at the training ground. What songs should Shrimpers past and present play as they arrived to training?
  2. Gender stereotyping kids

    Rather than pervert to JT thread, I thought I'd start a new one. Talking to the missus last night we wondered if it's possible to get a child to follow a certain path in later years because of the colour of clothes you buy, or the toys they play with. Was Jamie Oliver bought a toy kitchen as...
  3. londonblue

    The Smell of BO

    I thought I'd share this story with you all. I was walking from the office to the train station on the way home one night last week, and in front of me were two people. The wind was blowing into my face and I could smell awful BO. One of the people in front was a smartly dressed woman who had...
  4. Harshest Musician on Musician insults

    Some of these made me properly LOL! 30. Wayne Coyne on Arcade Fire “I get really tired of their pompousness [sic]… We’ve played some shows with them and they really treat people like ****. People treat Arcade Fire like they’re the greatest thing ever and they get away with it… They have good...
  5. Thorpe Groyney

    Top Gear: Alan Partridge Speaks Out

    Good column here from Steve Coogan. "As a huge fan of Top Gear. I normally regard the presenters' brand of irreverence as a part of the rough and tumble that goes with having a sense of humour. I've been on the show three times and had a go at their celebrity-lap challenge, and I would love to...
  6. Clarke Carlisle on Question Time... who next?

    I thought Clarke Carlisle (Burley defender) came across quite well on Question Time. Knew the guy was smart but it's refreshing to see a footballer who obviously doesn't live up to the general stereotypes. Which footballer would you like to see on the next QT? Jimmy Bullard? El Hadji Diouf?
  7. Gerrard At It Again

    I can only imagine Welbeck refused to play Gerrard's song on the stereo before the game...
  8. Southend United Finances.

    Hi. Just to introduce myself, as the name probabaly suggests, I'm a Stockport Fan. (In peace). I've actually come on here just to spread a bit of information about financial issues, but before I start, I'll just say a bit of a piece. 14 months ago, other Stockport supporters, myself and...
  9. The Youth of Today, Part II.

    - .........
  10. Davros

    I think I'm a bit weird because...

    .. if i am listening to music on a stereo, the volume has to be on an even number.. Anyone else have this, or any other wierd little quirks/ocd's?
  11. duncan bulgaria

    Stories your parents tell your missus about you as a kid to embarass you !!

    We've all been there fella's and ladies , took a new girl to meet the family and they get the old photos out etc and then start by telling stories about you as a kid and what you got up to . My ma has her favourite of many up her sleeve about me when i was living at home and she was out in the...
  12. BaileytheQuitter

    Older fans in football

    Just got back from Orient, not a great match but a brilliant moment at the end. But it was the celebrations that made me smile the most. Now I will start by saying I generally stereotype older sections of our fanbase to be somewhat more subdued than other, younger, areas. This is of course not...
  13. A blatantly racist-stereotype joke.

    An Oirish Story. An Irishman goes to the Doctor with botty problems.... 'Dactor, it's me ahrse. I'd loik ya ta teyhk a look, if ya woot'. So the doctor gets him to drop his pants and takes a look. 'Incredible'he says, 'there is a £20 note lodged up here.' Tentatively...
  14. toellandback

    Age old stereotypes

    What our your favourite stereotypes? What is the first thing you think of when you hear a place name, Dara O'Brian did something like this on one of his stand ups. Name a place and the first two things that spring to mind Nothing too rude please :)
  15. What f**king annoys me

    Is when idiot psychologists try and pigeon hole people... A study by a psychology professor has found links between personality and music taste. The Heriot-Watt university professor Adrian North said: "We have always suspected a link between music taste and personality. This is the first time...
  16. Further evidence of Col Utd idiots

    I've never been one to indulge in the "inbred", "carrot crunching A12 *****" abuse that's sometimes dished out on here. But I must come on and report some very unsavoury behaviour from two of our friends from Cuckoo Farm, at the Chelmsford Beer Festival on Saturday night. Noticing dark clouds...
  17. Pubey's "Tunes from the leftfield" - 5

    After last weeks hit and miss effort with some classic Aphex... I've decided to go a bit more straight up with some all classic americana alt rock. This band started life as one of the key avant-garde noise acts in the 80s, before their major breakthrough in 1988 with an album which has stood...
  18. Pale Blue Dot

    FAO Beatles Fans

    Apple Corps Ltd., Cirque du Soleil and EMI Music Announce the Global DVD Release of 'All Together Now' on June 24 Apple Corps Ltd., Cirque du Soleil and EMI Music Announce The Global DVD Release Of 'ALL TOGETHER NOW' On June 24. PICTURED, FROM LEFT TO RIGHT: Yoko Ono Lennon, Sir George...
  19. Pale Blue Dot

    Band Names / Kids TV shows

    The premise is simple, add kids TV shows to band names, Here's a few we have me and Mrs. stereo came up with on the way to work: The thundercat dolls Nirvanas in pyjamas The shaggy dolls Blue Peter Bjorn And John And one for bag, Hong Kong phooey Lewis and the news
  20. Best pop song for a long time?!

    Unashamedly, I've always had a soft spot for cheesy girly pop music... it's probably because I've been under the thumb and in the car or house my girlfriend is usually in charge of the stereo. to be honest Girls Aloud is probably better for driving to than The Smiths or Mogwai. anyway... the...