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  1. Shrimp and two veg

    Memory Lane Worst ever away match

    For me.. Hull City 4 SUFC 0 2007. Dean Windass sticking a hatrick past Daryl Flavs and i'm damn sure we never had one shot on target all game. Think i read something about Sodge in the hotel up to something the night before ? But the worst display i can remember. Going down from the...
  2. Hospitality

    It's my mum's birthday at the start of March and, as the generous son that I am, I thought she could come with me to Southend. As it's her birthday I think sticking her in the West like usual is a bit harsh, so what's the hospitality like? She doesn't really drink and isn't the most mobile so...
  3. Old Shrimper

    Hi all, Thought I would join to hear news and opinions of other supporters. I like some of the historic comments and pictures of times past. I first starting watching the Blues in 1951 when the club played at Grainger Road stadium, travelling there on a saddle on my Dad's crossbar and then...
  4. RHB

    Leicester City

    I have no close ties with Leicester City, but it does give me a really warm feeling to see them sitting proudly at the top of the Premier League table tonight and Jamie Vardy equalling the consecutive match scoring record. Well done Claudio Ranieri and the team for sticking it up the other Prem...
  5. Shrimpers are Magic

    Malt whisky/whiskey

    Can anyone suggest a decent one without getting out a bank loan and bare in mind I'm a beginner ! Looking at Bowmans and Monkey Shoulder but others assure me that I can't go too wrong sticking to Glenfiddich. Also, has anyone tried the Japanese market as I've heard mixed reviews?
  6. South Bank Hank

    Brown's 442 "Epiphany"

    So one or two are now claiming that we've suddenly experienced an upturn in form due to the stubborn Brown "finally" getting, worse still, listening to what they've been clamouring for behind the keyboard for months. Obviously, we all know that player form, those pesky opposition teams, small...
  7. "3" person babies

    As this is up for a free vote today at the House of Commons, the fact that the bloody chuches are sticking their awl in has irritated me no end - this procedure will help stop the early death of children with Mitochondrial disease that is inherited from their mothers and surely is a VERY GOOD...
  8. Kevan Hurst

    The post-match interview with him is quite interesting. He's very honest about his performances before today and thanks the manager and fans for sticking by him. He played well today I thought, worked really really hard (often the target of long balls and so a slightly different role) and he...
  9. Breaking News Embargo NO MORE (Confirmed)

    As we did not sign anyone in the last day of the transfer window .And now the loan window is open .Does anyone know if the club is now Embargo free or not . And has the clubs books now been submitted as I thought that was the sticking point with the Embargo . And surly the players who were owed...
  10. rlb999

    Graham Coughlan

    Fair play to this bloke for sticking around and effectively accepting a demotion. He's worked under 2 different managers with 2 very different styles and must have learned an awful lot. Well done to SUFC too for retaining him - consistency is important. As he's the first team coach, he must have...
  11. DoDTS

    Sleeping Rough

    I can't work this out. I work in London, into Liverpool Street and my office is close to Fenchurch Street. Everyday for the last week or two there has been someone sleeping rough by an air duct in the building next door. All you can see is the sleeping bag with a hint of hair sticking out and a...
  12. southend4ever

    Signing up to a Service

    Is anyone signed up to a service to receive tips? I have been on board with this for a week and a half and I have been making 2-3 bets per day in leagues all over the World at all different times of day. This is currently proving to be very profitable. It is the first time I have been betting...
  13. Young stars

    We've had a few threads about the differences between our youth set up vs Crewes since the final, but one things occurred to me about how they differ. Before I start just like to say that Ricky Duncan and his team have done a magnificent job churning out a good few youngsters that have gone onto...
  14. Sturrock has Balls

    Hats off to the manager last night. We could also the ball wasnt sticking up front and Corr was needed. He made a crucial decision which probably got us through. Not many premiership managers would have done that.
  15. Tampa Blue

    Tomlin and Luggy

    Has any player ever had such a massive turn around in fortune that anyone can remember? I have only seen him twice and that was against York and Aldershot and I thought he was awful - just goes to show what I know and I am delighted to be proved wrong. Huge credit to Luggy for sticking with...
  16. DTS


    Cant help but think decesion to let Dave Martin go is not a good one? Dont think he is amazing but he does give us genuine width and his record of goal scoring is fair. This is unless Martin is being moved in to bring in someone else. Saturday Ryan Leonard looked like a little boy lost to me...
  17. Crawliano

    Heat 6 - "The Bitch Song" - Bowling for Soup v "Bohemian Rhapsody" - Queen

    Heat 7 - "The Bitch Song" - Bowling for Soup v "Bohemian Rhapsody" - Queen 3 - Ian180 - The Bitch Song - Bowling for soup v 5 - Davewebbsbrain - Bohemian Rhapsody - Queen If I was a gambling man, right now I would be sticking every penny I have on Bowling for Soup walking...
  18. O Driscoll jumping ship already

    Looks like even he is not sticking around at Crawley for too long http://www1.skysports.com/football/news/11688/7914086/

    PL Weekly Points Points for Round 57

    A disappointing "season low" of25 entrants this week, thanks to each of you for sticking by us whilst matters "on the field" become more crucial than at any time in the season I mentioned in the fixtures thread about the random nature of the play offs had meant some vastly different outcomes...
  20. shrimpereeee

    Sturrock's style of play

    Let's face it, under PS our success isn't based on free flowing football that is pleasing to the eye, but instead, sticking to a game plan that is based on hard work, clearing our lines, hitting Dickinson or the corner flanks and sending in early crosses. After all the opposition can't hurt us...