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    Re Colchester Football Ground.

    I Was On My Way Back From Yarmouth Down The A12 Today And I Stopped In The Layby Where There New Ground Was And Climbed The Grass Bank To Look At It. Not Very Impressed I Must Say,well Out Side Colchester It Is ,the Turn Off To Clacton. Werth A Look
  2. Clean slate for next season?

    Wouldn't it be nice if we could take the positive support from last night and apply it to the whole close season? What I am suggesting is that we give all the players a "Clean Slate", and get off the backs of the current un-favourites. I'm not for a moment suggesting that discussion on the...
  3. true loyalty!!

    as a doncaster rovers fan, im sure im writing on behalf of all other rovers fans when i say this. The southend fans that were at the keepmoat tonight were more than likely the best set of fans i have ever come accross in all my time being a football fan!!! they never stopped from start to finsh...
  4. Slipperduke

    Lee Trundle is overweight

    Lee Trundle is overweight, he has a double chin and if he entered the 100m sprint against a tortoise, an elderly shirehorse and a small brick, no-one could guarantee him a place on the podium. He has also just put Bristol City one game away from a place in the Premier League with a strike that...
  5. A Donny View

    Well I enjoyed the trip last night. It took us 5 hours to get down to your place and then another 5 and a half to get back to Doncaster. The A1 was closed on the way home so most Rovers fans got stuck when a tanker and a car both overturned blocking the motorway for a good hour or so not even...
  6. Slipperduke

    Reserve League Play-Off Final

    Liverpool's senior side may not picked up any silverware this year, but on Wednesday night at Anfield, Gary Ablett's reserve team were on hand to show them how it's done. Having won their regional divisional with room to spare, the youngsters were sent out to face Aston Villa's second string for...
  7. leeblue

    What if we dont go up?

    Chatting to my dad today about the upcoming play offs and all we could talk about was wembley this and wembley that. I stopped the conversation and pointed out that we are not there yet and we may not even get to the final let alone win promotion. This is a real possibility people. If we...
  8. Uncle Leo

    The fbm report - Port Vale

    I'm just about to head out for the day so won't get the chance to put this on the front page, so here's the final fbm report of the regular season. Enjoy! APATHY REIGNED – AND WE ALL GOT WET. Southend failed to finish their main season with a bang as they were held to a draw by the bottom side...
  9. Change of Commentary

    E-mail sent to those saddos at Essex Radio when the commentary stopped about 7 mins before the end of the match. I am disgusted, as a Southend United fan, that our match commentary has stopped in favour of the last match at Layer Road. The sooner Essex Radio and their biased team realise that...
  10. DoDTS

    Games to Celebrate

    For those who memories are short this is what happened just under a year ago: The game started and unbelievably we took the lead after only 13 minutes, we should have made it two but Southampton pulled it level before half time. Almost before the second half got under way we found ourselves 1-2...
  11. Slipperduke

    The Gunners

    Just occasionally, maybe once a year at most, there comes a football match so beautiful, so intense, so frantic and so scoop-your-jaw-up-off-the-floor exciting, that it's all you can do not to fall to the ground and openly weep in thanks that you were able to watch it. This was an epic struggle...
  12. TBV_Dan

    Darryl Flahavan - Your Views

    Thread about our keeper, Darryl Flahavan. Against Crewe, he stopped two penalties with 2 supurb saves, and that really did secure our deserved 3 points, but what are your views on Darryl Flahavan?
  13. Interpol Shrimper

    And we think our "fans" can moan.....

    ...Forest 606 rant I don't know how Old Blue Lady & the other recent recruits from the 606 forum ever coped before they defected to SZ? Reasonable article and understandable why they're disappointed the wheels have come off thier automatic promotion campaign but some of the condescending...
  14. TrueBlue

    Showaddywaddy Crew Swindon Weekend Trip Review

    Tuesday, March 25, 2008 Swindon vs SUFC (weekend) After the infamous trip to Cheltenham, the Showaddywaddy were back in business for the Easter Monday trip to Swindon. Having made the decision to have a night out on the Sunday (with the inclusion of the missus aswell) we left Southend on...
  15. Magnum PI

    Magnum and Others Ratings

    Flahavan - 6 (didnt have a lot to do and looked a bit at sea at times in the second half with the wind. kicking a bit wayward) Mulgrew - 7 (got roasted for the penalty but a little unfortunate. his delivery from free-kicks is sensational leading to the goal) Francis - 8 (definitely getting...
  16. Winkle

    Epson dx3800 printer/scanner?

    Has anyone got one of these printers? I was given one recently because the peson that bought it could not run it with windows vista. It worked fine up unto a few weeks ago when my P.C would not boot up properly, it prompted my other half to do a system restore and since then a lot of...
  17. FA Cup to be seeded

    The FA Cup, the world's most exciting football competition, is to be seeded next season in a bid to avoid the embarrassing situation that organisers have found themselves in this year, with only minnows occupying the four Semi Final places. The last four teams in the competition - Barnsley...
  18. Youtube stopped

    Getting beyond a joke now!! http://afp.google.com/article/ALeqM5io-SE_bmENEzM46rwdVuDt9iK5zg :flamer:
  19. Slipperduke

    Slipperduke's Mission To Millwall

    With a few edits, this is what the good people of Singapore will be waking up to tomorrow. MtS had a very lucky escape in being cut out of the final edit. 500,000 people could have found out exactly what his idea of a pre-match meal is... As a mere, and very occasional, foot soldier of the...
  20. Do we need this supporter back from 'on loan' to the USA!?!?

    What to do....... Should I have stopped my son (12) going to Utah on his schools skiing trip yesterday?! Ok, ok, sure it would have cost me a pie & a soda pop but somehow it just has to be cheaper than ski hire, Delta Airlines, transfers & Holiday Inn eh?!?! Perhaps if I sold it to him...