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  1. Michael Barrymore suing Essex Police

    I see that Barrymore is claiming £2.5m form Essex police for wrongful arrest after Stuart Lubbock was found dead in is pool (allegedly) Can't see why the police were remotely suspicious. I mean just because the homeowner and two of his friends bundle up some items and do a runner as the...
  2. Funny Guardian link alert!

    http://www.theguardian.com/law/shortcuts/2014/may/19/worlds-largest-lawsuit-suing-city-new-york Man sues NYC for $2,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 for being bitten by a dog and other stupidly optimistic people. Made me laugh! :smile:

    Post-Match Thread and Ratings Aldersh*t v Southend United-Abandoned at HT

    An eventful day for sure, allegedly some spoon went walkabout in the fast lane on the M25 (not for long i'm sure you appreciate) and the ensuing congestion meant a lovely detour up the M40 to Wycombe, a short hop over to the M4 westbound towards Reading, through Bracknell and onto the M3 back...
  4. canveyshrimper

    Redknapp charge with tax evasion

    After all his bluster about suing the BBC Harry Redknapp has today been arrested for tax evasion.
  5. DoDTS

    A Stirring Match - A Warcry for Tomorrow.

    Col Ewe tomorrow and I'm sure we don't need a WarCry but sometimes it's worth remembering who and what we are. We are Southenders, Southend United supporters with a proud history and love for our town and our club, not dependent on success (unlike our deluded premiership counterparts) but we...
  6. number11

    Random news story.

    A judge in Stuttgart, Germany, is currently trying to decide on a lawsuit in which a man hired his neighbour to impregnate his wife. It gets weirder. Demetrius Soupolos, 29, and his former beauty queen wife, Traute, were very keen to have a child together, but Demetrius was Sterile so they...
  7. manor15

    Leeds to consider suing over Tevez

    http://news.bbc.co.uk/sport1/hi/football/teams/l/leeds_united/7949957.stm That's why. Can we sue them because if Sheffield had stayed up then last season Leceister might have stayed up and they beat us this season so it cost us three points??
  8. steveo

    Neil Warnock

    Idiot. Should have avoided defeat on the last day of the season then.
  9. a very nasty Col U rumour

    Col U supporter at work told me a very unpleasant incident and ensuing police investigation were adding to our friends troubles at the moment .... not sure i want to go into the nature of the allegations as it is all completely uncorroborated but wonder if anyone else had heard about this ...
  10. scrounger

    Actual Call Centre Conversations

    Probably seen them before but made me laugh: Actual call centre conversations !!!!! Customer: 'I've been ringing 0800 2100 for two days and can't get through to enquiries, can you help?'. Operator: 'Where did you get that number from, sir?'. Customer: 'It was on the door to the...
  11. Winkle


    Its getting tough out there folks and I think we are for a bit of a pasting if fuel prices keep rising and our economy is slowing. Recieved my gas bill today. for one quarter £311, and the only thing run on gas is the boiler. Lots of colleagues I worked with last year are really finding it...
  12. Sherif H

    Just got back...

    Negatives today... 1 - We are still making schoolboy errors at the back. The defending for the first goal was lacklustre to say the least. These slow starts are going to cost us dearly this season. 2 - Stevie Hammell - IMHO he had an absolute stinker defensively today, and his decision making...
  13. Bielzibubz

    Another one to start some controversy......maybe.

    Has just been reported on BBC South East that a Muslim woman/young lady is suing a hairdressing salon she had a job interview with because she was denied that job because she would refuse to take off her head scarf if she was to be successful in gaining that job. She states that she is perfectly...
  14. Up the Shrimpers

    Bloke still suing dry cleaners for millions

    That bloke in America is still trying to sue a dry cleaners for losing his trousers, I think the claim is upto $67million. The sign at the dry cleaners stated "Satisfaction Guaranteed" and "Same Day Service". Now back in the early 1980's Southend had a slogan 'Be delighted, Be exicted, watch...
  15. Desert Shrimper

    Bank Charges

    Got a letter today from my bank saying although they planned to negative rep me for asking (:guns: ) they were prepared to settle my claim for unfair bank charges at just over half of what I'd asked for. It's a tidy sum and I'm tempted to settle just to avoid the pain in the **** factor of suing...
  16. South Bank Hank

    Good News and Bad News

    The bad news first... Well, bad news for me at least... As the wife and I were talking last night, she mentioned how pleased she was that she'd been able to find a new outfit for the wedding of a couple of our friends in two weeks time. Hmm, thinks I, remembering said event, that'll be on a...
  17. CC51DAS

    So who do we have to thank for this exciting end to the season ?

    A few suggestions ..... Micheal Ricketts - for screwing up our close season plans -we even gave him the number 9 shirt FFS.... Lulu Guttridge -- for being a little **** stirrer and missing a sitter at Leicester after gifting QPR a goal from a needless free kick .... Karl Donogood - his...
  18. North End eye witness report

    Well, two goals from Maher and one from the Preston reject, a result that was at no point during the game predictable, yes, the game was enjoyable. Several days of fine sunshine turned to drizzle today in anticipation of my journey to the game. I left home just before two o'clock expecting...
  19. Mad Cyril

    New forum idea.

    How about a 'would you give her one?' forum for those who wish to underline their heterosexuality by discussing the relative merits of sleeping with model X, actress Y or pop star Z? Or, if you feel that strongly about your opinion why not write a letter to Nuts magazine? I know we don't...
  20. fbm

    The fbm view and ratings

    LAST MINUTE DRAMA AS BLUES HELD What a day my 7 year old daughter decided to insist on making her Roots Hall debut. I think it was her insistence on sitting in the front row of the East blacks that made this a fairly painful (and wet) experience. On the pitch the first half wasn't much better...