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  1. RHB

    Southend Energy

    Some friends of ours have just changed over from their current energy provider (gas and electricity) to Southend Energy and reckon they are saving money as a result. I've had a look at the company on the web and have lifted the bit below. Anyone already done this, and are they any good...
  2. Chapel Down Sparkling Wine - SUFC branded!

    I recently went to a wine tasting at the Pipe of Port (well worth doing, £10 and you get try loads and if you have dinner they knock the tenner off the bill) and the first one I tried was a sparkling English wine called Chapel Down Blanc de Blanc. When I looked at the bottle I noticed it had an...
  3. steveo

    Energy Suppliers

    My latest bill shows after a year I have 14.62 outstanding which to me means my monthly payments have been fairly accurate. Unless their prices are due to increase by about 9%, it would be common sense to me, that they increase my payment by 2 or 3 quid a month and it will be pretty bang on...
  4. Kent Shrimper

    Favour - Power of the Zone

    Morning all, I need a favour, basically one of our suppliers is running an Olympic competition to win a kindle touch and all i need is the power of the zone to LIKE this picture of me as Usain bolt on Facebook...
  5. Razam

    Interesting Article On New Stadiums

  6. OldBlueLady

    Broadband advice

    Guys Finally, just 9 days left until I can say my divorce is completely over. Unfortunately, in a last bit of spite, as himself is moving out of the family home, he has contacted all the utility companies and suppliers to cancel all the accounts payable by direct debit under his bank account...
  7. Kent Shrimper

    Breaking News Fickle Football Fans

    It amazes me just how fickle football fans are, don't get me wrong im probably just as bad. However since Sunday i cannot believe how people are reacting to Ron's latest episode. Ron has used and abused, Staff, Players, Sponsors, Suppliers, Fans and the last straw our Legend of a Manager...
  8. Tangled up in Blue

    The 60k loan

    <Introduction - Good News Anyone ? A colleague of mine is helping a friend collate some information on our club&#8217;s season and asked me for input - I had to look at his request 3 times before I could think of anything positive. Our football club&#8217;s chairman of course is always positive...

    Question Gas & Electricity suppliers...

    Just bought a 2 bed mid terrace house in Southchurch. Had new combi boiler installed and have finally got round to sorting out the Gas and Electricity suppliers. Have a 3 week old boy so heating currently on low/medium 24/7 and with this missus home I guess our electricity consumption is...
  10. Hotman

    Broadband Suppliers

    I'm at the point of changing supplier, tiscali have been w***y and I have finally got my MAC code. Problem is that I live in a relatively remote area that is not Local Loop Unbundled, so I can't get any of the cheapy deals like O2 / Sky etc (when I go on their websites I can only get a £18...
  11. Slipperduke

    Question Interactive Novel Writing

    Ok, bit of a weird one this. I have here the first 1,500 words of a story, battered out in an afternoon to no distinct end or conclusion. It's a first draft, it hasn't been polished or checked and, critically, it doesn't have a direction. I was thinking of a British version of Lost/Journey To...
  12. seany t

    Supermarkets - What can be done to control their power?

    I've worked at, and for, a supermarket in the past and at first I thought all the scaremongering about 'Supermarket Power' was merely that. However, right now there are many, many things are I am becoming increasingly disillusioned by: • Supermarkets initially made money by using brands to get...
  13. Coloured Card Suppliers

    Hey people of SZ, does any1 know of any card suppliers in south east essex? i am looking for a decent amount (a3/a2 size) so places like whsmiths, etc arent any good to me. if you know of any good wholesale or trade suppliers in the SE essex area can you let me know, either by reply or pm...
  14. Vange Shrimper

    Gas and Electric suppliers

    Are there any suppliers that you can recommend for half decent prices, customer service etc. Currently with nPower, but read in the Telegraph today that they were to increase their prices by up to 17.5%, so I fancy changing it. Plus I live with 3 other girls, and a new guy is moving in soon...
  15. Sorry... Where we promoted last weekend?

    Now it may be that I&#39;m a little dense, or don&#39;t understand business. But... At the Swansea game we were guaranteed promotion, either as Champions or Runners-up. So it would seem reasonable to me to go to our suppliers of all things in the club shop and say that we need items with...
  16. what is so wrong?

    Right, i got a lil peeved at the comments on the last thread, The online shop is coming online soon, its been remade, and has all the new stock on it. Secondly, Feed the Goat T-shirts are comming in very soon. You moaned that there was no gifts in the shop to buy, now there is, and your...
  17. sealion

    Super Tilson

    Was in the club shop today (very impressive) shelling well in excess of £100 to kit out my 2 boys with this seasons kit when Tilson walks in & starts to sort out the players kits for Saturday v Port Vale. Very amicable despite being obviously frustrated about the short comings with the...