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  1. C C Csiders


    I hate tea. Can't stand it. I hate all the paraphernalia surrounding tea, the rituals, the ooh! let's stop and have a cup of tea bits about it. It's dreadful stuff. Tea should be banned unless you are over 60, and then phased out following the death of all those that will...
  2. Banksy

    We Need That New Stadium

    It does not need me to tell all the fans out there. If we are to sustain our exhulted position (we are going up)and be able to attract the calibre of players required, without the extra capacity and revenue, I fear the worst (and Lord help CU should they get promoted - their proposals for a new...
  3. Reading Shrimper

    Southend United

    Within ten years: Brand new stadium complex at Fossett's Farm Established mid-table Championship team High awareness and local following in the town & surrounding towns Average gates of around 15-16,000 as we push for a play-off place Wigan achieved this.. Reading made it happen...
  4. Spinner

    There's been a lot of posts recently about the send off the Goat will get at his last ever game against Bristol City, and rightly so. But am I right in thinking that it is due to be Spinner's last game as well? If so, I hope he doesn't get forgotten in the inevitable melee...
  5. From a Man City forum

    Posted: Fri Mar 17, 2006 3:22 pm Post subject: THE GOAT'S FINAL FAREWELL......BOOK EARLY!!!!!!! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hi fellow blues! Can I apologise in advance for having my first post as an...
  6. Brush at Charlton

    Away from all the gossip surrounding various strikers, it was mentioned on TV news that Paul Brush was at the Charlton v Southampton reserves team match on Monday. He must have been looking at someone. The following played: Charlton: Andersen (Randolph 46), Wilson, Brandao, Youga, Sankofa...
  7. londonblue

    Jon Parkin

    According to The Sun today Macclesfield are £300,000 in debt and about to go out of business because of financial irregularities surrounding their new ground. The FA have found them guilty and they now have 6 weeks to find the money. One way would be, according to The Sun, to sell Jon Parkin...
  8. Female Police Officer shot dead

    A female police officer was shot dead today while responding to a report of a robbery at a shop in Bradford city centre, police sources said. A second female officer was also shot. West Yorkshire police could not immediately provide further details. One unconfirmed report on Sky News said the...
  9. palexander

    Leeds 2005.

    Got back from the Carling Festival in Leeds today. Just went for Saturday and had a great time. First year I've been on my own, so I took advantage of the freedom to check out as many bands and stages as poss. First up, a band I knew of but didnt pay much attention too - "Do Me Bad...
  10. FAO McScriven

    Can you just let the viewers and poster of this board know whether it is likely than you will publish an explanation as to the shambles surrounding Eastwood's appeal and subsequent ban?
  11. A new Shrimperzone 3 word novel

    Finally, despite all the media speculation surrounding this famous couple the true story has been told. The new book " When ORM met Emma" ( serialised on website Shrimperzone ) describes the explosive account of their relationship. Read on for the devastating revelations. When they...
  12. C C Csiders

    Most annoying people on radio

    After last week's annoying TV faces I turn my attention to radio. Who do you find the most aggravating voices on the old wireless? My 1, 2, 3: 1. Steve Wright, Radio 2 An aggravating short-arsed, big-nosed ****. If surrounding himself with his 'posse' all laughing at his jokes...
  13. southend4ever


    This is a bit more light hearted in the midst of some very interesting topics surrounding us at the moment. there are quite a few funny references in this song to do with a number of teams. This is however adapted to how a manc scumma would wish to sing the song. sufc united hatred think...
  14. Smiffy

    New Ground

    So people if you had the opportunity to design this new state of the art ground for us how would you go about it? Personally, I would like it to be around the 15000 capacity mark with the ability to increase if need be, for starters. I would like one end behind the goal to be terracing if at...
  15. Kent Shrimper

    Times Report

    Eastwood stars as Southend enforcer By Barbara Douglas Southend United 4 Swansea City 2 NOT SINCE NOVEMBER 1992 has Roots Hall seen such a special debut. A certain Stanley Victor Collymore hit a double that day — but Fredy Eastwood went one better for Southend United on Saturday. Not only...
  16. Chelmsford City

    Just in case anybody's remotely interested this is a report from the council meeting last night: Essex sport, and Chelmsford City Football Club in particular, will benefit from a landmark decision by the Chelmsford Borough Council’s Planning Committee to approve the development of Melbourne...
  17. Taylor staying put

    Looks like Cort might be off again now. From the official Hull site. Statement From The Chairman Hull City Chairman Adam Pearson has issued the following statement regarding the situation of manager, Peter Taylor. "Following recent press speculation surrounding the England Under 21 manager's...
  18. Maher/Warren/Cort

    i know there is much speculation surrounding many players at the hall, especially since the departure of leon con. who would you least like to leave out or maher, warren or cort?
  19. Hawkwell Blue

    New Ground

    With all the good news surrounding the proposed new ground aren't we forgetting one thing? What about the Spread, I don't fancy drinking in a TGI's or something similar or buying some cans from Waitrose. Perhaps, like the Americans did with London Bridge years ago, the Spread could...