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  1. Tangled up in Blue

    US's missile attacks on Syria

    Yes I know Trump has his own dedicated thread but I thought this particular issue was worthy of attention. Were the missile attacks justified? Simple question. FWIW, i voted yes, although I'm fully aware that the Leader of the PLP and the Shadow Foreign Secretary thought the US should have...
  2. Air strikes in Syria

    The US have launched a missile attack on a Syrian air base. May and Fallon agree with this action, not sure about Corbyn. This is different to the standard attack on the ME as Syria has the backing of Russia and China so does have the possibility to escalate. After the WOMD lie in Iraq, I...
  3. Floval Flyer

    Syria - Football on the Front Line

    Well worth a read if you have time.. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/resources/idt-sh/syria_football_on_the_frontline
  4. Tangled up in Blue

    The EU referendum

    http://www.bbc.com/news/uk-politics-35150356 I see that Michael Heseltine has warned of a Tory "civil war" and that the Tories would be a "laughing stock" if Cameron allowed a free vote for his Cabinet Ministers on this issue. Funny, I seem to remember Harold Wilson doing exactly that last...
  5. Chalky

    Machete Attack in Leytonstone

    This does not sound good..Stabbings at a station in London. Apparently the offender shouted 'This is for Syria' http://www.express.co.uk/news/uk/624571/machete-attack-Leytonstone-Syria
  6. Tangled up in Blue

    Syria air strikes

    http://www.bbc.com/news/uk-34950778 Think this topic now deserves its own dedicated thread. Always been impressed by Mark Rylance -either on the stage or in front of the cameras. Good video here on which countries are actually bombing in Syria already.Must be getting fairly crowded in Syrian...
  7. Turkey

    Turkey shoots down a Russian fighter jet on the Syrian border for breaching it's airspace. NATO says it will defend Turkey against Russia. Remember how we all celebrated the fall of the Berlin Wall and the split of the USSR? The world is closer to WW3 than ever..... :sad:
  8. Challenge yourself **Migrant death - contains disturbing picture**

    Look at the photos and think what you can do, and what we as a country should be doing. Literally, the bodies of toddlers are washing up on our holiday resort beaches. We have the capacity to be doing so much better...
  9. steveo

    Break the silence2; Three UK schoolgirls 'travelling to Syria'

    Who cares? They obviously got the money for the flights, why the fuss. Let them get on with it and lets not waste Police resources trying to stop them. Good riddance to bad rubbish.
  10. Cricko


    Why do we have it shoved in our face every minute of the day on all media platforms. The news etc keep on pushing it as page one news everyday, or is it just mostly propaganda to keep the masses under control. The words always used about people who do not conform are separatist, radical, A...
  11. Syria; intervention or steer clear

    As I see it Syria is gradually getting more and more onto our TVs and involved with from UK, EU, USSR (whatever its called now!) and US policy. Is it time for the 1st world countries to step in? or should it be left to the Muslims to fight it out and escalate the conflict, openly, into what it...
  12. We've all told  few porkies when chatting up birds

    I'm currently on my work placement year here in Bournemouth. Since my uni mates moved out at the end of the June I have been joined in the house by 4 foreign students, 3 Swiss n 1 from Syria. To my disappointment they consist of 3 blokes n 1 middle aged lady. However, the other night they...