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  1. Tangled up in Blue


    Anyone got a recommendation for one? I'm about to invest in something with a 10 " screen for about 150 euros or so. I'll need it for reading The Guardian (naturally) and also for watching Blues games on the new ifollow service +emails etc.Not much else, as I plan to use it mostly on holiday...
  2. Research on our everyday use of electronic devices

    Thanks to those who took part in an earlier version of some university research I am involved in that is looking at how we conduct our everyday relationships through smartphones, computers, tablets and other electronic devices. I have now moved on to a second phase of questions and I hope you...
  3. Rootshallbloke

    If you want to save a few quid (literally)

    I was walking down the high street past Bargain Buys on the corner of Cliff Town Road yesterday. In their window they had large boxes of Finish PowerBall dishwasher tablets, 110 tablets for £8 (Tesco currently charge £8 for 38). That is a pretty hefty saving compared with mainstream Super...
  4. amsemp

    Costochondritis - Help?

    Was having pain in my upper chest, shoulder and upper back for about a week and a half and convinced myself I was definitley dying. My other half persuaded me to go the GP and I've since been told I've got Costochondritis (inflammation of the cartilage attaching the ribs to the sternum) and...
  5. Fm 2015 Classic for Tablets

    Anyone bought it yet?, or played the PC version?
  6. londonblue


    I know this is going to sound ridiculous but my wife and I have bought our sons a refurbished Samsung tablet each. That way they will leave our phones and my wife's iPad alone. My job on Monday is to set them up so that when we give them to the boys they're ready to use straight away. Given...
  7. Help Required!

    Hi All, If you could please read below that would be greatly appreciated! We are looking to design an app, available for all smart phones & tablets, which will allow football fans to keep track of how many football grounds they have visited around the world. The app will offer the...
  8. SupaBlues


    Hi good people of SZ. Just after a bit of advice. I have a huge dilemma that will shape the rest of my life. I was with my partner for the best part of 20 years. About 5 years ago I found out that I had a daughter, who was 17 when I knew, and we had also discovered it was not possible for my ex...
  9. Jam_Man

    Windows 8

    Anyone using it? Just setting up a Windows 8 machine and first impressions arent great. Very much designed for tablets and just doesnt feel right on a PC. Had to google how to restart it which hardly shouts intuitive!
  10. adwebb16

    Malaria Tablets

    I'm off to Ghana for a month in May and require Malaria Tablets (Malerone). I was wondering if any of your guys have need such tablets recently, and if so where the cheapest place to pick them up is. I've had them once before and the cost upwards of £2 per tab. Much appreciated!
  11. Winkle


    With a recession pocking its head from around the corner, I decided that perhaps with the amount we are all shelling out on fuel and household bills that a bit of good housekeeping was in order. I tryed to explain to my daughter that maybe when she went upstairs that she could possibly learn to...
  12. HELP... Bumfluff beards

    Admittedly I'm probably out of touch with todays 'yoof', but when and where the hell did this bumfluff beard thing come into fashion. When I was at school it was only 13yr old asians who sported this kind of thing, but now it seems rife, and they seem to be popping up everywhere. A young steward...
  13. bloody well done !

    Wow !!! 2hours 25 mins yeovil to rayleigh Well done david ! Wow what a turn out must have been 800 plus !!! Wow what a team peformance ! in the second half we looked awsome ! cant fault anyone !!!heres my marks out of ten (IMO ) Flavvs 8 didnt put...
  14. Matt the Shrimp

    SUFC Player of the Month, Aug 05

    So, folks, who gets your vote for player of the month for August? Is it: 1. Darryl Flahavan - who has pulled off wonder saves this month, notably at Walsall; but most of whose saves have been in defensively poor matches, notably the League Cup debacle? 2. Shaun Goater - who started the month...
  15. A QUIZ for wednesday!

    1) You are facing south in every direction, where are you? 2) There is a hole in the ground measuring 20cm x 20cm x 10cm, how much soil is there in there? answers in cm-squared form please... 3) There's a bungalow where the Chairs are Cyan, Roof is Red, Walls are Walnut and the Bed's...