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  1. If your driving to Plymouth Next week

    Hi all, pilgrim in peace here, with an offer some may appreciate. If you'r planning on coming down for the game on saturday and heading into town beforehand you could do worse than popping into my wifes cafe, if you are wearing your colours and make yourselves known as shrimpers down for the...
  2. Matt the Shrimp

    Egg Fried Mice

    Have any of you dined or had take out recently from the Dragon Palace Chinese Takeaway, on the London Road in Westcliff-on-sea, just along from The Plough...? If so, you might not want to look at this article... clicky Oh dear. :sick:
  3. Tommy2holes

    To go or not to go. That is the question.

    Well tomorrow we face the Gills and its like this. Leave home battle the traffic down the A13 and the dartford tunnell. Make my way to pikey town and have a bite to eat and drink and pay a rediculous £23 for my 4th away game of the season. The previous 3 away games i have been to have ended...
  4. Benfleet A1

    Kids Just Don't Know Their Born

    While having a wonder around the shop today it suddenly struck me just how little kids know of the real world and what they are missing out on. It started when my missus mentioned our niece and how it must cost her mum a fortune so she can wear all the clobber and make-up yet she hasn't two...
  5. TrueBlue

    Ant and Dec (from Hecklerspray)

    With the exception of the time when one of them was shot on the eyes with a paintball gun and went blind, Ant and Dec have never been in so much trouble. Between ripping off viewers with rigged text-in competitions and now the news that a British Comedy Award they won was also rigged, the...
  6. Hotman

    Recommendations needed - Chinese takeaway near a127

    can anyone recommend a decent takeaway which: 1) serves in plastic pots, not foil (to be eaten in car) 2) decent food 3) can possibly mix rice / chow mein and a main in one container Al and Justin at Hong Kong House only do foil pots, as do jade garden nr the bell, the one near bonnikels is...
  7. Mad Cyril

    Pauls Discount Clothing

    Have you ever owned clothing from Pauls Discount Clothing? I have but I preferred the shop that used to be opposite Nazareth House (it is now a Chinese takeaway)
  8. Lester Bangs

    Indian Takeaways - Basildon help

    Nope this isnt a rant about how children who say 'yuk' to the smell of food are intrinsically racist but more of cry for help. I've been living in the Basildon/Laindon area for about a year now and still havent found a decent takeaway/restaurant to supply me with my curry needs. Does anyone...
  9. Mad Cyril

    Mysterious car malfunctions.

    Two weeks ago I took the car (Ford Mondeo) to go and pick up a Chinese takeaway. The weather was freezing cold, windy and it was raining. When I got up the next morning all four windows were open and the interior of the car was soaked. Naturally I got the blame for this disaster however I...
  10. Slipperduke

    Slipperduke's Mission To Millwall

    With a few edits, this is what the good people of Singapore will be waking up to tomorrow. MtS had a very lucky escape in being cut out of the final edit. 500,000 people could have found out exactly what his idea of a pre-match meal is... As a mere, and very occasional, foot soldier of the...
  11. Yorkshire Blue

    Southend United squad expressed as pizzas

    Southend United squad expressed as pizzas through the latest takeaway menu numbers stuffed through my door Especially for glasgowsufc Darryl Flahavan - Cheese and Tomato Simon Francis - Farmhouse Che Wilson - Hawaiian Lewis Hunt - Classic Peter Clarke - Siciliana Adam Barrett - Beefeater Mark...
  12. Mad Cyril

    Queens road Carribean takeaway.

    Has anyone tried the Carribean takeaway at the top of Queens road? I am a big fan of jerk chicken and am itching to give the place a go. Not quite so convinced by goat curry but it's supposed to be good.
  13. jeff stellings gillette soccer saturday drinking game

    found this on the net maybe we shud try it out one saturday Current Rules: - Everytime a goal is scored:- 1 shot of beer - Every sending off:- 1 shot of Jager (or substitute) - Half time:- Absolutley no alcoholic beverages may be imbibed during this period. - Whenever Chris Kamara is...
  14. Favourite Takeaway.

    This was a debate last evening for watching the game on TV...Six of us and the debate was what to get for a Takeaway. It ended up with three different deliveries.Wheras I'm fairly easy going as far as those sort of foods go I cant stand Pizza for the life of me . So Favourite Takeaway people...
  15. Takeaway.

    Ok, given a choice, what takeaway are you having tonight?
  16. Mad Cyril

    Leigh gun incident.

    Does anyone know if anyone has been arrested over Friday nights gun incident in Leigh? Also does anyone know what takeaway the victim of the crime had just visited (and had his dinner stolen at gunpoint)?