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tara brady

  1. fbm

    Rumours from last night

    This Thursday, Tara Brady is in the High Court in a case v Ron Martin to recover the money he is owed. I haven't seen it myself. I haven't seen this anywhere... can anyone confirm or deny? Also, apparently the word is that Cresswell is looking to head back up north for family reasons and may...
  2. Cricko

    The Green Man Pub Today

    I know they must be used to big crowds but the set up was immense. To take in about 5000 fans with nobody really waiting to be served by the inside and outside bars and the food choices they put out around the venue was simply superb. Fantastic to see so many Shrimper Fans there and for PS to...
  3. Mma fighter training with the superb ben clarkson

    A few of our fighters have been training with the superb Ben Clarkson recently one of them is Southend boy Walter Gahadza, last season the Southend team trained in the gym with our fighters which was entertaining especially seeing who really were the hard men of the team and who were the...
  4. Ron the best man for stadium plans or not?

    Until recently Ron has stayed away from the footballing side of things over the last year to concentrate solely on the new stadium subject. I dare say a few will say he's the right man to oversee the stasdium bid. But is he? Could Tara Brady or Gary Lockett or both together be just as...
  5. Ref Watch .... referees, hearing aids and Tara Brady

    http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2109649/Referee-stops-match-deaf-footballers-dangerous-hearing-aids.html And you think some of the League referees are bad, this one clearly has a great future in the game.
  6. sufclee

    Players not paid ( Allegedly )

    Only passing on what i heard tonight, a chap i know was told a couple of days ago by a certain ex manager that there has been a problem again with the players wages. Would make sense with the recent performances, the Tara Brady incident and the sudden need for season ticket money.... Like i...
  7. Breaking News CEO Tara Brady Resigns

    Tara Brady has resigned as Chief Executive of Southend United. Just when the Club gets the green light to build the new stadium. Can't be something funny going on could there?
  8. Breaking News PS and TB in today's Echo

    Good three piece spread in the Echo today. First Paul Sturrock is handed a new rolling contract which I think is sensible and well deserved.:happy: Secondly Tara Brady gives his take on his first anniversary as Chief Executive.
  9. Cricko

    Latest Rumours Transfer window - deadline day - 11pm

    Well here we go with all the latest rumours regarding SUFC and who we will sell/buy/loan during The January Transfer window. Today's first rumour I found is that we will sign striker/winger Craig Westcarr from Chesterfield for a fee. Can't see that myself. Please keep all gossip etc in this...
  10. Tangled up in Blue

    A Leatherette Chair

    "Tara Brady had said that there are not enough chairs in the Boardroom for the Trust to take up their promised seat - so this should make it easier." So now we know why that so elusive seat on the board hasn't materialised.:winking:
  11. Time to let Blair go?

    I know this is going to upset a lot of Southend fans, but I really do believe this. We are looking at more firepower according to Tara Brady, but have to work within the wage cap. We now look like a team full of goals home and away. This is, and always will be the way to go. Strikers with no...
  12. shrimperjon

    Tara Brady on Talksport

    Just herd Tara Brady on talksport. The initial purpose of the interview was re his boxing etc. They then went on to talk about SUFC. I seriously love this guy. He is so positive about everything to do with the club, from the players, PS, the fans and more improtantly the new ground etc. He...
  13. Strike Force

    Tara Brady..

    Has anyone got any contact details I can get him on? Phone number would be great... PM me if you can. Cheers
  14. Homer

    Todays Sun

    Anybody else seen the piece written about SUFC titled Fight Club quote :PS will be happy to get SUFC promoted and then it goes on to say so will shrimpers owner Tara Brady: unquote rewind on that last sentance has RM sold his shares to TB because its been very quite from RM for the last few...
  15. Question Tara Brady

    Tara Brady was sporting a pretty classy black eye on Saturday. Does anybody know why ? Please be gentle with me as I am posting my first thread !
  16. Cricko

    Breaking News Tonights Fans' Forum

    I was told this late last night and I have just had a chat with the club so apologies for this late message. The Meeting tonight will be held in The Blues Lounge and not The Shrimpers Bar....It still starts at 7pm and for those that do not know the location of The Lounge in the ground, go to...
  17. Breaking News Herd isn't happy

    @h3rdy_11: Arrrrgh just effing pay me! I cannot wait till I'm completely unassociated with that club!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  18. Smiffy

    Breaking News Ricketts NOT offered a deal

    As a few have been saying for several days now..... Rohan Ricketts will NOT be joining. Thank **** we can now put this sorry saga to bed. A couple of quotes from Tara Brady via Chris Phillips this morning... "We won't be signing Rohan and not because of the finances. Paul does not see him...
  19. Tara Brady

    We hear a lot about Brady these days who seems to be running the show. I had almost forgotten about Stewart Till [was that his name?]. Has anyone any idea what his involvement is or have I missed something?
  20. Breaking News Tara Brady on TalkSport in next few minutes

    Tara on in next few mins talking about players and their financial demands......