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  1. fbm

    Rumours from last night

    This Thursday, Tara Brady is in the High Court in a case v Ron Martin to recover the money he is owed. I haven't seen it myself. I haven't seen this anywhere... can anyone confirm or deny? Also, apparently the word is that Cresswell is looking to head back up north for family reasons and may...
  2. Be an Angel - Back a New Horror Film

    My Niece's husband is a very decent indeed writer and producer of Horror films. They are looking to raise £14,000 on Kickstarter to fund their next project, so from as little as £10, which you only pay if the Film raises the funds, you can be involved, get your name in the credits, get a digital...
  3. Cricko

    The Green Man Pub Today

    I know they must be used to big crowds but the set up was immense. To take in about 5000 fans with nobody really waiting to be served by the inside and outside bars and the food choices they put out around the venue was simply superb. Fantastic to see so many Shrimper Fans there and for PS to...
  4. Mma fighter training with the superb ben clarkson

    A few of our fighters have been training with the superb Ben Clarkson recently one of them is Southend boy Walter Gahadza, last season the Southend team trained in the gym with our fighters which was entertaining especially seeing who really were the hard men of the team and who were the...
  5. Ron the best man for stadium plans or not?

    Until recently Ron has stayed away from the footballing side of things over the last year to concentrate solely on the new stadium subject. I dare say a few will say he's the right man to oversee the stasdium bid. But is he? Could Tara Brady or Gary Lockett or both together be just as...
  6. Ref Watch .... referees, hearing aids and Tara Brady

    http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2109649/Referee-stops-match-deaf-footballers-dangerous-hearing-aids.html And you think some of the League referees are bad, this one clearly has a great future in the game.
  7. southchurch

    Stop blaming ron !!!

    In January nearly every one was saying we will sell Hall or Kane or Grant but we held on to all our players for the big push. Ron could have cashed in but looked at the bigger picture. He gave PS the funds to go out and improve the team again. All people were worried about is 'how is Ron...
  8. Behind the scenes probs? Luggy's Anger!

    Luggy's rant at the media after the Game was one of anger. To a degree understandably so but in my opinion maybe there are tough obstacles that lie ahead because there was just something about him in that interview which you don't normally see or hear from him. not in that manner. I know he's...
  9. sufclee

    Players not paid ( Allegedly )

    Only passing on what i heard tonight, a chap i know was told a couple of days ago by a certain ex manager that there has been a problem again with the players wages. Would make sense with the recent performances, the Tara Brady incident and the sudden need for season ticket money.... Like i...
  10. Question Conspiracy theory ?

    Now this thread may be born out of frustration after todays result. What Concerns me looking back is when Tara Said I quote " The plan was to get this Club promoted and until a few weeks ago I felt we were on target. I'm devastated". I wonder if this was the second biggest factor he opted to...
  11. Shrimpergarry

    Ron on the Radio

    Planning approval yesterday was crucial, Sainsburys needed detailed approval and flats needed approval - both got it. Finance has been in place (subject to planning) for a long time. In current financial climate however all things needed to be lined up as people are taking less risk. Not quite...
  12. Are there still obstacles to the new stadium ?

    Apparently the Club got the green light yesterday to start building work on the new stadium soon. But is it as plain sailing as that? With Tara going, are their really more obstacles to overcome?
  13. Breaking News CEO Tara Brady Resigns

    Tara Brady has resigned as Chief Executive of Southend United. Just when the Club gets the green light to build the new stadium. Can't be something funny going on could there?
  14. Can someone give this to Tara...

    Thanks :smile:
  15. jamesmut2000

    Questions for Tara/Ron

    To keep this out of the transfer window thread ( as Cricko suggested) I thought I'd start another one to see what peoples thoughts were. As Tara was unable to attend the Q+A the other evening what questions would you have liked to ask him/ Ron regarding our current position? I'm sure Ken said...
  16. Breaking News PS and TB in today's Echo

    Good three piece spread in the Echo today. First Paul Sturrock is handed a new rolling contract which I think is sensible and well deserved.:happy: Secondly Tara Brady gives his take on his first anniversary as Chief Executive.
  17. Reading some topics surprises him.

    A wee birdie told me the gaffer was surprised to hear that supporters would think that he and tara would put this club back in financial problems. Yes we are tottering at the cap limit and as has been the norm for many months were not as you would say financially secure like most clubs.This will...
  18. Shrimpergarry

    E-mail address Ron/Tara

    Hi Can someone PM the e-mail address at the club of Ron and/or Tara please? E-mailing Aldershot and wanted to CC. them in Cheers
  19. Cricko

    Latest Rumours Transfer window - deadline day - 11pm

    Well here we go with all the latest rumours regarding SUFC and who we will sell/buy/loan during The January Transfer window. Today's first rumour I found is that we will sign striker/winger Craig Westcarr from Chesterfield for a fee. Can't see that myself. Please keep all gossip etc in this...
  20. Tangled up in Blue

    A Leatherette Chair

    "Tara Brady had said that there are not enough chairs in the Boardroom for the Trust to take up their promised seat - so this should make it easier." So now we know why that so elusive seat on the board hasn't materialised.:winking: