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  1. fbm

    Hang on a minute... (rose tinted post alert)

    Look, rule 1 in business is always try and use someone else's money rather than your own. By deferring the tax bill, especially as HMRC charge interest on unpaid tax currently at 0% (or very close to it) it becomes a very cheap loan. I genuinely believe that RM was hoping to defer and defer...
  2. Andy_S

    Post-Match Thread and Ratings The reserve game today

    After making the near 60 mile round trip, down the wet and windy, extremely hazardous A127, I thought I might as well post my thoughts on the game. I thought it came across quite strongly which of the two teams had half a team of first teamers out there, although unfortunately for us it was...
  3. fbm

    Isn't it amazing...

    ...how we now all feel so upbeat when less than a week ago we were ready to hang ourselves. Tilly and Brush were being hauled over the coals for not signing Worley and Saah (or hardly anyone for that matter) and I actually think people thought we'd start at the back on Saturday with youth...
  4. Lord Football

    Lessons Learned?

    The season starts in less than a month. Have we learned nothing? Go back twelve months. No left back, Bailey and Clarke out of contract, Gower gone and little in the way of positive news regarding transfers. With the season approaching fast, and pretty much all of the pre-season games out of...
  5. BaileytheQuitter

    Players in Mayhem last night

    Saw Damien, Macca, Grant, Theo, Revell, Devitte (absolute unit), O'Keefe last night with a few other youth teamers. Revell seemed like such a nice guy. Theo also said it's down to the chairman...come on Ron!
  6. DTS

    How to keep the Leicester fans at bay.

    Following on the from events of last Saturday and the repeated inability of the Leicester fans to behave themselves I really feel its time the club started taking our safety first. I really feel the club should now draw up some inspiration from the Stallone Movie classic "Escape to Victory". I...
  7. All At Sea Issue 28 - on sale online and on Friday

    Hello all, Problems with our online ordering system now appear to be fixed so those of you who can't make the game on Friday, or those who just like getting some post, can order the latest issue of All At Sea online here. Issue 28 is the biggest we have ever produced at 48 pages. Amongst the...
  8. Silencer

    Contracts Expiring

    ...Does anyone know how many of our players are out of contract in the Summer? I know that Peter Clarke and Richie Foran both are. Just wondering as I would'nt like to see Tilly and Ron leave it too late and lose any potential first teamers because they are nearing the end of their...
  9. Ricey

    January Transfer Window Activity.

    I know I maybe jumping the gun a bit but I always look forward to the activity that the transfer window brings. And we all love sitting on the Zone with SSN on with the last final minutes ticking down and seeing what last minute panic buys Southend United and every other team buy. So my...
  10. seany t

    Aston Villa's English XI

    They could have a whole English side out there on the pitch now (and are only about 3 first teamers away from that). Taylor Shorey, Knight, Davies, Young (L) Milner, Reo-Coker, Sidwell, Barry Young (A), Agbonlahor Subs: Osbourne, Routledge, Gardner, Harewood If Fabio can't find a decent...
  11. seany t

    Keeping some perspective

    I can't wait for tomorrow, it should be good. Well, except for the Roots Hall tea, but that's a given pain I will continue to bear until my memory starts working on match days. But I do find it odd that from the depths of despair 3 days ago we now have about 150 posts regarding our new arrivals...
  12. Shrimper

    Southend Squad

    Hello all, I've been wondering about the state of our squad with all the transfer activity going outwards and a little bit about the ones going in. The main question i wan't to ask is how many first teamers do we actually have at the moment? Ian Joyce Steven Mildenhall Clark Masters (Out on...
  13. Witham

    Anyone off to Witham tonight?? Anyone know how much tickets are?? How many of 1st teamers will be there?? From last night i guess Harrold, Revell, Scannell as he only played 1/2, Herd and Joyce!! I know one the Witham players so thought be chance see both in action.
  14. Jonny_Stokes

    Youth teamers

    Just reading TMTWATS thread, I noticed this point from Firestorm. It got me thinking about the comparison between what you're splashing out on, and the make up of our squad, and I realised that I couldn't think of any players (apart from Lewis Hunt? I really don't know) that have come through...
  15. Bob Cratchitt

    BT 20/20 Tuesday - Fixture 7

    With my last game to play against the 2nd placed team. It is time to add more experience in the team. Still got a few newbies in the team as few of the first teamers need a little more rest for the next round.
  16. The Way it is in the West Stand.

    usual half hearted, disorganised warm up - everything looking a bit slack and careless e.g. Darryls kicking and distribution but its League One and the opposition can't really play. Loads of good old hoofs and a bit of head tennis - Matt Harrold looked fit, trying to put himself about and...
  17. fbm

    Hammers team today

    My brother-in-law has just heard on the radio (Essex FM) that West Ham are only playing 2 recognised first teamers today... Anton Ferdinand and Dean Ashton. If thats the case it is a very poor show indeed and an appalling time to announce that bearing in mind all indications have been that they...
  18. Team for Barnsley

    Flavs Hunt Prior Sodje Wilson Cole Mousa gutteridge Hooper Paynter Harrold Controversial i know but we cant let the cup effect the league momentum we are building up and besides all of the above are being paid by the club and some are not getting a chance to play. Play them and let them earn...
  19. Possible spurs line up?

    Robinson Chimbonda King Dawson Davenport Stalteri Tanino Murphy Malbranque Defoe barnard Spurs got quite alot of first teamers out Keane, Ghaly, Lenon, Zokora (suspended)
  20. Carling Cup - Big teams rest star players?

    I'm really looking forward to the draw on saturday but I was just thinking, if we got Man Utd, Chelsea, Arsenal or Liverpool would they play a strong team or would they rest alot of players and play youth teamers? If this is the case then id rather we got a team like Aston Villa who at...