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  1. cerbera45

    Mark Bonner

    ex Academy coach taken joint -temporary charge of Cambridge United http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/43011807
  2. Napster


    Contemporary philosophical realism is the belief that some aspects of reality are ontologically independent of our conceptual schemes, perceptions, linguistic practices, beliefs, etc. Realism may be spoken of with respect to other minds, the past, the future, universals, mathematical entities...
  3. Firestorm

    If SUFC ever moved , Whats too far ?

    The comments on other threads about travelling home fans and Arsenal got me thinking. Over the years A number of clubs have made moves of significant distance, out of the town etc, whether its temporary or permanent. Wimbledon to MK, Arsenal from South of the River to North, Millwall North of...
  4. Question Who is Running the Football Club ?

    When Steve Kavanagh was here he stated that Ron spent his time dealing with the new stadium and Steve ran the football side. Since his departure no-one appears to have been appointed as the new CEO, however when I sat in the Director's Box for yesterday's match I noticed Alex Revell's greatest...
  5. yogi bear up the cagire

    Midi blog

    I see the blog section appears just to deal with football, so I've stuck mine here. Don't know whether it will interest anyone but it was good therapy, unwinding after an exhausting weekend. MIDI BLOG Today is one of the few days I can sit in front of the computer with absolutely no guilt...
  6. Ricky Otto

    Breaking News Kevin Maher caretaker manager at Chelmsford

    Put in temporary charge at Chelmsford City and has a chance at the job I'm hearing
  7. The Barnett formula

    The man himself said it should have been scrapped,set up as a temporary measure yet 30 year's on our taxes are given away hand over fist. Barnett Overseas aid EU membership Staggering amount of our cash given away.
  8. CC51DAS

    Latest Rumours Deck chairs to be installed on fourth side of new stadium ?

    A friend of mine who works in the Amenities department at SBC has tipped me the wink that the Council are close to finalising a deal with uncle Ron to use the fourth side of the stadium as a store for the seafront deck chairs during the winter months. Apparently the bank of earth that will...
  9. pickledseal

    Teaching RE

    I'm ready for the banter, and have no problem with it at all, but think that this article is very interesting regarding the place of RE in our schools: http://www.tes.co.uk/article.aspx?storycode=6417096 It begins: And it goes on... I think a few on here need to really take stock of that...
  10. Sorry for Temporary Loss of Service

    Put another 50p in the meter and we are up and running again. Sorry for loss of the Zone on such a big day.
  11. Gardening/landscaping question

    I plan to take a week of work and sort out our garden. I want to install a ground level deck/path which looks like this. http://www.echinopsgardendesign.co.uk/gardens/contemporary-garden-with-decking/ Because the joists of the decking will all rest on the ground, am I ok to just dig the soil...
  12. The Top 10% - Should They Pay More Tax?

    The Deputy Prime Minister has declared that the top 10% should pay more tax. He didn't distinguish between income and wealth and he didn't say how they should be taxed (though he has talked vaguely about a temporary wealth tax). Do you agree that the top 10% aren't paying enough?
  13. Cricko

    Graham Jolley's 7 a-side Charity Football Tournament

    Please note a temporary forum for this event with all threads and for all discussions in now set up here: http://www.shrimperzone.com/vb/forumdisplay.php?54-Graham-Jolley-s-Charity-Football-Tournament
  14. ThundersleyShrimper

    The Creepies New Stand

    This shows that they are still a non-league club, assume that they are concerned that they will lose too many balls without the netting up! Understand from the latest Groundtastic that it will be "temporary" structure, ie a cross between the away end at Gillingham and the old away end at...
  15. Rob Noxious

    Small Town Doggers

    It's not often that I'm enthused by developments in contemporary music, but I rather like this fine alt.country combo from out here in the wild west ... I haven't got any 'youtube' vids to share with you as yet, but they are one unusual assortment of country rockers who sing songs of kicking the...
  16. galvatron1983

    Trouble uploading Signature

    Hey guys, Ive made myself a signature that Im trying to set up with my profile but every attempt to get it going fails. If I try to add it from an image upload website via the URL I get If I try to upload it directly from my computer I get This image is a 12kb 350x176 JPEG file, so nothing...
  17. Roller Blinds

    Ok, need some domestic help from all you pros! Need to quickly replace a roller blind in our spare room. I'm happy to go and buy and trim a new rollerblind from Ikea but that involves a trek to Leeds and probably buying a new drill to put the new fixings up. The actual problem with the blind is...
  18. Cricko

    Temporary Chat room

    I thought we could use this one this afternoon as we still have got around to sorting the main one. A%RMdifn"]http://host4.chatblazer.com/client.p...X]A%RMdifn If it works ok we can upgrade it ..please be aware it is not part of this forum therefore at this time there are few moderation...
  19. maninasuitcase

    Mark Stimpsom

    Stimpson is about to be appointed the new Kettering Town manager. Mark, who was in temporary charge of the poppies when they beat Steve Tilson's Lincoln last weekend is expected to sign a contract in the next 24 hours.
  20. OldBlueLady

    Broadband advice

    Guys Finally, just 9 days left until I can say my divorce is completely over. Unfortunately, in a last bit of spite, as himself is moving out of the family home, he has contacted all the utility companies and suppliers to cancel all the accounts payable by direct debit under his bank account...