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  1. Thailand

    Anyone else feel uneasy about this terrible event. The bomber decided to dress in stand out clothing a bright yellow top,but for me the camera operator was either eagle eyed or something slightly sinister. How on earth did the operator pick the bomber out from the crowd?He/she then captured...
  2. * ORM *

    Long Weekend Away - YAY

    Off to Thailand for the first time tonight. Koh Samui and Phuket were booked. You can keep your Bangkok and Pattaya. Quite frankly if I wanted that I have it on my doorstep in spades. Public Holiday here on Monday and taking Tuesday as a day in lieu though the company probably owes me a month...
  3. Steve Tilson and Craig Davidson

    Seevic’s Steve Tilson and Craig Davidson selected for England Seniors World Cup squad 24 April 2013Two members of Seevic College’s Faculty of Sport are dusting off their boots after being selected to represent England at the Seniors World Cup in Thailand. Steve Tilson, Seevic SCORE Academy...
  4. Hello to all you Blues

    Been meaning to sign up since I left 4 years ago. Time just flys here in the land of smiles. I can certainly say I don't miss anything about the UK apart from cheering on the Super Blues home and away. All the best to everyone out there. If anyone is coming to Thailand give me a shout...
  5. Shrimpergarry

    Peter Butler

    Sacked as manager by Thai Premier League side BEC Tero Sasana. http://lesrosbifs.net/2011/06/former-west-ham-united-and-southend-united-man-sacked-in-thailand/
  6. southend4ever

    Poxy Tripadvisor!

    I've been searching for weeks on end for a holiday. The Mrs and I are after a relaxing beach holiday. She is a student and is on a tight budget. The exchange rate of the Euro is still bad. Therefore, we have gone down the route of All Inclusive holidays. I have been on these before and I am...
  7. Smudger

    Question Best Place in Europe for a stag weekend?

    I'm due to be on Best Man duty this Summer and due to the groom's sudden inability to make a decision I've been given carte blanche to select the stag venue. Long-haul trips are out, so no Vegas, no Thailand etc...anyone got any gems? Also, has anyone tried using a stag company to take the...
  8. DTS the Barsteward

    He had me Smiffy,and a few others I think Hook,Line and Sinker yesterday. He arrives at the Spread about 12 ish and stayed till about 9pm which is amazing for a start..We were all just chatting in the carpark about his wedding etc when he announces that Ldnfasto has a new girlfriend he intents...
  9. Slipperduke

    The 39th Shame

    I've found an interesting anomaly on the official Premier League website. Now, admittedly I'm playing fast and loose with the definition of the word 'interesting', but stick with me on this. When you click 'contact us', instead of bringing up the address of the organisation, it gives you a...
  10. Air Asia

    Couple of reason behind my post today, firstly, anyone looking to travel to asia, or towards oz then get looking on airaisa, you can get to oz for less than £200 at the moment, fly to Kuala Lumpar and then on from there! ive just booked some flights for my round the world voyage, got to KL...
  11. Ricey

    Thailand, Anyone been?

    Right before people say anything about it I don't want to **** the lady boys etc etc.... Me and my mate were having a discussion about travelling and we are thinking about next year going over to Thailand for a couple of months, maybe 2/3 months. What I am interested to know if has anyone else...
  12. duncan bulgaria

    New meaning to tree hugger

    Can anyone beat my pal who upon drinking 3 pints of lager proceeds to talk to anything that isn't human , he has been known to talk to plants that are in pubs and also coat stands . his favourite used to be bins when trying to get him home from clubs he would just stop and talk to them ...
  13. Ron Manager

    That Sinawatra is a fruit loop

    Now he wants to change the Man City club badge to make it 'more Thai' - http://www.sundaymirror.co.uk/news/sunday/2008/06/15/thaksin-shinawatra-wants-to-change-manchester-city-s-club-crest-to-remind-him-of-home-in-thailand-98487-20607654/
  14. DTS

    Is there any shame in having a Thai Bride?

    I have not really had much experience of Thai Brides myself but in the past two days I have become aware of them more and more. First off had a customer come in yesterday looking for a remortgage. Seemed a bit weird on the phone and as always when I asked for his partners name he said "I will...
  15. Spencer Prior

    ...spotted at Spit bridge, Mosman, Sydney enjoying christmas with extended family. Obviously enjoying his reitrement!
  16. Help Needed

    HELP NEEDED I see the government is looking for volunteers to spend a couple of hours a week Mentoring newly arrived migrants, as apparently, these poor loves need looking after So bearing In mind, we have the most left wing, pc correct messageboard of any club in the league, I thought who...
  17. Winkle


    Had a right old yarn with the taxi driver taking me home last night. Turns out he lives in Thailand but comes home to work for four monthes of the year just to earn enough money to go back home and live for the rest of the year. Not all that strange you would think, but I would say he was in...
  18. southend_shrimp

    Not good news for Man City surely ?

  19. Winkle

    Five could you questions?

    If you where stranded on a desert Island, indefinatly with only the Mother in law, could you ! In the event of an emergency, could you put your animal out of its misery? Could you contemplate a penis enlargement? If your best friend asked you to shag his missus while he watched, could you...
  20. scrounger

    Snaking your way through the alphabet

    Following on from DTS's poll of the fastest conquest and the poll a little while ago referring to how many partners, I was wondering how many different letters people have achieved. Basically, the idea is that you snake a girl (or indeed a guy for the female members of the Zone) and the first...