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  1. C C Csiders

    England Cricket Canine XI

    In a similar way to Rob Noxious who could not sleep and the only way to do so was to think of a Smokey Joe XI - see the Football forum - I had insomnia last night and Jack Russell dogs came to mind; and as a result I started to think of an England Cricket Xi made up entirely of dog-themed...
  2. Mad Cyril

    Southend United themed cars.

    I saw one recently at Benfleet Station and have to admit a soft spot for the Canveymobile which I regularly see. Does anyone else have a Southend themed car? If not what make/model would you choose? I would probably go for something like a Talbot Samba or an Austin Allegro.
  3. C C Csiders

    Rubbish nights out

    Yesterday evening I went to a German-themed Hot Tub/BBQ party. The evening started with all the guests having to get in a Hot Tub. Unfortunately, the thing had a malfunction and rather than a Hot Tub it was a distinctly lukewarm tub. Meanwhile the host was seemingly busy on the BBQ, and it being...
  4. Ride to the Amsterdam and help save men’s lives with Prostate Cancer UK

    Many clubs are joining The Football League London to Amsterdam Challenge in support of Prostate Cancer UK. Fans, players and club officials from across The Football League will take to the saddle for a unique two day "Total Football" themed, 155 mile challenge for the 250,000 men living with...
  5. Yesterday's Match Day programme.

    Blair "Rambo" Sturrock kitted out for Cammo Day. :) If themed covers and photoshoots are to be the order of the day for themed matches throughout the season I bet there are straws being drawn in the dressing room over who will be the "lucky" cover stars for the Cartoon and Kung Fu games...
  6. Smiffy

    Breaking News Camo Day v Torquay

    At-ten-tion! Southend United supporters are being asked to fall into line next month in support of the Armed Forces. The Blues’ match against Torquay United on Saturday, 4th September (3pm) has been designated as Camouflage Day. General Sturrock is ordering the Blue Army to come to the game...
  7. Rusty Shackleford

    Rusty's X-Files - A Brief SUFC Themed Special

    There's not much to say anymore. Even the most pink-hued of the rose-tinted spectacle brigade are joining us in the realist corner - our beloved club is well and truly ****ed. I'm not going to post a rallying cry - I know we'll get behind the team if by some miracle we're able to get a team...
  8. Winkle

    I have a bad feeling!

    Not that I have visited any psychics recently or dabbled in occult themed seances with mystical spirits but I woke up this morning at 4:30 am in utter shock and depression. I probably had a bit of post taumatic stress disorder after witnessing our match against "Yoevil" and sealing our...
  9. Bielzibubz

    SUFC Xmas Sigs

    Well seeing as it's that time of year I thought about doing a few Xmas themed SUFC sigs. This new one is just a variation of an oldish one but the possibilities are many and varied. Santa in a Blues shirt perhaps or Santa riding his sleigh over the South Stand at Roots Hall. Over to the other...
  10. Irish_Shrimper

    Interview with an Exile: Part 6 - A Century United

    This week, Tom (A Century United) from all the way up the top of Scotland answers the questions. Below is a picture of him amongst the starting 11 for the League 2 Playoff Final. The woman in white sitting on the number 1 forgot her boots that day, thus why Duncan Jupp got the nod. 1) How...
  11. Slipperduke

    Cesc's Education

    A new era for Arsenal will begin tonight when Cesc Fabregas makes his debut as the captain of Arsenal. A touchy and defensive Arsene Wenger made the announcement at a press conference before the vital Champions League clash with Dynamo Kiev. Wenger has come under sustained assault from the press...
  12. Usual_Suspect

    Fecking Students

    Just got this: DANCING ON THE GRAVE OF CAPITALISM AN ANTI-CAPITALIST HALLOWEEN PARTY CANARY WHARF – FRIDAY 31 OCTOBER 2008 A number of anti-capitalist and anarchist groups are planning a*demonstration at Canary Wharf on the evening of Friday 31 October, focusing on 25 Bank Street and themed as...
  13. Irish_Shrimper

    Southend United themed PC Case

    One of my good mates has done a course in spray painting, and today handed me over an early birthday present of a new PC case with a Southend United theme to it. He painted a blue and white flag theme to the case, and then on one side drew the Blues crest onto clear perspex. Just need to tidy up...
  14. seany t

    Drewe Broughton song-themed pun thread

    Been a while, and got a slow afternoon at work. The name of this game is to find a song that's readily known and replace a word within it's title with the word "Drewe". Extra merit awarded where it makes sense (in a very stupid manner). Here are some starters for ten: Hopelessly devoted to...
  15. loz

    French Footballer-themed films (contains PUNS)

    Following on from the Brazilian thread a couple of weeks back, felt it was time for some more hot pun action... (this is quite a toughie, French names seem to be quite tricky). The Great Train Ribery Never say Evra again Saha Day's Night Ace Ventura: Petit Detective Where Eagles Alliadiere...
  16. loz

    Brazillian footballer-themed films

    oh yes... Pele Confidential Dude, Where's My Kaka? Super Romario Brothers Bebeto 2: Pig In The City I Know What You Did Last Dunga
  17. ldnfatso Themed Films

    Men In Black
  18. South Bank Hank Themed Films

    Finding Koi Carp
  19. South Bank Hank

    Cricko themed films

    No country for old men Airwolf (Starring Stringfellow Hawke) :cricko:
  20. Uncle Leo

    Cricket themed films

    The Bruce French Connection Turner and Gooch The Ross Taylor of Panama Trent Bridge over the River Kwai The Umpire Strikes Back Over to you, good people of SZ....