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  1. Mugged in Southend

    Someone tried to mug me last night. After living in the town for over 30 years this is the first time this has happened to me. I was walking back from Herbies near Southchurch Park when I sensed two youths were following me on the other side of the park railings. They had hoodies on and I felt...
  2. The Watermill Wino

    Morpeth Town v Bowers & Pitsea

    Bowers & Pitsea take on the long journey Up North this Saturday to Morpeth Town. Anyone fancy being a glory Hunter, or witnessing history in the making, for going our beloved Southend for one day to represent an Essex Team to Wembley there is a coach!!! :smile: It's not every day you can say in...
  3. Tangled up in Blue

    Terror threats the new normal

    http://www.theguardian.com/uk-news/2016/jan/01/terror-threats-will-be-the-new-normal-for-europe-experts-say Sadly I fear this is true. However,I also fear, the admirably named Prof Rik Coolsaet, a terrorism expert at Ghent University in Belgium is right when he says:- “One day the hype...
  4. LennySUFC

    our stewards

    Our stewards are quite possibly the worst I have witnessed in the 50 away league grounds I have visited. Only we could escort Millwall fans out the ground for death threats and allow them back in! - they threw coins at the W block - they ripped the advertising off of the front of the north...
  5. Mooney - enough of a threat?

    Anyone else unimpressed with him - he's a fair run in the side he's hardly posing the threats we need up top.
  6. manor15

    Post-Match Thread and Ratings Sheffield United 2-2 Southend United

    Would have bitten your hand off for that result before the game, just a shame after going 2-0 up and throwing it away with some awful set piece defending. Protected the lead late on but rightly so as they were all over us. Bentley at fault for the first, though could easily say that it should...
  7. right to strike

    If you support etc please sign etc LINK AT BOTTOM. If you don't just ignore CHEERS dave, thanks for signing up to help stop the government's Trade Union Bill.We're campaigning to protect the right to strike against government threats. We'll need your help to succeed. Right now, there are...
  8. DoDTS

    WEMBLEY - AN UGLY SITUATION yes yet another short story

    Love them or hate them it's another one of my yarns from years gone by. All the facts are true, many did travel to Wembley for the first Cup -Final. Only the names have been changed etc, WEMBLEY – AN UGLY SITATION There was no television in 1923, and therefore there was not an abundance of...
  9. Russia

    So Russia sends two military aircraft (Bombers) near to Cornwell. Mr Putin had also flown two other bombers down the English Channel two weeks ago. It's letting us know that their bombers can easily reach the whole of Great Britain. There has also been Russian warships in our waters. Now I'm...
  10. RHB

    How safe do you feel in London?

    In light of the latest events in Paris it made me think back to the 70s when I was working in the West End and the IRA boyos were letting rip. They were pretty hairy times and you never knew when the next big bang would go off. How safe do you people that still work in London feel after today...
  11. Opposition Watch - Morecambe

    OPPOSITION WATCH - MORECAMBE Ahead of the all-shrimp encounter on Saturday, here's a brief look at the current situation for this weekend's opposition: Jack Redshaw returned from injury earlier than expected against Burton at the weekend, making a late substitute appearance. The Shrimps named...
  12. Prospects trying to get a higher price??

    http://www.echo-news.co.uk/news/10403117.Get_round_the_negotiating_table___council_leader_urges_Roots_hall_landowners/ Is this an attempt to get a better price for the land or just threats???
  13. Silencer

    Luke Prosser, did he deserve to be dropped?

    Just a question to see what others think, I know the midfield is not protecting the side at the moment, but I wonder whether Prosser being out of the side has also made us look weaker at the back. Don't get me wrong, if we was starting a season fresh and I was picking my best team on paper...
  14. The world is full of scumbags part 97,643,202

    http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2183986/Hillsborough-disaster-Manchester-United-fan-hiding-death-threats-tattoo-taunting-Liverpool-over.html Unbelieveable...and what was the tattooist thinking?
  15. Thorpe Groyney

    Broncos Buck Losing Trend With Record Breaking Comeback

    An unbelievable 80 minutes at the Stoop this afternoon. Broncos ahead after 5 minutes then fall to bits. Opponents Salford City Reds hammer in six tries before half time, albeit with only two converted, one of them comically way wide from in front of the posts. Half time, Broncos 6, City Reds...
  16. GNH

    My view on the season as a whole and those 83 points gained

    There's lot of talk on here that we got 83 points which should/would have been enough for promotion in other years. A points tally in itself is meaningless, if you have a lot of strong teams consistently winning and picking up points you will need more than average to gain automatic promotion...
  17. Duncan Bannatyne's latest investment?

  18. Rusty Shackleford

    And isn't it ironic.....

    ....that Islamists respond to a perceived slight that they are purveyors of violence with....threats of violence. Religion of peace my bottom. Comedy show host threatened over suicide bomber joke
  19. Time for action NOW ?

    With nothing left to play for and it being very unlikely we could go down, is now the time for EVERY supporter to stand up to Mr Martin and show their disgust at how he has insulted players, staff and fans with his latest comments ? I would suggest a total boycott for one home game. I will not...
  20. so this is where we are

    without so much as a whimper or discord, martins plans have come to frution a ****** 14,000 seater stadium in the middle of knowhere, with no income for southend utd, rather the other way round as clearly he is going to rent it to us(or rather one of his many insolvent companies may) when the...