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  1. LennySUFC

    Happy one year Anniversary everyone!

    A year ago "today" (15/02/15) we lost 2-3 at home to exeter with Mark Phillips scoring as a direct result of a corner. I think this is the last time we have scored a header from a corner with the ball going from the boot of corner taker to head of goal scorer without being touched (ie what you...
  2. Yorkshire Blue

    Worst conditions a match has continued in

    Following on from the Sunderland in the fog game, what other matches have continued in farcical conditions? I remember JCR on a waterlogged pitch against (or had he already moved there?) Barnsley in the FA Cup. Someone had a shot and the ball didn't even reach the 6 yard box. Also away at...
  3. southend4ever

    It's with a Heavy Heart...

    That I ask you please to show your generosity and kindness please to 'Save Gee Gee'. http://www.gofundme.com/Gee-Gee-Fund#description Some things in life put others into perspective. On Monday I found out that my ex-university lecturer and now good friend's daughter aged just 9 has been...
  4. Penalties - Handball rant

    With recent controversy on penalties for handball, here’s my take. I agree, for once, with Arian Chiles that only two people know for certain whether handball is deliberate viz. the ‘perpetrator’ and God. I feel that refs are too quick to award penalties just because the ball has touched a...
  5. DTS

    Question First time you touched the ball in a game.

    Mine was about 1987. Think we had about 100 fans at Rotherham away. They had a long shot that went well wide. The ball cannoned into our end and I went to go and get it. I threw the ball over the fence to our "goalkeeper" Eric Steele. He said "Thanks son" to me. For some reason I liked him at...
  6. pickledseal

    Clarence Clemons R.I.P

    Woke up to hear the news this morning. Really saddened by this, he's struggled with various health problems over the years, but was talking of touring again and getting fitter and healthier. Get well soon! http://www.peteramescarlin.com/node/189
  7. big questions to be answered

    from documents that I have seen the new stadium is due for completion on 26/11/2012 and roots hall is due to be knocked down 24/9/2012, meaning a 2 month gap where we may have to nowhere to play. martin and gypsy boy always maintain that rootshall will not be touched until new stadium is...
  8. Hotman


    A professor at Auburn University was giving a lecture on Paranormal Studies. To get a feel for his audience, he asks, 'How many people here believe in ghosts?' About 90 students raise their hands. Well, that's a good start. Out of those who believe in ghosts, do any of you think you...
  9. Chelmsford Chieftains

    Do any 'Zoners go and watch the Chieftains? Started going seriously last season and absolutely loved it. It's nice to watch a sport as yet untouched by the evils of the big time, the players are only paid expenses.
  10. manor15

    Group A Summary

    Group A Played Wins Draws Losses For Against GD Pts Uruguary 3 2 1 0 4 0 +4 7 Mexico 3 1 1 1 3 2 +1 4 South Africa 3 1 1 1 3 5 -2 4 France 3 0 1 2 1 4 -3 1 Group God: Diego Forlan (Uruguay) proved Alex Ferguson wrong, every time he touched the ball if you're listening to ITV, by scoring two...
  11. pickledseal

    RIP Chris Sievey

    Best known for.... Also know for..... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U0hk5d5703M (which I am quite a fan off!) You've just got back from Germany. How was it? It's the same as Timperley but totally different. They talk in a different language and they use Euros. I've been to Germany before...
  12. Fight In Tottenham

    Anyone see crimewatch last night? Absolutely shocking. In Tottenham High Road, a few guys are hanging about after a night out, some are sitting down, looks like they are waiting for a taxi. One is staggering about and clearly drunk, he steps back without looking and knocks into a coloured...
  13. Benfleet A1

    Kids Just Don't Know Their Born

    While having a wonder around the shop today it suddenly struck me just how little kids know of the real world and what they are missing out on. It started when my missus mentioned our niece and how it must cost her mum a fortune so she can wear all the clobber and make-up yet she hasn't two...
  14. Slipperduke


    The clue is in the name. They called it Mono-poly. Mono. One. Not Bi-opoly, not Tri-opoly, and certainly not Commi-opoly where you all work together and the renting revenue gets ******* on the space programme. It’s a game and it’s there to be won, so what’s the point in trying to play nice? Did...
  15. Benfleet A1

    The Wet Head Shave.

    I suffer from dry scalp. I have tried everything on the market, chineses herbal remedies, shampoo's, oils, the lot but nothing makes a blind bit of differance. I would walk into a barbers for a razor cut and the very second my head was touched the entire shop would disappear in a Sibierian...
  16. DoDTS

    Memory Lane Episode No 8 Season 1931-32

    This Episode was printed in the Southend v Gillingham programme. Extracts from "The Forgotten Years of the Kursaal" by Peter William Baker No. 8 THE UNBEATEN RUN JUST KEEPS ON GOING Southend the only unbeaten club in the Football League having won eight and drawn five of their thirteen...
  17. Slipperduke

    Henry - A Great Big Woman

    Cheat. Liar. Criminal. Who would have thought that these would have been the words we would eventually associate with the much-loved, oft-celebrated Thierry Henry? Well, me, actually. For all the magnificence that he has shown on the pitch over the years, he has been like this for a few years...
  18. Slipperduke

    Pistol-Whip The Cheats

    Nothing irritates me more than diving. Seriously, it's right up there above noisy eating, people who play tinny R'n'B through their cellphones on the bus and that invisible scratch on my West Wing DVD that smashes straight through the important bit ten minutes into every episode when you're...
  19. number11

    Club Hospitality - Blues Lounge

    This Saturday I went to the game via one of the Club's hospitality packages. It was a one off as a friend was back in this country getting married (SamuraiBlue) and we thought we would do something a bit different. Have to say I was very impressed. I had some reservations based on a corporate...
  20. Davros

    Ticket for tonight

    Darren Styles & Ultrabeat @ Shephards Bush empire 7pm My mate has had to drop out as he has swine flu (dont worry he hasnt touched the ticket), and various other friends i have asked since cannot make it. if anyone wants to come with me you can have the ticket for £10 (value £22) PM me (and...