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  1. Star Trek Teleportation Stuns Shoppers

    I thought I share this I think its Good :-):stunned: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f4RbF2tjTt0
  2. Shrimpers are Magic

    Drinking holes in the south end of Prittllewell

    Was down for Pie and Pint night with the Doughnut the other night and before it all started I had a walk around town. It occurred to me I no longer know my home town anymore ! Moved away sometime ago and when I do come down for the game I'm off the train at Prittlewell and pretty much into the...
  3. Ref Watch ...... Cheltenham away

    For the fourth time in four weeks, we have been allocated a new, first year referee. This time it is Scott Duncan who makes the long trek from Newcastle to Cheltenham to referee this fixture! His promotion did not come as a surprise and he has done five games so far in this, his first season...
  4. Roller Blinds

    Ok, need some domestic help from all you pros! Need to quickly replace a roller blind in our spare room. I'm happy to go and buy and trim a new rollerblind from Ikea but that involves a trek to Leeds and probably buying a new drill to put the new fixings up. The actual problem with the blind is...
  5. cerbera45

    Havens Hospices Peru Trek

    I've decided to do something useful during my enforced career break so I have put my name down to participate in this "once in a lifetime" opportunity. I plan to take some old SUFC shirts with me and distribute them to some of the people in the Andes' villages. Thanks for taking the time to...
  6. Cricko

    Post-Match Thread and Ratings Chesterfield 2-1 Southend United

    Post your Match Reports and Ratings here please. There are going to be a few upset fans making the long trek back tonight and after listening to the commentary on the radio IMO we should of won easily.
  7. Smiffy

    Pre-Match Thread Salisbury City v Southend United

    Anyone making the trek tonight then? If you are, some live updates for the Zone would be appreciated. So, with the squad finally shaping up to something resembling a proper one, will Luggy be starting to get an idea of his starting 11 for Stockport? Any whispers of more triallists tonight...
  8. 50 games which defined a decade - Part 1 (2000-2004)

    As we've had our last game of the decade, I had planned to do something about the top twenty matches of the ten years just gone but I found it very difficult to leave some matches out, plus in truth it's some of the defeats which have stuck with me the most. And rather than doing a countdown I...
  9. Uncle Leo

    Post-Match Thread and Ratings Exeter City 1-0 Southend United

    If you're one of the brave souls who made the long cold trek to Devon, this is the place for reports and ratings...
  10. DoDTS

    Memory Lane Episode No 8 Season 1931-32

    This Episode was printed in the Southend v Gillingham programme. Extracts from "The Forgotten Years of the Kursaal" by Peter William Baker No. 8 THE UNBEATEN RUN JUST KEEPS ON GOING Southend the only unbeaten club in the Football League having won eight and drawn five of their thirteen...
  11. Top 10 films of the decade.

    In no particular order (apart from No.1) and I'll probably re-jig it but top of my head.... Gladiator Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind Wall-E Star Trek: The Future Begins Slumdog Millionaire Lord of the Rings: The Return of The King. Spirited Away Almost Famous This is England 1) Pan's...
  12. Yorkshire Blue

    Ron speaks

    Chairman's Blog Firstly let me apologise to those supporters who feel I have been conspicuous by my absence. Having said that I would write three blogs in the close season, I issued two. The third was to cover the new stadium plans. Over the years I hope everyone agrees that communication...
  13. Tommy2holes

    What is the best sci-fi show??

    I have to admit to being a little bit of a sci-fi freak , but truthfully there are some very good sci-fi shows and some dire shows. There are some big budget shows like star trek and then there are some that look like the were made with the funds from a wip round at the pub. I have been...
  14. Ref Watch ..... Oldham

    Man in charge on Saturday is Keith Hill from Hertfordshire. He is the FA's Regional Referees Manager for the East of England. Does that mean he is a top official? I'm afraid not. He is in his 12th season and is, in my opinion, way past his best (which wasn't very good anyway). I'm sure his...
  15. Hotman

    Question about a road bike

    Need some help from bikey people! Have been offered a brand new (old stock) Trek road bike from my local shop. It's 2005 or 6ish i'd say, just before the "Madone" series, with ultegra gear sets etc, carbon frame, fork , and bontrager race wheels. I believe the model is Trek 5200 - its blue if...
  16. blues_r_best

    Star Trek fans disappointed by new film

  17. seany t

    It seems that everyone's saying the new Star Trek film is great?

    Erm.... how did this happen? http://www.slashfilm.com/2009/04/07/early-buzz-the-first-reviews-of-jj-abrams-star-trek/ I know it's by the guy who did Lost and Cloverfield, but every review so far has been glowing. Will you be swayed to go check it out?
  18. Slipperduke

    Guilty Secrets

    Mrs Slipperduke was away last weekend and, making use of the peace, the quiet and the chance to watch the telly for once I had a little flick through the channels. Spinning through the schedules, I chanced upon a show that I used to love when I was younger and I tuned in for 'just a couple of...
  19. seany t

    Super Bowl Movie Trailers - Star Trek & Transformers 2

    Anyone else seen them? Just teasers, but thought you might be interested: Star Trek: http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=oMTzoW0J1E8 Transformers 2: http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=QAujq_F_AD0 Here's some not so good ones: G.I. Joe: http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=WsogJy3zxLk Fast & Furious 4 (what...
  20. Slipperduke

    Shrimpers Sing Their Way To Success

    It was all for nothing. I've worked long and hard over the last 18 months to build some kind of credibility with the UK press pack and on Saturday afternoon I ruined it all by going absolutely mental at Stamford Bridge. It's not the done thing to celebrate a goal in the press box, but wild...