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  1. PFA Team Of The Year - 2016/16

    Just been announced on Sky Sports News: Just realised, the year typo error.. it must have been a short season this year. Are there any changes you would make to that line up? Ozil perhaps? I would have put Lloris ahead of De Gea myself,
  2. Napster

    Great typo in Brown's interview

    at least I assume it's a typo... "In a relatively open game, Southend had several guilt-edged chances"
  3. DoDTS

    Predicted scores for Col Ewe match

    The Prediction League is a bit of light fun and perhaps not to be taken too seriously but........ In recent weeks with the demise of Col Ewe predictions for them to lose have been getting higher with 8-1 and then 10-1 predictions made. Then for the Col Ewe v Barnsley match someone predicted...
  4. DoDTS

    IMPORTANT Easter Mondays fixtures

    For Mondays Predictions there was "Typo" when I posted York v Bury and I put "Tork" v Bury, as a result there has been some confusion if it was York or Torquay. If you have already predicted please check and feel free to amend if you wish. Sorry for the confusion DoDtS
  5. Tangled up in Blue

    The world's worst typos

    http://www.guardian.co.uk/books/gallery/2012/oct/25/worst-typos-pictures#/?picture=398262579&i Made me laugh.Anyone got any more?
  6. Firestorm

    Ex Shrimpers and Loanees This week

    Kyle Asante scored for Concord in the 2-2 draw at Wroxham Alex Woodyard scored in Farnbro's 4-3 Defeat at Basingstoke Scott Spencer scored again in Hydes 2 2 draw Eastwood Scott Vernon got at Hat trick on Friday as Aberdeen beat Dunfirnilme 4-0 (Craig Easton started but was subbed after...
  7. Uncle Leo

    Corporate Speak

    Ladbrokes' new-ish CEO did a big presentation for the City this morning outlining new structures, future plans etc. I've just been reading through the presentation and one of the words on it is 'glocalisation'. Apparently, that's not a typo, it means 'think global, act local'. What other...
  8. Tilly Post Match Interview

    I hope this is just a typo on the o/s and not something Tilly said in the interview.. http://www.southendunited.co.uk/page/NewsDetail/0,,10444~1916933,00.html "We set up to play 4-4-3 with the ball and 4-5-1 without the ball and that frustrated Orient." I would imagine that would frustrate...
  9. Car Cloning

    Got a letter today basically saying I hit another car up the **** on 15/11/07, somewhere in Norfolk. I can definitely say I was not in Norfolk on that day, and have no idea what they are talking about!! (and nobody else drives my car either) Sounds to me either a typo/misreading has led to them...
  10. New Shares Issue

    SUFC are issuing new shares in the club. I've just got a letter, brouchure and subscription from from Ron Martin about it. Forms have to be submitted by 5pm 19th Feb. Some details: 296,666 Ordinary shares of 25 pence each at £6 per share. i.e each share will cost you £6. Half is payable...
  11. Maher & Duguid

    I note from our Official site that Steve Tilson has now disclosed we had a statement from "their playing" (obvious typo) confirming Kev Maher never even touched Duguid! I'm now even more angry about this. Assuming the above quote should read "their player" then why was Duguid not charged for...
  12. Bluesmanager

    Autograph Hunting

    "Autograph Hunting" Why would there be any players around at 20 past midnight? It's either a typo or a very dodgy excuse.
  13. Somethnig very interesting in Goat's book

    I've read through the chapter about his year with us and one thing he said in particular really made me think. Talking about the promotion-winning match he says: "I was glad we were playing at Swansea rather than Roots Hall, because we were not handling our fan's anxiety at all...
  14. Hawkwell Blue

    Helen Chamberlain

    Quick note to Helen who said on yesterday's Soccer AM that the Southend v Sunderland fixture "is not a typo" that SOUTHEND 3 Sunderland 1 is not a typo either!
  15. fbm

    New face in squad

    In the Echo, the squad is as follows; Flahavan, Jupp, Edwards, Prior, Barrett, Bentley, Maher, Guttridge, Gower, Eastwood, Gray, Ademeno, Wright, Cole, Lawson and Ledgester. Anyone know who Ledgester is? Youth teamer I assume? Also, note Goaters absence despite the SMS service this morning...