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  1. Smartodds - L1 Analyst

    Hi all, Company I know is looking for a new L1 football expert - think there are a few of us that fancy ourselves as an expert on here! Place to apply is http://www.smartodds.co.uk/Careers/Vacancies Just in case anyone is interested!
  2. pickledseal

    How do you fill job vacancies?

    We need a new teacher and as it's only a teacher, my school don't want to spend £800 on an advert in TES (Times Ed Supplement) which used to be the only place to get jobs in the past. Interestingly schools are starting to use recruitment agencies more and more, but social media has really...
  3. Portuguese Shrimper

    Wigan sack Coyle

    As Shrimpers fans we have been very quiet when it comes to linking PB with managerial vacancies. At one time he was linked with nearly every job that came up, but now, even though there have been many departures, it is a subject not given any time to. I see the latest vacancy, Wigan, as the most...
  4. Hopes for the new season

    Ok so there are still a few vacancies in our squad to be filled (most notably the goalkeeper) but the new season is drawing ever closer. After going so close last season and losing 3 key members of that side in Liam Dickinson, Anthony Grant and (probably) Bilel Mohsni what are our chances...
  5. Vange Shrimper

    Personal Statements

    As there is currently a Cover Letter thread, I thought i'd start up my own one about personal statements. ATM, I am looking around (again) for other vacancies, but at my 2 interviews I had earlier in the year, they both said that my PS was good, but needs to be 'beefed up a bit' (Might put...
  6. The Job Thread

    It has been agreed by the owners of the Zone that due to the current climate we will allow members to post any job vacancies and also anyone looking for work can advertise their services. For obvious reasons the Zone cannot be held responsible in any way for problems that arise from adverts...
  7. Emu

    Applying for jobs after uni.

    I will be finishing my Sports degree in June and am currently trying to write a letter to companies within the sports industry to try and find a full time job. The kind of job i am looking for would ideally be in the Sport Development profession, but i understand that this will not happen...
  8. Vange Shrimper

    Calling all you teachers out there....

    Apart from TES and County's Jobs in Schools, what are the other decent websites out there for job vacancies?
  9. FAO einstien

    .hi mate, i realise i am no match for you and your made up stats/figures,of course you are far superior in every way. i wish to apologise if i made you choke on your dinner that was never my intention,all i have ever wanted was to be your buddy!! release the hold button and lets talk,after...
  10. EnglandShrimper

    Job sites/ Job hunting?

    Does anyone know of a good website/websites of where to find vacancies? Am using Fish for jobs at the moment. Any help would be great.
  11. Dons warned off

    From bbc page
  12. Winkle

    Are you doing your "Job" for the Money or for the satisfaction?

    I am at a crossroads chaps! After spending the last two monthes training to be something I wasn't doing before, I have woken up to the stark reality that The job I am know employed to do gives me no satisfaction what so ever! I am purely doing it for the Money. Noing this I dont think it wont be...
  13. Stewards

    My mates son wants a saturday job. According to the OS there are stewarding vacancies for next season, but no information on experience needed, what age you have to be etc and wondered if, on the off chance, anyone knew anything bout it?
  14. Drum Lessons

    I know I mentioned this in another post but hey... If anyone is looking for drum lessons, I have a few vacancies going at the moment due to circumstances I won't bore you with. I'm young, enthusiastic and qualified (diploma with distinction in drums and musical performance) and have...
  15. southend4ever

    Roeder - the new manager???

    Not sure what to make of this but Glenn Roeder is to return to management in the summer and rumour has it that he has been offered the job to take up the managerial vacancy at Roots Hall. He has been offered 2 jobs in the football league and I can't think of other clubs with vacancies and...
  16. Napster

    The Budget

    Customs and Excise to merge with Inland Revenue Department, with loss of 10,500 civil service jobs by 2008 Extra £6bn allocated for Iraq, Afghanistan, Kosovo and the fight against terrorism. There are currently 25,000 new jobs and 10,000 new vacancies Corporation and capital gains tax...